BBS needs Liposolv testers!

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  1. BBS needs Liposolv testers!

    The Solution to site specific fat loss!!

    What is Liposolv? ? Liposolv is a synergistic blend of nutritional supplements formulated with the purpose of targeting trouble areas of the body. This formula is further advanced by utilizing a delivery system that encourages it to reach under the skin where fat tries to hide!

    To understand the brilliance of Liposolv? you have to understand the function of the ingredients. Let?s look at one in particular. This ingredient not only is an incredibly active lipolytic (fat burning) agent in its own right but it also has a side effect ? a side effect which greatly potentiates the delivery of everything else in the formula.

    OK, lets step back

    Let us first go back and discuss what a topical fat reducer actually is? Okay, maybe you are new to all of this. So if you are not aware, these are creams, lotions or liquids containing special fat burning ingredients. You apply these to your skin, after which they should absorb through your skin, hopefully making their way to the fat under the skin (called the subcutaneous fat). When these fat burning ingredients encounter this fat, they are supposed to induce metabolic reactions which causes the fat to be released into the blood stream as free-fatty acids. In other words, they melt that fat away.

    Well in theory this is great. And there are a few nice active ingredients; such as the methylxanthines - that if were able to make it to the subcutaneous fat, they really would do a nice job breaking it down for release.

    However, this does not always work well in theory. Why? Well, for a couple of reasons. First and foremost because it?s pretty difficult to get these actives down into the fat underneath the skin. Getting them through the first layer of the skin (the stratum corneum) is hard enough, then what is really hard is not having them get swished away into the general circulation by the ample blood flow in the dermis (the main skin layer). If it can get through this though, then it?s clear sailing to the subcutaneous fat.

    Secondly, your body is pretty efficient at finding ways to keep its fat from being broken down ? even under the onslaught of powerful lipolytic agents such as the one we have mentioned. It has key enzymes that it can turn up or turn down to keep the ?fat storing thermostat? pretty much where it wants it to stay.

    Well, Liposolv has two novel ingredients that I believe will go a long way in solving these two big roadblocks to spot reduction efficacy.

    Is your adrenaline pumping?

    Remember one of the first problems I mentioned? The one about so little of the ingredients you apply to your skin making their way to subcutaneous fat because they get swept away by the dermal blood vessels? Well, we have something to really help solve that. But not only does this stuff help solve this problem, this stuff probably just happens to be the most lipolytic (fat burning) compound that your body makes!!

    I am talking about epinephrine!!! Perhaps better known as adrenaline. Yep, sounds almost too simple to be cutting edge. But let me tell you, it works!! And not only does it work, you can actually see it work.

    When you add epinephrine to a carrier base (like the one for Liposolv?) and apply it to your skin, something very odd happens after about 10 ?20 minutes. Your skin starts to turn white! This effect is called blanching, and is the result of very potent vasoconstriction (don?t worry, this effect is temporary and is pretty much over within 45 minutes).

    Now why is this so exciting to us? Because it means that blood flow in your skin is temporarily being shut down. As a consequence of this, the active ingredients in the rest of the Liposolv? will have much less chance of being taken up by the dermal blood flow and so instead will be able to permeate right on down to the subcutaneous fat.

    Of course this is only one aspect as to why epinephrine is such an exciting ingredient. The other is the fact that it?s in and of itself such a powerful fat melter! Epinephrine is a strong beta-adrenergic agonist and when such compounds activate adipose cell beta- receptors they initiate a cascade of events resulting in fatty acid release from stored fat.

    The cAMP factor

    The first and most important of these events is the elevation of a chemical messenger called cyclic-AMP (cAMP). Epinephrine elevates cAMP by upregulating an enzyme in the fat cells called adenylate cyclase. Well interestingly enough, there is another amazing compound called forskolin that upregulates adenylate cyclase and raises cAMP through an entirely different mechanism ? one that does not involve beta-adrenergic receptors at all. So to maximize cAMP production, in addition to epinephrine, Liposolv? also contains 95% forskolin extract.

    So what we have here are two very potent and divergent ways to raise the fat burning powerhouse cAMP. There are two enemies of cAMP however:

    Phosphodiesterase enzyme and the adenosine receptors.

