***LG Sciences is finally calling for EDCY Testers!!

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  1. ***LG Sciences is finally calling for EDCY Testers!!

    LG Sciences brings you yet another break through in Sports Supplements! Our very own sub-ecdy product...

    We bring you our Sub-Ecdy, Which can be successfully used to gain muscle, increase recovery and improve physical stamina. The secret is getting it into the system! and guess what, We have found it. And just to give you a little tease, After talking to LegalGear, The penetration enhancers he used in this product should put into a new league of its own..

    We are looking for experienced Testers to test our sub-ecdy product. Which includes 20H-Ecdy, 20H-Ecdy PolyAcetate, cofactors

    4 sprays is 1ml and it should be dosed 4 times per day

    At this time we are looking for 3 testers, we would like 2 of the testers to be under 22 years of age, so we can gauge the effects, I will be posting the log format up once testers are chosen, but this will be a high visible log, it will require at least 5 daily posts.

    Application should include:
    Diet "Detailed" -
    Experience with Ecdy products -
    Routine -
    Why should LG Sciences choose you? -

    Get these in guys! do not sleep on this

  2. Hell yeah man! LG does it again!

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Craigmatthew View Post
    Hell yeah man! LG does it again!
    I am in Awe with what Eric is doing....!

  4. im 26 and no ecdy experience should i bother lol

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Liftergym33 View Post
    I am in Awe with what Eric is doing....!

  6. Quote Originally Posted by amplus1 View Post
    im 26 and no ecdy experience should i bother lol
    Trust me it would hurt, it might be a good thing also..Everyone should apply is my advice

  7. Age- 26
    U.S- yes
    Diet "Detailed" - 40 fat 40 prot 20 carb [chicken,steak,veggies,olive oil, WPI shakes, oats, whole wheat products, peanuts, misc snacks, 1 gal H20] Muscle milk gainer shakes,Milk, gallon of H20

    Experience with Ecdy products None, i believe this to be a bonus, as this will be my first experience and everyone will be able to see how a Ecdy "virgin" may respond!

    Routine - MON/WEDS/FRI Some times sneak in on tues/thurs.
    I do the good proven compound lifts. Bench press, DB/flat. Dead lifts, squats, barbell rows, military press, and some warm up cardio. I try to increase 5lbs every weak on major compounds. If i cant i reset to 80% and then continue to add 5lbs every week. I also work in days of high volume low weight 70% max in the 3-4x15+ rep range.Feels good man!

    Why should LG Sciences choose you? - Past 6 months or so I've gained 30 some Lbs and dramatically increased all my compound lifts,but i crave more. I want to push my body past this 185 LB limit and or re-comp my body down to 14% BF [im at 17.5] right now. I finally got serious about my diet and keyed in on that and bam off went the progress. I want to carry that mentality on with this new androgen product!

  8. I knew that ecdy was some legit stuff.....now prove it to us LG. Man, ya'll are on fire with all the new innovations! Keep it up! I will def be purchasing some when this becomes available.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Liftergym33 View Post
    Trust me it would hurt, it might be a good thing also..Everyone should apply is my advice
    Is LG Sciences making any recommendations in terms of a range of daily protein intake per kg of body weight? Important in ecdy supplementation.

  10. hmmmmm should i bother with this one? :P. Ecdy is some interesting stuff... if this is what you guys say it is, it should be a nice ride . Sounds like you guys are making a LOT of kickass products!!

  11. I don't know what LG is recommending in terms of specific dietary/training protocol, but here's a little snippet for those of you who want to get the most out of LG's new product... This was in response to a question I received regarding Ecdy's non-hormonal mechanism of action:

    This is the beauty that is Ecdysterone. While technically a "hormone", it is not so in humans. That is, it does not work by any known hormonal mechanism. There is a theory of "hormonal heterophylly" that I think is most interesting


    This is an excellent paper focusing on the cyclic GMP (cGMP) stimulating action of Ecdysterone. It was instrumental in my creation of The Blueprint (google Organic Anabolism and you'll find it). Here are 2 other links that provide evidence that cAMP/cGMP are PART of the puzzle that is Ecdy:

    "Maximum Muscle, Minimum Fat: The Science of Physical Perfection" by Ori Hofmekler. Ori is also the author of the Warrior Diet. You can order the book here:


    There was one chapter in particular that was instrumental in my formulating of The Blueprint: Chapter 2 focusing on:

    The Combustion Engine Principle 19

    Under and over-feeding modulate cyclic AMP (cAMP) and cyclic GMP (cGMP) respectively. Briefly, cAMP is associated with muscle loss. Cyclic GMP (cGMP) is associated with muscle growth. Turns out switching back and forth (from Famine to Feast phase) potentiates the effects of both.

