Am I Eating Enough>

  1. Am I Eating Enough>

    Im about 167, picking up weights again. Pretty Much at the skinny fat stage. Im tyring to put on some pounds, and im not sure if I am eating enough. I am a college student so it is hard to measure portions and calories from the school cafeterias.
    Meal 1
    Plate full of eggs, 3 strips of bacon, 20 oz of milk
    Meal 2
    3 chicken breasts, 4 boiled eggs. 20 0z of milk
    pre workout
    Post Workout
    whey protein and bcaa
    Meal 4
    meat, vegetables, 20 oz of milk
    Meal 5
    Chicken or turkey sandwich on wheat

  2. Are you gaining weight? If so, you're eating enough. If not, then you're not. Simple as that.
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  3. If your eating clean it's pretty easy to not eat enough. When I bulk I just make sure I'm never hungry. If you want to be big you have to eat big!

  4. I think its pretty decent for being in school.. If your not gaining weight try adding a bit more at each meal or adding in a few snacks throughout the day like protein bar, add another shake, yogurt, cottage cheese, fruits.

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