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    I'm an experienced lifter but no so good w/ the supplements and eating right. Last summer i was in a bad car accident so i've been on for about 7 months and lost a whole bunch of weight. I've been waiting for the day i can step back n the gym n that time has come. I'm hitting it hard n ready to go. I have alot of weight to make up and i want to do it right. I'm about 180lbs n i need to get back to atleast 200 by summer. I want the right type of weight though. How much protein should i be taking in? 350 grams? What kind of protein? Example of good shakes / bars / etc. What should my daily meal plan look like?

    cottage cheese
    red meat
    I hate tuna so dont bother

    i know the basics but just need some direction. Thanks

  2. You're screwed. Tuna is the key.

  3. Ok just kiddin dude. At 180 you should aim for 360g of protein or more, 2g or pro for every lb. Try to get protein from different sources, don't take 7 shakes that equal 350g of protein. Shakes should only be used to "supplement" your diet. Eat whole foods and don't rely on shakes. Try to eat every few hours at least, don't let yourself get hungry or your body will eat your muscle. Right when you wake up the first thing that should hit your mind is food. Eat the cottage cheese right before bed cuz it's a slow digesting protein and will help fight catabolism while you're sleeping.

    Keep researching as much as you can, you can never have enough knowledge.
    Bust your ass as hard as you can every single time you go to the gym, consistency is key!

  4. Thanks. Is there any foods i should be eating more then others if i dont have time to eat all day because of work to pound in the protein? Thats alot of protein while working 12 hours and not relying on shakes n bars

  5. Like I said, don't rely on them. Don't make them the foundation of your daily intake basically. You can use them though for those quick meals that you just don't have time to make. Just don't drink a shake when you can easily make a meal. If you can eat at work, try and make all your meals at once and put them in tupperware. Low sodium beef jerky is a good high protein snack. Chicken, fish and turkey are pretty high in protein.

  6. sounds good buddy


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