    Here's a snippet from my writings:

    Now, here's something else almost everyone has overlooked: Ecdysterone is a known amplifier of cGMP and it decreases cAMP shortly after administration.

    "A rapid increase of cGMP and a decrease of cAMP levels in mouse plasma, together with a decrease of PKA activity in liver were described 40 min after an intraperitoneal injection of 10 μg 20E (Catal?n et al., 1979a&b, 1982)." 20E as referenced here is 20-hydroxyecdysterone.

    This clue was buried deep in LaFont's excellent paper, Practical uses for ecdysteroids in mammals including humans: an update R. Lafont1,3 and L. Dinan2,4. I've included a link for you here:


    I recommend ecdysterone be used during SELECT PHASES of The Blueprint and in combination with other variables to maximize its impact.
    Google: Organic Anabolism

  12. Awesome opportunity here folks.

  13. I can't believe this is here so quickly! I'm stoked to see what this does for the testers.

  14. how long will a bottle last at that amount? This month is pretty low key and winter break starts in about 4 weeks, so it may be great timing for me... Also, how soon will testers be chosen and when will the logs be required to start?

    Age- 20
    U.S- Yes
    Diet "Detailed" -
    meal 1: Protein shake & usually 1 bowl of Raisin Bran
    meal 2: Turkey sandwhich, 1 cup frozen mixed veggies
    meal 3: Varies from day to day (usually grilled chicken sandwhich, pita chips, drink)
    meal 4: Ramen with 1 can of peas, 1 steak or chicken
    meal 5: 3 Corn Dogs
    meal 6: protein shake

    * I know my diet is terrible, but it's what I can afford. This is also a tentative diet schedule and my most common foods.

    Experience with Ecdy products - ZERO
    Routine - I currently have just been trying to do cardio because work load has been grueling. I would have to create a new routine to use... but my favorites are supersets or static routines.
    Why should LG Sciences choose you? -
    I used to keep great detailed logs, lately I have been getting swamped with school work so I have not been able to provide the best updates in my logs. I have a little down time exam wise (1-2 a week) for the next 3 weeks and then comes finals, so I have some spare time.

    Current Logs: Nootropic update thread. Increasing my brain capacity

  15. Quote Originally Posted by strategicmove View Post
    Is LG Sciences making any recommendations in terms of a range of daily protein intake per kg of body weight? Important in ecdy supplementation.
    I'll double check, I think Eric told me 2gm protein per lb...

  16. Age- About to be 24
    U.S- U.S citizen

    Diet "Detailed" -
    Breakfast- Lean steak burger topped with an egg, apple, Yerba Mate
    Lunch- Skinless chicken thighs, broccoli, rice, Salad w/ oil and vinegar
    Dinner- Chicken or pork chops, salad.
    In between meals- 1 protein shake in between each meal, and I snack on fruits raw veggies, and nuts.

    Experience with Ecdy products - I have tried the following (all of which gave me similar but mediocre results):
    Thermolife E-bol
    Scivation Anagen
    Bulk 20-Beta-HydroxyEcdystrone 60%

    Routine -
    Monday: Back/Biceps
    -Seated Rows
    -Preacher, seated, and straight bar curls

    Tuesday: Chest/Triceps
    -Flat Bench
    -Incline, and decline Bench
    -Free weight flys
    -Over the head tricep pulls, and traditional tricep pulls

    Thursday: Legs
    -Quad raises
    -Hamstring lifts
    -Calf raises

    Cardio and Basketball

    Why should LG Sciences choose you? -
    First of all, I have some ecdy experience. It was a positive yet underwhelming experience. I can give solid honest and consistent feedback. My diet, training, supplementation, and life are all in check and consistent. I am a personable guy and would really love to jump into the logging game. Thanks for looking over my app!!