    When your fat cells see there is too much cAMP around they want to destroy it ? and they do so by using an enzyme known as phosphodiesterase. Sounds like what we would want to do now is find a way to shut down phosphodiestrase, so cAMP can stick around and melt some fat!

    As far as the adenosine receptors go, these are located on the surface of the fat cells. They bind to a compound your body makes called adenosine, and when they do so they send a signal to your fat cells to stop making cAMP. We definitely want to knock out this bad boy too if we can.

    The answer to combating both of these enemies of cAMP lies in theophylline, which is a powerful member of a class of compounds known as the methylxanthines. Theophylline will inhibit phosphodiesterase in the fat cells, so that cAMP will degrade much less readily. Theophylline will also bind and block adenosine receptors, so that their negative contribution is eliminated also.

    The licorice factor

    Well, what I have spelled out for you so far are some very impressive lipolytic ingredients, as well as a nifty way to make sure these compounds are absorbed efficiently right where you want them to be ? the subcutaneous fat.

    But what about that second big conundrum I talked about that gets in the way of these topical fat burners exerting their full effect? I am talking about your body?s dastardly enzymatic mechanisms that it can turn on to counteract the lipolytic activities of all these wonderful ingredients.

    One of the major enzymes your body uses to regulate fat storage and release was only recently discovered. It is called 11B-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type-1, or 11-HSD1 for short.

    What 11-HSD1 does is regulate the amount of cortisol in the fat cells. Cortisol does a couple of very bad things to fat cells. First of all, it promotes the storage of new fat (triglycerides) into existing fat cells. Not only that, but cortisol also stimulates the production of new fat cells (a process called preadipocyte differentiation).

    So even though you may be melting off some of that fat with the lipolytic ingredients I mentioned earlier, your body will just respond by storing more fat. But not only that, it will also start making more fat cells!

    So we have to find a way to lower cortisol levels in the fat cells by inhibiting 11-HSD1. And this can be done by a compound extracted from licorice called Glycyrrhetinic acid (GA)

    Now this is not just theory, some researchers actually made a cream out of GA and administered them to women?s thighs (one thigh got the GA, the other thigh got placebo cream). What they found was the circumference of the GA

    thighs, and the amount of subcutaneous fat in the GA thighs, were significantly reduced compared to the placebo thighs [Armanini D, Glycyrrhetinic acid, the active principle of licorice, can reduce the thickness of subcutaneous thigh fat through topical application?. Steroids, 2005 Jul;70(8):538-42].

    Now if GA alone can do that, think of what might happen with all the other Liposolv ingredients thrown in there too!! Not only that, but think if you replaced the cream with a much more effective penetrating vehicle such as the USP DMSO/isopropanol mixture found in Liposolv!!!!

    The Promo

    - We are looking for a total of 10 testers from a couple different sites to log our newest product!

    - Testers can be men or women

    - Each tester will receive one bottle each

    - In this thread, give us your:

    Where you plan to use Lipsolv:
    Why you plan to use it there:
    Any past logs/reviews you have:

    Thank you to everyone, and good luck to all!

  2. 41 years old, 205, I've tried Napalm, Lipoburn, Lipoderm U, Eviscerate. plan to use it in the area show in picture, to help get the abs the rest of the way out. Its basically always pool season in Florida
    Attached Images Attached Images  

  3. Im goin to put in an app. for my girlfriend becasue shes not on here yet, soon though! and she will only have one post or 2 so i dont want you guys to think you are being ripped.

    Im filling it out for her cause i am not much a believer in spot reduction. I know she will test this type of product out better than me, also doesnt sweat to much.

    Age: 27
    Weight: 125lbs
    Experience: 1+ year or so. training with my BF(me) mostly for strength and lose fat.
    Where you plan to use Lipsolv: Stomach, hamstrings and arms/triceps.
    Why you plan to use it there: Difficulty getting those areas to slim down as quickly as back, shoulder, calfs, chest.
    Any past logs/reviews you have: Not currently.

