Bulking after APD. Your experiences?

  1. Bulking after APD. Your experiences?

    For the APD followers:
    - Who's come off the APD to go into a bulk? It's time for me to take a break for a few weeks. I noticed Jamie talking about bulking on Facebook, but he didn't mention if he is following any rules other than "EAT MORE, TRAIN MORE!"

    If so:
    - Did you stick to CNP style low-rep/high-volume training?
    - And what sort of diet did you adopt? Maybe Jamie's macro cycling:
    ChAoS & PAIN: You Can Gain Weight Without Looking Like a Fat **** #2


  2. Popped out like 8 weeks. Six weeks would have likely been more sensible.
    Training stayed the same, though I made sure to absolutely never skip a session.
    I ate chili twice a day, if not my chicken soup, a few nights a week I'd eat a pepperoni pizza with a six pack for dinner, eggs, sausages, and wings, turkeys, multiple holiday feasts, liquor frequently, occasional meat lovers strombolis... Pretty much anything I could whip up on the cheap by the shovelfull.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by KrisL View Post
    Pretty much anything I could whip up on the cheap by the shovelfull.
    Thanks. So focused on getting the calories in with no worry about macro ratios (other than protein)?
    And how long will you stick with that?

  4. I did that for two months. It took six weeks for the first 10lbs to come, and when I put on another 5lbs in only two weeks I knew it was past time to get back on APD.

    Yeah, I wanted to shovel in as much as I could after protein. This was more a mental break than anything else, but it looked good in the mirror, too. Next time, I'll limit myself to 6 weeks at the most, perhaps only 4.

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