  17. TL, dude, your diet still cracks me up. I'm so jealous. You always look lean and full; I'd be a little fatty on that diet. 3 Friggin corn dogs. Hahahha! You really are a Texan.

  18. Quote Originally Posted by Irish Cannon View Post
    TL, dude, your diet still cracks me up. I'm so jealous. You always look lean and full; I'd be a little fatty on that diet. 3 Friggin corn dogs. Hahahha! You really are a Texan.
    Haha! well they act as a colon cleanser every morning also... sorry TMI, but it's true. I'm having to budget low to save for christmas this year. I have been trying to get better and buying more steak for dinner, but my assortment of food is extremely limited on a budget and I am currently egged out.

    I have lifted consistently since school started back up... wait till you see these new pictures. You will laugh, I've picked up a good amount of pudge, and lost size/definition everywhere around. Pathetic, but I just have been too swamped in attempt to keep my GPR.

  19. Quote Originally Posted by Liftergym33 View Post
    I'll double check, I think Eric told me 2gm protein per lb...
    About 3gr/kg is the mark, but let's see what he recommends.
    Product Educator | USPowders
    Statements made by this online persona are the sole property of the owner, and do not necessarily reflect USPowders’ opinion as a whole.

  20. ding dang, wish i could hop on this but im currently using an ecdy product
    Serious Nutrition Solutions | Online Representative
    Growth Factor XT-GROW! Need Cycle Support? Check out Liver XT.
    Follow SNS on Facebook for more promos!

  21. I'm still finishing up my AS log (~17 days left). Should I toss my hat in still?
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  22. Age- 26
    U.S- yes
    Diet "Detailed" - I am currently on a pretty strict budget, so I do not have the most opulent diet. I do tend to shy away from red meat. I do live by the ocean so I have access to plenty of fresh fish. I usually eat the same three meals everyday. They consist of:

    Morning: 1 cup oats, 1 cup frozen fruit, 2 scoops whey, natty honey w/milk
    Lunch: Usually 1 cup brown rice with either 2 cans tuna or chicken and fruit.
    Dinner: 1 cup Brown rice, 1 cup black beans and either chicken or tuna.

    In between I will have either leafy greens or carrots as a snack, with natty peanut butter, peanuts or a shake consisting of 2 scoops whey.

    I am almost always consuming water and usually have milk for each dinner.

    Post workout shake w/gatorade to get some quick carbs in me before meal.

    As you can see its centered around some basic foods, i just switch up the combinations.

    Experience with Ecdy products - None, but would love to try something new. I dying to try something new. This will give a "clean slate" view of what an Ecdy product can do.

    Routine - I do a modified 5/3/1 program. I hope someday to compete at some level. I say modified, b/c I cannot afford a gym membership where I live (I am surrounded by retirement communities) and the school that I work for has a gym, but no squat rack. Which means no squats!!!

    Monday: Deads(5/3/1), facepulls, abs, cardio

    Tuesday: Bench(5/3/1), clean and press, close grip bench, heavy pulldowns, maybe some bicep work.

    Wends: This depends on if i travel during the weekend if. If i do not, then I rest. If so, they I do the leg machine press. I do it more DC style. Right now I maxing out at 30reps. I also do sitting leg curls and then cardio and abs.

    Thursday or Friday Upper Body Assist Day: Bentover barbell rows, weighted dips and pull ups (around a 100 reps each), Kroc Rows and what ever else I feel like throwing in.

    Why should LG Sciences choose you? - I feel that I can provide a comprehensive, unbiased log of your product. I have started a log before, but couldn't finish due to loosing a job and having no access to a gym. Now that I am settled and employed. I have the time and all my variables in place to give 100%. I am excited to try something from LG Sciences as well. I have been eyeing the Trifecta stack for awhile, b/c I want something mild. I saw this opportunity and thought I would apply to try something new and had exciting possibilities. I hope you consider my app!!

  23. Man LG just doesn't stop do they, way to go guys, already have an extensive line up of good quality products I can only imagine this will be a awesome product as well!!!

  24. Just to clarify, this is going to be a LegalGear product...first new one in quite a few years, but LegalGear and LG Sciences are two distinct brands just an FYI.

  25. is it just a brand difference? or something more?


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