eating organic with a 25k salary possible??

  1. So the wifey n i decided were going to go organic. We have been eating some organic fruits n veggies but after researching the industrial meat industry and watching food Inc. it pushed us to wanna eat organic meat as well. I wont go into detail because that's a different thread for different day.

    So any ways I'm trying to bulk my way up to 200 I have a very long way to go. My Cal intake can get as high as 6000 at times. So do any if your have any tips as far as affordable organic foods especially meats. I plan on eating more beans n less meats as I won't be able to afford steak at 8-10 a pound! Yikes


    Find a farmer and you can buy meat in bulk for a decent price. Then find a co-op group for fruits and veggies. I use suburban organics
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  3. Craigslist can be your friend. Free range bird and hogs are avabilabe if you buy whole chickens/turkeys or half hogs/beef. I have seen adds where farmers will raise meat the way you want and then send it to the local butcher. This costs a little more, but you KNOW what you're buying and eating.

    If you really want cheap meat I suggest hunting. I eat rabbit, squirrel, duck, pheasant, goose, dove, deer and turkey. I was raised hunting and still eat more wild game than beef every year. This is saying a lot, because we own a cattle ranch. Good homegrown beef is great, but so is wild game.

    If you're not looking to harvest your own meat, I suggest looking into something like a deer exchange program.
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