  4. Age: 29
    Weight: 200
    Experience: 9+ on and off
    Where you plan to use Lipsolv: lower back fat, and or thighs
    Why you plan to use it there: seems to be the areas that are accumulating fat, stomach is fat but hasn't added too much in the last couple years.
    Any past logs/reviews you have: none as of yet, but hopefully will have 2 within the next 6 months.
  5. Rosie's Application for Liposolv

    Age: 25.

    Weight: 115.6lb (i.e. 52.54 kg) currently.


    Everything I do I do to the best of my ability. I always strive for excellence, and anything less than the best is not enough...My life as an athlete began very early. In 2000, when I started cycling, I became part of the NZ Cyling Team, after winning all but one National title available for my age-group...Initially my gym training (February, 2002) was to improve my sprint cycling performance. When I left school, moved, and entered the real world, despite taking time out from competition, I never stopped training or going to the gym. The gym that I used was full of New Zealand's top NZFBB bodybuilders. I had the sudden impulse 12 weeks out from the regional NZFBB competition (August, 2004) to enter the figure class for fun and the experience, because it was something totally different to any sport I had ever done (cycling was never 'fun'; when you get to the elite level in any sport [I think that] fun stops entering the equation). The guys were great, helping me out with training and diet. For the first time in my life I saw my body do things that I never thought possible (cyclists' resistance training is performance orientated, not for aesthetics). Seeing those changes was more rewarding than all my national and international cycling merits. Plus, I grew up as a tomboy, and the closer I got to the competition, the more I started to actually feel and WANT to embrace my femininity! I didn't have any expectations; I just wanted to see what I could do with the time that I had. I placed 3rd, but didn't compete at the NZFBB Nationals despite qualifying (As with cycling, I enjoyed the training more...) That competition (November, 2004) was supposed to be a 'first and last' event. But, since retiring from cycling (December, 2007), because of who I am and what my life has been like for the last 9 years, and because I HAVE to be doing SOMETHING, I started focusing on gaining muscle mass, with the intention of eventually competing seriously in the Bodybuilding arena.

    I am a very 'driven' person. I see where I am and where I want to be and I use the stubborn willpower God gifted me with to get there. Goal-setting is definitely an important factor; one needs to know that what they are doing has a purpose!

    I love pushing my body to its limits, to see how far it will go. It hasn't broken yet, but I am (and I love it!) walking that very fine line between extreme and progress.

    I have decided to compete in 2010, aiming to win my WNBF Figure Pro and Ms. Fit Body Pro cards. My first competition will be the INBF Natural Bodybuilding, Ms. Fit Body and Figure Challenge, 17 April 2010…

    I know my body and reacts to anything, whether it be training, diet, or supplementation (I have used a myriad of supplements; if a list is required it can be added); therefore I can give accurate assessments on how a product affects me. I have tried many topical fat loss products, including Avant Research Napalm, LG Sciences LipoBURN, Primordial Performance DermaTherm and DermaTherm Target, Recomp Performance Nutrition's Eviscerate and Atomic Meltdown, and Competitive Edge Labs Suppress-C; I want to see how Liposolv compares.

    Where you plan to use Lipsolv: I will use it all over (i.e. midsection, back, legs, arms).

    Why you plan to use it there: With any topical that I have used I have applied it all over my body, using it almost in place of a moisturizer. I also notice that I get the best results this way as opposed to using it only on my midsection, etc.

    Any past logs/reviews you have:

    I keep very comprehensive, detailed, and objective logs.


    Pre-AN Rep:
    * Contest Prep with Applied Neutriceuticals
    * Rosie’s Training stacked with Drive/RPM and IGF-2/NeoVar

    As AN Rep:
    * The Female Terminator Strikes Back Armed with AN’s Ultimate Cutting Stacks
    * Applied Nutriceuticals Recomps Rosie for Competition
    * Restoring Rosie: AN calls in the full cavalry (and a few extras)
    * The Female Terminator Chronicles
    * The Female Terminator Takes on LG’s Anadraulic State (sponsored)

