Looking for advice on bulking/what to eat

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  1. Truthfully you should be hitting closer to 300 naturally before you see your peak, imo. Of course some variation will occur but roughly 275-315 or so is attainable with proper training, diet and recovery.

    That said, as a response to the OP, bulking foods are any food really. Pick nutrient and calorie dense foods to add to your meals. Avocados are good with pretty much anything and have a significant caloric impact, add walnuts/almonds to salmon, chicken, even beef if you cook it asian style, choose whole milk over reduced fat and drink at glass at every meal,use full fat, unflavored yogurt as a sauce/spread by stirring whatever flavors you want in to it to match your meal....

    You could also go to virtually any bodybuilding website, tap the search function, type in "bulking foods" "bulking tips" et cetera and read for days.

    *EDIT: I meant to reply to a specific post and hit the wrong button.

  2. get your cals from 50% carbs then split fats and protein. thats how i am going to handle my bulk.

    carbs 50%
    protein 28%
    fat 22%

    is actually how i am doing it for 3200 cals.

    good luck to you

  3. @OnionKnight, coincidentally I'm starting a new gomad plan. Aim is 5000 cals a day! And I love the milk bulk plans

  4. Quote Originally Posted by dmmcclair View Post
    @OnionKnight, coincidentally I'm starting a new gomad plan. Aim is 5000 cals a day! And I love the milk bulk plans
    lol one of the biggest differences between my bulk and cut diets is milk vs water. i love my milk

  5. Hell yeah, it's delicious

  6. It all starts with, what I call the "Big Three" and in this order.

    1. Nutrition: Consistently, eating clean and often.

    2. Rest: Consistently, get 8 hrs of sleep and don't over train.

    3. Training: Consistently, focus and train hard.

    Follow some of the previous advice and stay away from the short cuts.


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