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  1. when can i buy

    any cool new ingredeints

  2. Quote Originally Posted by giantbrandon View Post
    when can i buy

    any cool new ingredeints
    this is what im saying, let us buy it

  3. is there any pct needed? also what is the average length of a run and with that what are the gains like?

  4. I am absolutely frothing at the mouth to try this! I've been running the Asteroid Stack on and off for going on a year with great success, and use SuperCissus RX daily. Jack3ed is my all time favorite pre-workout (esp. when stacked with Plasmajet!) I already sport my USPLabs t-shirt at the gym all the time and would love to give credit for new gains to a company in which I have such a solid belief. I'm not a "yes man", though. I wasn't very impressed with Recreate. You can trust me to give honest feedback if I'm lucky enough to be chosen, and I hope I am because I am STOKED for this!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by bobloblaw View Post
    is there any pct needed? also what is the average length of a run and with that what are the gains like?
    No pct that we are aware of, gains well that is what beta-testing is for...
    doing my own thang!

  6. Ohhh Yeahh I`m Ready to DESTROY the gym stacked with Prime, TNA and PowerFULL!

    Who`s next!

    Why me? Simply maybe i`m not the winner but everybody knows that's this company every product comes out WORKS Believe or Not for me all works OUTSTANDING
    and i believe in the truth...

    USPLabs Believe the Results

  7. How can I resist putting my name in here....

    Aside from obvious reasons why I'd like to test, ...the brand, the results, the cap color variety ....
    I need something to help with motivation, in a bad way, after quitting stims..
    It's like learning to workout all over again after 13 years

  8. Quote Originally Posted by borobulker View Post
    You got it bro!!! haha

    Listen guys... Do NOT miss out on this. This is easily the most powerful supplement or "supplement" I have EVER experienced... I set SO many PR's tonight, I am completely blown away... Unreal...

    Pumping and Toning - The borobulker story...
    Sonofabitch!! your fuggin drivin me nuts!! Ok I'm hooked where do I sign... oh I already did ... should I give you my address now!!
    Unremarkable is no way to go through life... Doug

  9. I am currently enjoying OEP and Jacked and would love the chance to try out this one. After not having great experiences with Prime and ReCreate I was turned around by these two products. If the components in this work as well as the appetite suppression in OEP then there is no way I will not be pleased.

    Link to a thread I started to share my experience:

    Feelings on OEP

  10. nice!!! now im really physced

  11. Quote Originally Posted by jherman08 View Post
    looks sweet, would love to see it ran by an 18-24 yr old to see how effective it is around that age range.
    Well, being 18 (19 in Oct.) I think I would be pretty qualified to run a solid, strict log of this. I hit the weights hard, and I hit them until I fail. I ran p-slin when I was taking in tons of carbs (still am), and had great results. I love Jack3d and it is my current pre-workout, and between the kids I lift with, I've gotten them all to love it.

    Thanks for the consideration!

  12. Can't log anything-too busy but hope it's another winner! I'll be awaiting the IC release!

    Good luck to all testers!

  13. lol catchy name. Jacob esta loco xD

  14. Just here for the USP support!

  15. Quote Originally Posted by Zombie View Post
    lol catchy name. Jacob esta loco xD
    loco por el nombre del producto?


  16. Quote Originally Posted by MAxximal View Post
    loco por el nombre del producto?

    Si, y por otras cosas mas.

    Buena suerte con el producto USP Labs. xD
  17. It's time to get midevil with some Pink Magic!

    Being an avid customer and supporter of USP Labs since I started seriously training almost two years ago, it would be a privilege to be part of a beta testing program for what could be yet another breakthrough supplement. It all started for me with Anabolic Pump then progressed to the Asteroid stack and a myriad of the USPowders products; I have not been let down yet! That being said, I am not biased in my reviews and will be fair in my assessment of the product, regardless of how it works for me. Not all of your products were mind blowing for me (ok only one to be frank) but I give honest feedback about them when asked so people can make informed decisions.

    Pink Magic fits perfectly into my future plans or could also be part of my cut (started on 3/1/10) that I am running now with USP products: OEP, TNA and AP. It would be a welcome change to be gaining strength in a caloric deficit! As for updating the log and getting pictures, measurements, I would make sure that it would be done to show proof it works [or does not]. Also, my job allows me to do frequent updates currently while 80% of the office is away on the jobsite and I am here nearly alone.

  18. hey Boro can this beta testing be ran with a preWO?... or do you guys want it stand-alone?
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    I am shooting at picking over 100 testers.

  20. That should give a nice sampling...
    Always open light. Itís not what you open with, itís what you finish with. Louie Simmons

  21. Quote Originally Posted by USPLabs View Post
    I am shooting at picking over 100 testers.
    oh hell ya.

  22. USPlabs Has not let me down yet. I am a college ahlete, and performance is the glue that holds my life together. I push my body to the limit on the field and in the gym. I have a teamate that I work out with who insists on never using a supplement. Personally I see this as an advantage to Compare and Contrast my results with his. I am 18 years old and I would love to be part of frontline testing the future of supplements. The simple fact of being able to help out my fellow athletes by writing an in-depth and percise review, and the fact that I am a full time student, I have almost too much time to thoroughly write some serious loggs.

  23. I would love to give this (pink)bad boy a shot. You've been so kind letting me get in on some of these betas and giveaways and I'm always very grateful for that. I use pretty much only USPLabs products except for the staples of course. Twas a sad day when my DominATP ran out. I have experimented with a few PH but actually I'm shying away from it, it just doesn't seem worth it in the long run to me. I would love to contrast this to the PH that I did take because from the sounds of it the gains are good and much safer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by capnsavem View Post
    oh hell ya.
    Why over 100 testers?
    To be perfectly honest the feedback is out of this world with the minumum amount of previous testers...To Good to be true feedback like boro is having.

    I'm not even going to talk about my results cause no one would believe.

    I need to be assured before taking this bady public.

  25. Quote Originally Posted by USPLabs View Post
    I am shooting at picking over 100 testers.
    Damn,.. thats HUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE! (Hopefully like me after being picked )


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