Primordial Performance needs (2) dedicated members to log our new 1-T Tren product!

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  1. Primordial Performance needs (2) dedicated members to log our new 1-T Tren product!

    Primordial Performance is looking for a few good men to log our 1-T Tren!

    That's right, everyone - We're looking for 2 testers for our new 1-T Tren product; the closest legal thing to trenbolone on the market! These 2 testers must be very active on the board, and also be able to give us a VERY detailed and dedicated log (this includes posting before and after pictures.) There is an absolute minimum of 4 updates to be posted weekly (Daily preferred.)

    You must have been off ANY hormonal supplements for a minimum of 3 months, and have already recovered from a PCT prior to entering your application. We will be posting application guidelines as well for the chosen loggers. We're very proud of this product, and we would like to extend this opportunity to a few of our dedicated primordial supporters.

    Place applications for consideration in this thread, and please utilize the following format:

    4)Do you have any current medical conditions?:
    5)Do you take any current medications?:
    6)Goals - long/short term?:
    7)Body type?:
    8)Training experience?:
    9)Any prior hormonal trandermal experiences?:
    10)Have you ever used primoridal performance's products? If so, which ones?:
    11)List of current supplementation?:
    12)Previous hormonal supplement experiences?
    13)Tell us why you think you should log our 1-T Tren?:
    14)Bonus question - What does T1 do for a living?:

    So.....get those applications in boys! Here's an overview of what you'd be logging.


    Primordial Performance Presents:

    1-T Tren!

    1-T TREN is finally here, and it represents a true pinnacle.

    As the list of legal and effective steroid hormones becomes smaller and smaller, the FDA ban list of anabolic substances becomes increasingly larger.

    Considering the current legal environment for steroid based compounds, 1-T TREN is likely going to be the most powerful steroidal product that Primordial Performance will ever release. In fact, 1-T may quite possibly be the most powerful product available on the current legal market. [And it probably isn't going to be available very long if congress continues their "war against anabolics"]

    Now, before we talk about the marvelous power of 1-T TREN, I want to come clean.

    We are calling this product 1-T TREN because we are utilizing a hormone that has effects and a molecular structure very close to the anabolic steroid Trenbolone. So when we say "This is the closest legal thing to injectable Trenbolone", we really mean it. [Even though it's not actual Trenbolone, nor does it convert to Trenbolone]

    The legal steroid hormone we are calling "TREN" is known as 19-Norandrosta-4,9-diene-3,17-dione [aka, Estra-4,9-diene-3,17-dione]

    Most noteworthy, is that TREN doesn't need to make any conversions to exert its muscle building effects, because of its unique chemical structure.

    Just compare the two steroid molecules and you will see they share a very similar molecular structure -

    Essentially, this legal molecule is Trenbolone's little brother, and it offers the following benefits -

    Non-methylated & non-toxic to the liver
    Does not require metabolic conversion
    Highly anabolic with zero estrogen conversion
    Dramatic gains in strength and dense, lean muscle
    To understand the specific activity & effects of TREN, let's take a quick look at the science of Trenbolone - [most of which applies to TREN]


    The Legendary Anabolic Androgenic Steroid (AAS)
    Even as an illegal Schedule III controlled substance, Trenbolone maintains tremendous popularity for its rapid muscle building, physique hardening and fat burning effects. Being that Trenbolone is several times more anabolic & androgenic than testosterone, it's hailed as one of the most powerful AAS's for increasing strength, muscle density, and body fat reduction -- while causing minimal bloating and water retention. (1) This also makes Trenbolone [or TREN] ideal for either bulking or cutting cycles.

    Trenbolone has been used by bodybuilders and athletes for decades in all kinds of preparations. Those willing to take the risk of committing a federal offense, purchase Finaplix implant tablets (Trenbolone acetate) from veterinarian supply shops and convert them to injectable or transdermal preparations with homemade kits. Some individuals have even gone as far as taking the Finaplix tablets as suppositories. Let's just say, people have gone to great lengths to get their hands on this stuff.

