Whats the best prohormone on the market?

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  1. say whaaaaaaa????

  2. SD for sure.

  3. SD, TREN, or EPI for me.

  4. why don't you post stats and a pic....thinking maybe your not ready for that yet. Best gains are through a proper diet, proper routine for your specific goals and adequate sleep.....and above all PATIENCE.......jay cutler and company didn't get where the are in just a couple years. good luck! :-)

  5. All I am saying is I am about 36 years old, and Although I dont do it much I love being on. I just do. It makes me appreciate the difference. I wish they had never taken these away from us bodybuilders, and powerlifters. I dont care about the guy who wants to look good at the beach or club (LOL @ Jersey shore dudes). I am talking about competitive bodybuilders, or lifters.

  6. If you do not know about proper PCT aka Clomid or Nolva Possibly HCG activate xtreme lean xtreme triazole i use driven sports ATD and or many more than just stop, look in the mirror, and realize you need to due proper research before putting gear in your body, especially methlyated gear.

    Best PH is Dragon from chinese anabolic labs. It is an altered SD. ANd only I have it.

  7. Ya you can say PHS are gay and ill agree injectables are way better but when you get arrested and sent to prison for controlled substance and i get no punishment i wil probably think your gay because you are in prison wink wink.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by xxjoker122 View Post
    cell tech....lol......the biggest scam in body building..good advice
    Someone finally has said the truth, i would hope all muscletech products get discontinued and MT gets sued for false advertising and products that do not do ****. Literally

  9. SD , Hdrol .. Hdrol does amazing things, esp if your just getting your toes wet in the PH game.

  10. Kockadrol, eod shot in your arsh.

  11. On my first SD cycle and i love it.

  12. IMO, the best PH's for the first timer are Halo, Epi, or Bold (non-methylated, but banned).
    Either of these can give you some reasonable gains, and aren't too harsh on your body and light on the sides.

  13. trenazone looks nice.

  14. Halo or pmag is "best" for beginner imo

  15. lol, stupid

  16. Quote Originally Posted by Cooky32 View Post
    lol, stupid
    a simple "bump" will suffice

  17. Quote Originally Posted by reptone View Post

  18. Quote Originally Posted by mxmatt15 View Post
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    brick squad

  19. Quote Originally Posted by BigVida

    brick squad
    Gucci mane???
    Email me for free prodigy samples

  20. For a first cycle one compound will be more than enough.

    You say serum, do you mean serm?

    There's a good superdrol clone called Cynostane- my friends have had good results

    If you really wanted to stack 2 Trenavol isn't methylated so would be ok although is a bit of a wifebeater.

    The original M1t compound is still out there, name change to trenbomb and currently called SD Matrix- plenty strong enough on it's own tho!

    Thought about Anavar?

    I love Steakadrol! Only for people who want serious gains! ?

  21. I think he means SERM instead of serum hahah. In that case deff do some more research.

  22. Tunavar stacked with Carbohydrastin. If you go with Steakadrol make sure to get the original by Celorza labs.
    "Strive to seize the initiative in all things"

  23. My fav's are H-drol and Havoc

  24. Flanzapam and Whudindafuk-17bol. Stacked with Bunghol.

    I took superdrol when i was 15 bc i didnt get huge after 2 solid days of training, and now im beastmode. they replaced my kidneys with my balls. Now I sprinkle jack3d on my Whoppers when I clean bulk, wash it down with a few stiff drinks. 32% BF and stoked for next cycle!!!!1111 lolololo


  25. Quote Originally Posted by maik
    Hello im wanting to use a prohormone but i havent seen what one is the best out now any ideas on that?
    im going to be 21 in november and untill then i will not start but would like to know info o if u guys have heard about any good prohomone that works well.

    Ive been training for 3 years now


    My goals is to get big and stay with the gains i will get and dry gains and strength and mass. mostly mass and strength and mass

    This one looks good: 1,4 AD/Bold
    Dosages: 300-600mg
    Side effects: Mild, acne, oily skin, MASSIVELY INCREASED APPETITE.
    Reputation: Very weak and not very cost-efficient at the moment. This compound is often stacked with a methyl to potentiate and accelerate gains. Cycles are usually run at a MINIMUM of 4 weeks as this one takes a few weeks to 'kick in'. Slow, steady, and easily maintainable gains. This is a prohormone of Boldenone.
    Or one called Tren but i want 2

    why is Clomid best for the pct insted of Tamoxifeno? By the way wahts the best serum to use after the cycle?
    Is it best to get a serem that comes with the PH ?
    And more food.

  26. DMZ is legit. Is it easier on liver, not really IMO. My bloods were as screwed up as on SD and it was really hard on my BP.

  27. Superdrol (S-Roid by Hardcore Formulations is pretty wild) My buddy just finished two bottles and got HUGE! Make sure you have your estrogen blocker, HCG, and Nolva/Clomid handy!


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