My bulk is ruined...?

  1. My bulk is ruined...?

    I was up to 188 from 160 on my goal of 200 lbs. I wanted it by christmas, but around the beginning of november I got sick which started killing my progress and I lost appetite. It progressed into some kind of infect and dropped me to 173... its been two weeks and so far I have gained back 7 pounds and im at 95% or more of previous strength. but there is no way I can put on 20 pounds in that amount of time, and I still dont have my appetite back. I was considering extending my bulk until the last day of feb, but thats a little too late for me. I need to get cut down to 170 for track season, which starts towards mid march. and I am starting cardio once the new year rolls around so it will mean I need even more cals. Im not sure if I should just give up on trying to gain and just start a good recomp for about two months then cut, or what the hell to do... I know your prolly like why the hell bulk to 200 then cut again that close but, I wanted to keep as much muscle mass as possible so I had crazy strength for season. Im a sprinter so I dont need more cardio that that 24seconds or less push, which I can get thorugh my sprint training for the three months previous to season. I just need the power to get my times down, and yes I know I need fast twitch not just bulk. Ive had alot of sprinters on here give me advice and my coaches are good. Also sprinting=good core and arms not just legs, so its good to have a fit top shelf. I workout full body so Im in overall great shape right now, I just want that extra edge because I am determined to tear up this year... So if anyone has some advice on the best way to get the most muscle and be lean by the end of march. hit me up, because Im pretty lost on exactly where I need to be.

  2. Might be time to progress the hypertrophy phase into a strength/power driven phase following the new year. You've gained muscle mass, now you need to make it "work" for you. A standard periodization would say to do 6 weeks of powerlifting type training then transition into explosive/power training (olympic lifts) as you get closer to the season.

    Keep your calories around maintenance, or just slightly below and you should be able to slowly lean out leading up to the season. Remember, being in a caloric deficit in season is one of the quickest ways to fail.

    Thats my advice at the most basic level. We can always go into more detail if needed.


  3. Thanks, thats basically what I was thinking. I was gona cut down my calls to about 3k or maybe a little above that. Im still young and my metabolism allows that somehow... haha. Ive been lifting for a solid year now so, Ive gotten my whole body into pretty great shape, Im just working on getting everything to peak, like you said the powerlifting stuff. Ive started hard into the deads squats benches and other full body lifts, with a few days of isos thrown into the mix. Im gona be concentrating on alot of repetition/explosion stuff, like repeat 40s when the weather permits along with full 100s and 200s, im gona do some intervals on the cardio machines at my gym while weather is still bad, work on some explosive work with squats and ligher deads, which I already have done some off and make me feel amazing from the lift. Im so glad I started deadlifting now. I will probably work into so plyometrics and some stuff, also. My coach has a track lifting session after school durin the week, I dont go because Im still doin my own thing, but im gona start goin in a few times a week and discuss with him a few exercise to hit my fast twitch. all in all Im in the best shape ive ever been in and im just trying to optimize right now. Ill cut back my cals around the begining of feb to start to thin out, because every pound I carry I dont need is anouther .1 on the clock.

    I need to decide what supps to go on and what to start for season. I always have a problem with cramping/the dead feeling in the muscles like they wont move. I know training will lessen this but I always get that at the end of my runs no matter how hard I go. I was thinking of supping with some potassium and a few other things ive read of for that. would beta alanine help with my sprinting at all, because Ive heard it helps get more reps at the same weight, so wouldnt that transfer to more steps at the same speed per se? Just some thoughts.

  4. What distances do you run? 100 and 200 I take it?

    Beta-alanine may help. Bevieve it or not, creatine monohydrate will also help, since the 100 relies predominantly on the CP system for energy.

    I would suggest you start lowering your reps and increasing your weights on your squats and dead lifts. Do this over the next 5 weeks, starting at 7 and decreasing by 1 rep per week.

    After that time, transition into power. This means working with less weight, but at HIGHER speeds. So speed squats, clean pulls, snatch pulls, jerks, power cleans, dumbbells snatch, etc.

    As far as the cramping, when does it take place?

    Is it at the end of a single run, or is at the end of the workout?

    If it is a single run, then it may be an indicator you are out of shape (for that particular event). If it is at the end of a workout it could be due to electrolyte imbalances. Check your salt intake.


  5. Honestly my salt is a little high, so I will def cut that down this season. I also try to cut milk because lactic acid but I dont know how accurate that is and if it applies to sprints, I now for sure it helped during cross country runs.

    I run the 100 and 200, and im also probably throwing shot this year and possibly 300 hurdles, but I hate them. for the jumping not the running.

    Its dumb, because I can run a full 200 and not cramp until 40m from the finish line, and my split will be the same as my normal 100 sprint for the first 100. but when I run the 100 I still cramp in the last 40. Its not exactly a cramp but like a deadening in my leg, like they dont respond or react as fast. not really painful just, numbing if that makes sense? I think it could partially be mental and I can push through it if I want it bad enough. but just not sure. I take creatine mono as a staple, and it def helps. I cycle it every like 6 weeks because I see weight gains and strength gains because the workouts are difficult without you could say? anyways I take it through season too so im good there. I take jack3d during season because I lift through season, haha. which is supposed to have BA, but I think I may buy some extra in bulk. and I did alot of indivual work last year because my old coach got fired for a year, and my new one was an idiot. so I did all my own conditioning on my own time out of practice, and cut my times down alot. but not matter how much faster I got I always had the dead feeling at the end.

    Whats do you think about taking jack3d or another stim before my race? I only ever tried once, just to see what would happen and it didnt really do much for me. Usually If I just get myself mentally pumped up, im as good to go as with a supp. I did start with heavy deads for about a month and started doing more light weight. but if you suggest working the heavy training for a little longer than I will continue with that. sounds like a good plan to me. thanks for the great advice.

  6. Solid Advice

  7. Stick to something along the lines of the periodization I laid out earlier.

    Milk contains lactose, a sugar, which can be bothersome to some people, especially if you have intolerancies toward it.

    Lactic acid, on the other hand, has little to do with cramping.

    What you describe is due to lack of conditioning, I feel them same when doing 2s and 3s. Part of it can be a depletion of fuels, but also part can be due to a large build up of acids in the muscle and around the nerves, leading to lower poweroutput and recruitment. You can try an extramuscular buffer, such as sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) using 3g per kg of bodyweight about 1 hour before the sprinting, usually taken on an emptier stomach. You can also try an intramuscular buffer, such as carnosine or beta alanin to see if that makes a difference.

    Aside from that, improving speed endurance is needed. This can be accomplished by running longer distances (250s and 300s) at a pace you can maintain for the entire race whle making sure to keep good mechanics (staying tall, picking your knees up, correct back side, etc.).

    As for the jacked, I'd drop it. The arginine and other nitric oxide boosters have no effect on performance, and have actually been shown to decrease aerobic performance. Last thing you want is a huge pump in your lower legs trying to run fast.

    Finally, you may want to try switching regular salt for morton light salt. Contains half sodium and half potassium.


  8. damn what do your meals look like you seem like you were getting it done before you got sick.

  9. Stupid question, but is there a reason you need to be 170 for track? I'd do a few test runs and see where you are now. That'll give you a better idea of how much work you need to do. Unless you put on a crazy amount of fat, you might be close to the same speed, even bulked up.


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