    When we examine the molecular structure of Trenbolone and TREN, we can see a double bond in 9th position. This unique structural modification enhances the androgenic and anabolic power of the molecule. It also causes the molecules to resist conversion from steroid converting enzymes such as aromatase and 5a-reductase. Therefore, neither Trenbolone or TREN can be converted to estrogen [by aromatase], or other highly androgenic compounds, such as DHT [by 5a-reductase]. (8,9)

    Side Effects

    Trenbolone does have one downfall or upside, depending on how you look at it.

    Trenbolone is a progestin based anabolic, which means it activates the progesterone receptor [PR]. (1) The combination of a high affinity for the androgen & progesterone receptor makes Trenbolone especially prone to cause individuals to "Hulk out" with aggression and anger. [A great thing for the gym, but a problem for the people that irritate you]

    Aside from the possible emotional episodes, the PR action of Trenbolone can also stimulate gyno by directly activating the progesterone receptor [PR]. (1) This makes Trenbolone problematic when stacked with highly estrogenic compounds, since it appears that activation of the PR increases estrogen's proliferative ability on breast tissue. (2) Therefore, to avoid gyno symptoms it is best to use Trenbolone [or related steroids] with compounds that have low estrogenic activity.

    Even though Trenbolone lacks the ability to convert to DHT, it can encourage temporary hair loss because of its direct action on the androgen receptor [AR]. However, the possible hair shedding from Trenbolone could be considered less than the hair loss associated with high DHT producing compounds. [eg, testosterone]

    Being that TREN is a closely related analogue of Trenbolone, it shares both the good and the possible negative effects I just presented. Considering this, we had to formulate 1-T TREN in a precisely balanced ratio to avoid the side-effects, yet make it as effective as possible.

    And that's exactly what we did with 1-T TREN -- and the result is quite incredible.

    We stacked TREN with 1-Androsterone™, which is a non-aromatizing steroid hormone that converts to the original 1-Testosterone, as seen here (3,4) - [also used in our original 1-T]

    Unfortunately, 1-Testosterone tends to suppress the libido and cause feelings of lethargy. So, we added a precise dose of DHEA, to counter these effects.

    DHEA helps prevent lethargy by converting to powerful "neurosteroids" that encourage cognitive function and motivational drive. (5,6) DHEA also converts to several 5a-reduced metabolites that help support libido.

    DHEA can also make conversions to other hormones, such as Testosterone. As most bodybuilders know, stacking a compound like Trenbolone with Testosterone is one of the most effective stacks for gaining sheer mass, strength and size. However, as mentioned earlier, stacking Trenbolone with estrogenic compounds such as Testosterone can lead to gyno. So we had to keep the dose of DHEA moderate to avoid these potential estrogenic/progestogenic side effects.

    Thus, the end result is an anabolic masterpiece that captures the maximum anabolic muscle building effects, while keeping side effects to a minimum.

    Finally, the hormones in 1-T TREN are efficiently delivered into the blood stream with our latest 6.0 OHV topical delivery system. Expect 30-40% of the active ingredients to be shuttled into the body over a 12-24 hour period. (10,11)
    The final formulation of 1-T TREN smells of true victory and greatness. [It seriously does, just take a deep inhalation on your first application]

    As with any powerful anabolic, users shall still expect suppression of natural testosterone while using 1-T TREN. Therefore, a proper PCT after a cycle will be necessary. For more information, please see the Official PCT Thread

    If you're interested in learning how to best use 1-T TREN based on your goals, see the Official 1-T TREN Cycling Thread

    Thank you for supporting Primordial Performance.

    -Eric Potratz
    President & Founder

    1-T TREN


    Fast drying creamy lotion, possessing fresh citrus scent.

    Active Ingredients:

    Active ingredients per 5 pumps

    1-Androsterone™ – 90 mg
    19-Norandrosta-4,9-diene-3,17-dione (TREN) - 81 mg
    DHEA – 57 mg

    Other Ingredients:

    Distilled water, grape spirits*, aloe vera*, ethoxy diglycol, dimethyl isosorbide, butylene glycol, jojoba oil, emu oil, squalene, tocopherol acetate, chamomile extract* (matricaria recutita), isopropyl myristate, green tea extract* (camellia sinensis), cetyl palmitate, sorbitan palmitate, sorbitan olivate, glyceryl stearate, PEG 100 stearate, glycerin, dimethicone, strontium nitrate, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, d-Limonene, tetrahydropiperine†, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, sodium PCA, sodium hydroxide.