    Product Reviews

    Applied Nutriceuticals Recomps Rosie for Competition (post #107)
    Lean Xtreme
    Cre-02 (samples)
    Green MAGnitude (sample)
    Lipotropic Protein (sample)
    Purple Wraath (sample)
    Lipotropic Protein (Extra Rich Vanilla flavour)
    Rosie's Review of LG Sciences' Lipotropic Protein (Vanilla Flavour)
    Rosie's Review of Lipotropic Protein (Vanilla Flavour)
    Activate Xtreme
    Rosie's Review of Driven Sports' Activate Xtreme
    Rosie's Review of RPN's DCP
    Rosie's Review of DCP
    Leviathan Reloaded
    Rosie's Review of PAL's Leviathan Reloaded
    Rosie's Review of Leviathan Reloaded
    Rosie's Review of Primordial Performance's DermaTherm
    Rosie's Review of DermaTherm
    Anadraulic State (initial impression – Fruit Punch flavour)
    Initial Impressions: Anadraulic State, BC+EAA, Lipotropic Protein (new flavour)
    BC+EAA (initial impression - Watermelon-Kiwi flavour)
    Initial Impressions: Anadraulic State, BC+EAA, Lipotropic Protein (new flavour)
    Lipotropic Protein (initial impression – reformulated Extra Rich Vanilla flavour)
    Initial Impressions: Anadraulic State, BC+EAA, Lipotropic Protein (new flavour)
    ThermoGum (samples)
    Rosie's [Mini] Review of ThermoGum
    Anadraulic State
    The Female Terminator takes on LG's Anadraulic State (sponsored) (post #98)
    Rosie's Review of Anadraulic State
    BC+EAA (initial impression – Blue Raspberry flavour)
    The Female Terminator Chronicles (post #679)
    Combat Powder (initial impression – Chocolate Peanut Butter flavour)
    The Female Terminator Chronicles (post #679)
    Rosie's Review of RPN's Entice
    Rosie's Review of Entice
    Rosie's Review of RPN's Eviscerate
    Rosie's Review of Eviscerate
    Super Pump 250 (sample)
    Rosie's Review of Gaspari Nutrition's Super Pump 250
    Dark Matter (sample)
    Rosie's Review of MHP's Dark Matter
    Zero Carb Isopure (Apple Melon flavour)
    Rosie's [Mini] Review of Nature's Best Isopure (Apple Melon Flavour)
    Rosie's Review of Gaspari's MyoFusion (Strawberry Flavour)
    Fat-Free Whey Protein Isolate
    Rosie's [Mini] Review of All The Whey's Whey Protein Isolate (Cinnamon Bun Flavour)
    Rosie's [Mini] Review of Whey Protein Isolate (Cinnamon Bun Flavour)
    Writer • Athlete • Coach
    Think like a Champion. Train like a Warrior. Live with a Purpose.

  6. rosies apps and logs are always hard to beat. Wish I could apply but i have other obligations to fulfill. Goodluck to all who apply!
    Serious Nutrition Solutions | Online Representative
    Growth Factor XT-GROW! Need Cycle Support? Check out Liver XT.
    Follow SNS on Facebook for more promos!

  7. Awesome opportunity, wish I could apply as well but it will be fun to see how this go

  8. I would lke to take the time out to say this would be a awesome frist log for me and i have never been more dedicated to personal fullfillment in my life, right now MMA and weight training is my main aspect in life.

    1) User Name: vika808 (kawika)

    2) Age:22

    3) Height:5'9

    4) Weight:182lbs

    5)Where you plan to use Lipsolv: Around my mid section, and love handels

    6)Why you plan to use it there: seems like i just cant shed the bf aroudn this area which isnt very much.

    7)Any past logs/reviews you have: None really hoping this will be my frist.

    8) Current Supplements:Creatine mono, T911, CLA, Green tea, Glucoscamine,Whey, Multi vits/mineral, fish oils

    9) Training Experience: about 6years on and off and about 2 years stright weight lifting, and about 2-3 years MMA (boxing,BJJ,Judo,Wrestling,Kic kboxing)

    also willing to post before and after pictures and to update at least 5 times a week.

  9. Great applications so far guys!
    Looking forward to seeing the results from everyone

  10. Awww only 10 and from different sites . I wish you would reconsider but here goes.

    Age= 29
    weight= 146

    I have used two of these products with little results but I keep looking since I work out every day doing cardio and every other with weights. I workout hard to look good but there are spots I need some help.

    I'm also getting married in the next three months and want to look HOT for that very private time in all our lives.

