FREE Pink Magic By USPlabs for USPlabs Vatos Only!

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    FREE Pink Magic By USPlabs for USPlabs Vatos Only!

    Beta Testing is open to ANY USPlabs customer around the world. If you support us, we would love to support and offer everyone the opportunity to test drive innovation. You will be charged a $30 shipping fee…HA, Kidding, No fee just your world of a quality log!

    PINK MAGIC is a natural anabolic or test booster(have to keep some what placebo) and one should expect huge increases in strength and Lean body mass diet depending of course.

    As many of you may know and some of you new to USPLabs may not be aware. We beta test every product before releasing to ensure real world product performance. We could have all the overwhelming research in the world, but if it does not perform with real world applications. The supplement is worthless from a retail perspective.

    I’m excited to introduce Beta testing for Pink Magic. A supplement so Chingon we had to make it Pink!

    The rules are simple and cut and dry!

    -Beta testing is available only to USPlabs customers.
    -You will have to log results on a private forum at USPlabs direct. A detailed Log is the most important aspect. We fully expect those that apply to follow through with a verbal agreement between company and customer. We will take you as a Man of your word!
    -Again Testing is open to all USPlabs customers around the world!!
    -I want complete honesty good or bad.

    Applying is simple. In this thread post why you like to beta Test for Pink Magic. We will make our selection from that posting.

    I will address the preemptive hate. Yes USPlabs customers only. I do not care if anyone thinks it’s a biased approach to logging. I trust my customers to be honest. The honesty will determine if the supplement makes it to market. Any bias will only hurt the company and not help our success. The forum will be private during testing.

    Quick USPlabs Facts
    -Jack3d is number three on the Nutraplanet Top seller list!
    -OxyEite Pro is nunber four on the Nutraplent Top Seller list!

    We are humbled by the success!

  2. am i right in the dosageing at 8pills on workout days and 6 on off days? catchy name also.

  3. I would like to test Pink Magic for USPLabs because I believe it will be a great product just like the other products from USPLabs I have tried in the past. I usually have a personal log for every product I try, I have never posted an online log, I just keep it to show friends and pals at the gym, but there's always a first time, and i'd be glad to have my first online log with USPLabs.

    By the way, say hi to Armando Aversa for me

  4. So, what's it for?
    Bulk Performance Solutions
    --No Proprietary Blends, All Performance--

    ***NOW @ NP***

  5. pink magic? i stand by the name i guarentee is even if they don't know me anymore than they know the president of general mills....american gangster....i'd test this stuff for sure if allowed, haven't used the whole usp product line but i enjoy jack3d, it's actually the only preworkout i've used since it came out...and prime really helped with my strength, i can log this everyday if given an opportunity

  6. looks sweet, would love to see it ran by an 18-24 yr old to see how effective it is around that age range.

  7. I would love to break thru the color barrier and make PINK the new macho color! Got a late start to the supplement world(3 years now) and have been slowly absorbing all that I can. I am an elder in these parts but would like to see what a hormonal compound can do to get me closer to the size goal I wish to attain. I am currently running a Prime/Test booster stack and in week 2 of that 8 week set up. Don't know if this would conflict here. All the best..AZ
    Always open light. Itís not what you open with, itís what you finish with. Louie Simmons

  8. I would like to test Pink Magic because Im very dedicated hit the gym 5-6 times a week and every USP Labs product I have tried has given me phenomenal results and would expect nothing less from this product. I also feel this product will help with my bulk to get over my 185lb plato to 200lbs with some nice muscle mass. So why not give me a shot to see how magical it really is?

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Janimba View Post
    am i right in the dosageing at 8pills on workout days and 6 on off days? catchy name also.
    You are correct.
    \\ USPlabs Alpha Ginger //

  10. I would LOVE to beta-test Pink Magic because ALL USP LABS products I have used have been a SUCCESS! It all started with Prime which was a supplement with NO literature on its specific effects on the body. I continued to have success with all other products including the bulk powders. When Jacob said that this product did NOT require a pct, I was LIKE HOLY SHAT! The main reason I would never touch anabolics is because of the effects on the endocrine system. This a dream come true for anyone looking for muscles and strength without all the negative side effects. Based on Casey's review it definitely has some effects on red blood cell count which has me interested to say the least. I would LOVE to be a part of USP LABS and the supplement industry's history with beta-testing this revolutionary product. I love strength gains so I am antsy in the pantsy to try this bad boy out! Again I have never been let down by USP so I know this supp will not let me down. As you all know, I do detailed logs because I like to notice how the supplement effects me in every aspect possible. I will NOT be bias or look for the "Placebe effect", rather when I notice something it will be noted. I have always been an observational person, even people tell me that... LOL! I do have a username on USPLabs direct forums so when I receive the go ahead, I will let you guys know by saying the this "Andrew732 from AM" LOL! I am with GREAT anticipation to beta-test this supplement, again I feel I would do USP Labs justice by giving them an EXACT description of what I am getting from Pink Magic, Thanks Jacob for giving this opportunity AM!
    doing my own thang!

  11. Quote Originally Posted by jherman08 View Post
    looks sweet, would love to see it ran by an 18-24 yr old to see how effective it is around that age range.
    Couldn't Agree more!

    I'm 20 btw ...

  12. Are you looking for loggers to run this as a stand alone product? Or would it be acceptable to log this while stacking other USPlabs products?