    * Certified Organic
    † US Patent 6,849,645

    Preorder this fantastic product, here!: 1-T Tren

    You can also order the 1-T Tren Twin Pack, or a
    1-T Tren Case

    References -

    1. Characterisation of the affinity of different anabolics and synthetic hormones to the human androgen receptor, human sex hormone binding globulin and to the bovine progestin receptor.
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    4. Galletti and Gardi, “Metabolism of 1-Dehydroandrostanes in Man”
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    Evolutionary Muse - Inspire to Evolve

  2. whoever gets this is one lucky mofo!

  3. bad timing for me....o well. i might get around to PP products one day

  4. Great opportunity!

    I just started the XHMS.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by raginfcktard View Post
    whoever gets this is one lucky mofo!
    Give it a shot!


  6. 14) ... Oh wait, I skipped all the others. And I shouldn't ruin the fun

    User purchases their own PCT, correct? It would be nice to see them use the Testosterone Recovery Stack to show that is all you need, validating the XHMS.

  7. oh man i wish i could jump on this..sick oppertunity for a few people

  8. Good luck to all applicants, good stuff right there!!

  9. this is a tremendous opportunity.

    I know what he does for a living
    Mr. Supps Board Rep

  10. is this open to canadians or does that damn border screw us over again?

  11. Quote Originally Posted by punthra View Post
    is this open to canadians or does that damn border screw us over again?
    1-T Tren can't be shipped to Canada. If you can drive over to the US and pick it up from a US mailing address, then I guess you would be OK.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by punthra View Post
    is this open to canadians or does that damn border screw us over again?
    Yeah, sorry bud. 1-T Tren is prohibitied in both canada and australia.

    Evolutionary Muse - Inspire to Evolve

  13. No applications, yet?

    I jest - it's still early in the day. Get them in, boys!

    Evolutionary Muse - Inspire to Evolve

  14. Quote Originally Posted by Trauma1 View Post
    Yeah, sorry bud. 1-T Tren is prohibitied in both canada and australia.

    well I guess you are going to have to send it to me then. Just trying to make it easy on you
    Mr. Supps Board Rep

  15. This is an awesome opportunity!!! I will not have been clean for 3 months,... %&*#!!!
    Think training's hard,. try losing!

  16. You tempt this PH virgin T1!

    Bulk Performance Solutions
    --No Proprietary Blends, All Performance--

    ***NOW @ NP***

  17. Quote Originally Posted by Resolve View Post
    You tempt this PH virgin T1!

    I'm a devil in disguise.

    Evolutionary Muse - Inspire to Evolve

  18. Quote Originally Posted by Resolve View Post
    You tempt this PH virgin T1!

    x2 lol

  19. some lucky mofo's that will win this.

  20. wow! can buy a 1-Tren case!!
    that makes it possible to fill your bathtub and lay in the stuff.

  21. subbed...


  22. Quote Originally Posted by Hank Vangut View Post
    wow! can buy a 1-Tren case.
    that makes it possible to fill your bathtub and lay in the stuff.
    Lol, indeed!

    Evolutionary Muse - Inspire to Evolve

  23. Quote Originally Posted by Hank Vangut View Post
    wow! can buy a 1-Tren case!!
    that makes it possible to fill your bathtub and lay in the stuff.
    Stacks great with methylmasteron bubble-bath?

  24. Quote Originally Posted by Mulletsoldier View Post
    Stacks great with methylmasteron bubble-bath?
    we call that a primordial bath.

  25. Quote Originally Posted by Hank Vangut View Post
    we call that a primordial bath.
    Yup - sprinkle a little Toco-8 and EndoAmp Max on top, and you're made in the shade.

    Evolutionary Muse - Inspire to Evolve



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