    Where I plan to use it if I'm one of the lucky ones is,
    1) Thighs, can't seem to fix that area no matter what.
    2) Arms, what can I say I'm a female and cursed.
    3) Waist, I used to have a tiny one and want it back. I workout here a lot but still need help.
    4) Back of neck, I do the few workouts available but need more help.

    Creams and oils I have used to spot fat reduce,
    1) Lipo Burn Topical cream.

    2) Napalm by Avant Research some what oil but nice.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    I have more posts at another forum I can give that information to you if you would like. Just not sure I can post it here. Thank you.

  11. bump for more applicants

  12. Age:32
    Experience:17 years
    Where you plan to use Lipsolv: abs
    Why you plan to use it there: That is where the majority of my fat gets stored!
    Any past logs/reviews you have: I just finished a log for Napalm and would love to be able to compare the 2 of the products to each other. I cant post my links yet im a few posts short still.

  13. We definitely wanna test Liposolv to every degree possible, so comparing it to other similar products will be prime!

  14. Quote Originally Posted by 0verc0m3 View Post
    We definitely wanna test Liposolv to every degree possible
    what about someone who is on an injectable cycle?

  15. Quote Originally Posted by Mikey13 View Post
    Age: 29
    Weight: 200
    Experience: 9+ on and off
    Where you plan to use Lipsolv: lower back fat, and or thighs
    Why you plan to use it there: seems to be the areas that are accumulating fat, stomach is fat but hasn't added too much in the last couple years.
    Any past logs/reviews you have: none as of yet, but hopefully will have 2 within the next 6 months.
    Quote Originally Posted by 0verc0m3 View Post
    We definitely wanna test Liposolv to every degree possible, so comparing it to other similar products will be prime!
    I guess I should note:
    I have used Napalm in the past with some success but not as much as others or as advertised, so I would love to try another product to put it up to the test.

  16. Age:33
    Experience:13 years on and off past 1 steady again
    Where you plan to use Lipsolv: Abs and Obliques
    Why you plan to use it there: Trouble area hasnt leaned out like rest of body as much as I would like
    Any past logs/reviews you have:
    Eviscerate beta
    Lipo Ultra
    Loooonnnng Time ago Yohimburn and Yohimburn ES

    Currently use Eviscerate and do enjoy that product

  17. Quote Originally Posted by nosnmiveins View Post
    what about someone who is on an injectable cycle?
    I guess I should mention i'm on prescribed TRT

  18. Age: 21

    Weight: 206

    Experience: 4 years in the gym, 2 serious and very dedicated. I've also compete at a very competitive level of sports for 8 years. This includes sport specific training not considered to be in the gym because of it unorthodox Approch to training muscle groups.

    Where you plan to use Lipsolv: Midsection, chest, arms, back.

    Why you plan to use it there: Mainly, I do not want uneven results, Ripped arms, but still a chubby midsection, and chest. I just coming off a strength/bulk cycle of The One(app nut) and is looking to complete my overall cycle by now cutting my extra BF(currently close to 19%)

    Any past logs/reviews you have: I'm currently finishing up my last week of The One. Due to a personal life crisis my log did take hit. But I am finishing it up strong. The link can be found in my sig.

  19. Age: 35
    Weight: 246 lbs
    Experience: 20+ years of training, boxing and last 3 years bodybuilding used slim xtreme and atomic meltdown
    Where you plan to use Lipsolv: stomach, sides, under arms, glutes
    Why you plan to use it there: looking to really cut deep for comp
    Any past logs/reviews you have: l have a thread my pics April to sept have not yet logged but look forward too if given the opportunity.

  20. When will testers be picked ?


  21. LMAO @ Rosie and that HUGE app I think she wants some

  22. Quote Originally Posted by FitnFirm View Post
    LMAO @ Rosie and that HUGE app I think she wants some
    yeash shes done ok with the samples too. lol

  23. Hey fit, are you (or anyone else from BBS) going to be at the olympia?

  24. Quote Originally Posted by EasyEJL View Post
    Hey fit, are you (or anyone else from BBS) going to be at the olympia?
    I will not be but a few of the others will be there visiting, booth number is 52 !


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