  13. would like to take part in usplabs beta testing cause i know that whatever productthat usplabs drops is definitely going to deliver let alone it's a natural anabolic or t-booster and not a pro-hormone makes me even more amped to want to try it. i'm a big fan and customer to the majority of their products already(prime,powerfull,jacked and tna) just to name a few. and to top it off being i'm an inner circle member why shouldn't i be one of the chosen to sample this product. will definitely log this supp. whether good or bad. thanks usplabs. your customer for life

  14. I will give it a run with my contest prep, I believe my reputation preceeds me as being an avid user of your products. I am looking for something to make me look like granite on stage...
    Unremarkable is no way to go through life... Doug

  15. I would love to beta test this pink magic. I have noticed that I respond very strongly to test boosters in the past, I have just began a bulking cycle and my main goal is to gain weight like crazy... USP supps have really impressed me in the past, especially jack3d. I could be consistent with this log and have very detailed descriptions each day. I would gladly include before and after pictures in the log as well and rate it in comparison to test boosters I have used in the past. Thanks for considering

  16. count me in as a poor white boy lookin to sample supplements before i puchase them!!tired of being let down!!and sounds promising even with pink haha but seriously im stoked cause im bout to get jacked3d cause ive heard nothing but good about it!!

  17. I have to admit, the name "Pink Magic" makes me think of a female libido enhancement supplement.
  18. Smile

    Quote Originally Posted by DeFos3 View Post
    I have to admit, the name "Pink Magic" makes me think of a female libido enhancement supplement.
    thats exactly what my first thought was when i first saw it

  19. I'd like to tryout this new product because USPLabs products are always top knotch.. At first when I saw pink magic I was thinking maybe it was something for the bedroom(super-lube? lol). I have used all of USPLabs products (except OEP and recreate).. Currently have a mild addiction to AP .. I am very interested in this product because I've had GREAT results with PRIME and a chance at trying a new solid product for free is money!

  20. I would like to add my body to the list of worthy canadites willing to try pink magic. I gave up pro-hormones a year ago. I was tired of all of the expensive PCT products and flashy gains that were all but rock solid.
    I missed out on the OEP bottle giveaway. I have been involved in the last 3 inner circle releases.I am a proud supporter of usp labs( since the early days of campherbolic....). I am pretty proud of my usp stash, it is starting to grow nicely.
    I am 28( turning 29 in 2 weeks this would be like pink icing on the cake...) I work out hard and train hard, but I am married ,have 2 kids and a career (firefighter, so I get 2 out of 3 days off) I will be able to give a "Real World" review that many will be able to relate to. I eat well (but not perfect). I have no problem including pictures in the log.
    Usp labs has been my supplement company of choice and the only company that I am giving my hard earned money to for supplements (besides basics like protein ect....) All that being said, I feel that I would be a good candidate for the beta review, if not I will just have to wait until the release.

    As a peaceful protest, I am willing to abstain from the pink until I get some Pink Magic.............. Damnit.....

    Good luck to everyone, I'm sure this is going to be bad ass.


    by the way Gig'em


  22. Why would I like to beta-test the soon to be legendary Pink Magic? That is a very good question to impose on one's self. I cannot for the life of me find any reason why I wouldn't want to test such a product. I feel as a 25 year old father of the 3 most wonderful boys and armed with the knowledge of 14 years of weight training plus a lifetime of athletics, I could offer a completely fair, proper, unbiased, and thorough review/log of this product. I feel with my knowledge and understanding of my own body that I have acquired with my lifetime of training that I can accurately detect and determine all of the effects this product will induce upon my system both physiological and psychological. I feel as a proud supporter of USPlabs and all of the first class products which are offered by such a company I can feel confident in partaking in such a test knowing I will only be getting top quality innovative ingredients with an extensive scientific backing for the use all such ingredients that I will be ingesting. I believe that by taking part with this test I will be contributing to making history, that this product will be monumental in the revolution of sports supplementation.

    It will be an honor to be selected for the beta test. If selected I would most hope that this product will help take my training to new elite levels. Levels often dreamed of by the general masses. With the help of this product I hope to see what I perceive as extraordinary to become the ordinary for me. I hope to redefine my perception of limitations as I redefine my body to a brand new state.

    So by choosing me to beta-test Pink Magic you will be enlisting a straight-forward, no b.s., true to their word athlete who brings a lifetime of knowledge to the table. Together we will embark on this great journey and determine if yet once again, your company has truly redefined supplementation.

  23. Quote Originally Posted by capnsavem View Post
    You got it bro!!! haha

    Listen guys... Do NOT miss out on this. This is easily the most powerful supplement or "supplement" I have EVER experienced... I set SO many PR's tonight, I am completely blown away... Unreal...

    Pumping and Toning - The borobulker story...
    \\ USPlabs Alpha Ginger //

  24. Quote Originally Posted by DeFos3 View Post
    I have to admit, the name "Pink Magic" makes me think of a female libido enhancement supplement.
    What's on a man's mind?
    Product Educator | USPowders
    Statements made by this online persona are the sole property of the owner, and do not necessarily reflect USPowdersí opinion as a whole.

  25. Quote Originally Posted by borobulker View Post
    You got it bro!!! haha

    Listen guys... Do NOT miss out on this. This is easily the most powerful supplement or "supplement" I have EVER experienced... I set SO many PR's tonight, I am completely blown away... Unreal...

    Pumping and Toning - The borobulker story...
    I'm currently using Prime, Supercissus, Powerful, and a couple of USP's powders. I've reviewed three of your products in the past and would I would like to do a full log on Pink Magic. I'm a strength Hound like brobulker, and I smell the scent of something I'm going to want. Please include me in on this beta. the magic.



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