New slow, bulk diet for my '08 Recomp! Critique please.

  1. New slow, bulk diet for my '08 Recomp! Critique please.

    Looking for a critique. Macros are 3580 107/318/342 (cal fat carb pro)
    I weigh 220, dont put on muscle easy but put on fat easy(ecto..?) 15% or so with majority around my midsection, 6'2", and needing to gain mass. I noticed this as I complained about my lovehandles, etc. I also noticed that Im not big enough(after a week of cutting). I decided to lean bulk in order to gain some damn mass and use 2008 as a recomp. I am bulking with the below diet from tomorrow till April 28th. I will slow cut from April 28th till July 21st or so. From here, I will be on a long, slow, lean bulk for a damn long time.

    Goals for this lean bulk- gain about 5-10 lbs of mass(i know some will be fat.. thats why it is 5-10), Keep fat weight at 31lbs or so(not %.. seeing as if it remains the same with weight gain.. youre gaining fat as well.. I dont want to gain more than 2-3 lbs of fat over the next 3 months).

    Now, I dont want to sound cocky or that Im closed to other opinions, but I know that lifting is about long, slow bulks and my three month isn't the real way to go. Well, in the past month and a week, I have been dumb, eating like a typical college kid and drinking like one. I decided that this three month bulk would be a bulk to gain the mass/strength I lost during this period and maybe add another 2-3 lbs. Cut goal is to cut fat weight from (pending what it is)31-35 to ten lbs in eleven weeks. At this point, I will feel very comfortable with where I am. A slow, slow, lean bulk will commence for a good year or so.

    Heres the diet. - As for the protien shake at 1.. its between classes and its the only mean I can get(10 minutes to drink it and run to another class). Thanks in advance.

    8 AM: 800 F: 30 C:90 P:47
    4 eggs, 1 cup of oats, 8oz milk, 1 apple
    Supplements: 1g sesamin, 1 multi, 2 fishoil, Glucosamine, vitamin c, green tea

    11 AM: 550 F:15 C: 51 P:52
    5 oz(measured cooked) chicken breast, 1 cup brown rice, 1 cup broccoli, 10 almonds

    1 PM: Between class snack 260 F:4 C:6 P:54
    2 scoop whey

    3:PM Pre WO 475 F:6 C:55 P: 48
    1 chicken salad(2 cups romaine, 2 oz chicken), 3 oz chicken, ? cup brown rice, 1 scoop WMS

    5:30/6 Post Workout 340 F:0 C:60 P:25
    1 scoop WPI, 2 scoops WMS, 2 scoops Xtend, 5g Creatine

    7:PM 415 F: 17 C:26 P:40
    5oz lean sirloin(90/10 on a GF or 96/4 in a pan or round steak), 1 cup brown rice, 1 cup broccoli

    10 PM 430 F: 19 C: 15 P: 46
    1 grilled chicken salad, 3 eggs, 8 oz milk

    12PM: 300 F: 15 C: 15 P: 30
    MM RTD or ON Pro Complex PM with 30 almonds
    1g sesamin

  2. Well considering your BF isn't low and you admit your lovehandles are an issue, I'd say you have too many carbs and what you do have isn't timed very well. Lovehandles indicate if you're eating too many carbs (levels of insulin in the body).

    Milk causes a lot of insulin to be released, so use with caution.

    Lean gains for people like you come from lower carb most of the time with carbs timed properly around exercise, and some carb refeeds.

    If I read correctly you're only taking 2g of fish oil per day? That's almost a waste of time. 9g should be a minimum, but for you I'd say 20-40g would be good to jump start things.

    Also, from the sound of it, you're probably taking a crappy multi since you're taking one a day.

    Lastly, I wouldn't use WMS pre-workout. It's a good carb but it works because of how quickly it goes through the stomach. When taken with solid food that pretty much ruins this effect. Save it for post-workout taken with plenty of water so it's not too thick.

  3. Lovehandles are a direct indication of too many carbs? Where do you see a lean bulking diet coming from.. 500g of protein? 200g of fat?

    40g of fishoil a day.. what the ****? Sorry, Im not down with eating a whole bottle every day. Whats wrong with a one a day multi? Sorry i dont have the cash for OT or anything right now. I take two a day.. i forgot to mention that.

    Whats wrong with timing of carbs? Im eating them throughout the day. Carbs in the morning are key as I hear(90g of carbs..) and ive read SO many places that no carbs after 8pm is bull****.

    Id appreciate your post a little more if the bashing/criticism was paired with how to fix it.

    And my lovehandles are just hipfat.. not terrible love handles like you may have thought. Ive always had midsection fat, even when I was little.

    Thanks for letting me know 14% isnt low. I know its not low but its lower than I thought so, seriously, Id work on your communication skills because you sound nothing less than offensive in your post.

  4. You asked for advice and you got it. Now you're complaining? I'm sorry I bothered to try to help. Good luck with your plan.

  5. No see, I asked for ADVICE. What you gave me was a list of criticisms with no way to help. If I knew what to do, I wouldnt have those problems.. yet I have the problems and no advice.

    Well, I talked to a few people.. including a few high up individuals, and they think what you said is basically bull****. One almost **** his pants when he read you recommended me 20-40g of fishoil a day.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by ATH3386 View Post
    No see, I asked for ADVICE. What you gave me was a list of criticisms with no way to help. If I knew what to do, I wouldnt have those problems.. yet I have the problems and no advice.
    I guess you missed the part where I said to reduce the carbs, time them around workouts, do carb refeeds, avoid milk, increase the fish oil dose, and to not take WMS before a workout with solid food.


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