Whats the best prohormone on the market?

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  1. why do PHs???? if u wanna do something like that, either get on test or get juiced the F out
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  2. Quote Originally Posted by R1balla View Post
    why do PHs???? if u wanna do something like that, either get on test or get juiced the F out
    Getting big for dummies PART 2- http://anabolicminds.com/forum/old-school-hormone/233211-im-back-tren.html

  3. Quote Originally Posted by R1balla View Post
    why do PHs???? if u wanna do something like that, either get on test or get juiced the F out
    I agree with your train of thought but he might be concerned about getting busted with juice. Anyways, juice (depending on the compound) can be less toxic then the PH's/designer steroids. I'd go with epi-drone if I had to choose a PH/DS but do take your PCT friggin seriously even if you take PH/DS ! Get Nolva for PCT.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by GeekWeights View Post
    Question: How is it that the "PH's" that I see mentioned here (M-Drol, etc) are considered Prohormones in this and other forums, but aren't covered by the anti-steroid law that congress created (2004) during the Steroids-In-Baseball hysteria?

    M1T was banned outright. How is it that the ones mentioned in these posting are still "Legal"?

    SD, which is not a PH, but is an active oral steroid, didn't hit the market until after the legislation for the '05 ban was already signed.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  5. Quote Originally Posted by linus420 View Post
    its funny you said that cuz some dude earlier said prohormones were considered stronger than test HAHAHA

    do you still not get it? he said '' you gain 15lbs and you lose most of it. you will keep most gains from test.'' how much you keep from your cycle doesnt dictate how strong the steroid is . gains from anavar are almost permanent does that make it the strongest steroid? i bet he gained that 15lbs of muscle alot faster with the oral as opposed to test assuming dry weight post cycle.. which makes it stronger than test.

    however, you can stay on test longer and gain slower so you keep the vast majority of your gains. people stay on test for 14weeks or even longer, and you should only stay on an oral for max 6 consecutively . of course you will come out with more gains from test.

    everyone knows the slower you get your gains the more you retain.

    thats the main reason people bridge - to stay 'on' longer and solidify gains.
    For me, the action IS the juice.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by drchildress View Post
    Did you really just say that superdrol is not a ph.... -_-

    if SD is a PH, what does it convert to?

    what steroid is it a pro hormone to?
    For me, the action IS the juice.

  7. Sorry, Must have misread- I thought you were referring to M-drol.
    Getting big for dummies PART 2- http://anabolicminds.com/forum/old-school-hormone/233211-im-back-tren.html

  8. monster plex seems pretty good right now, or stakabol

  9. after alittle research on the superdrol debate, I confirmed among a few friends that superdrol is technically a methylated version of masteron, though it exhibits little similarity to it. It is a great ph to run but I wouldnt rec. it to a first time user.Sides can get nasty pretty quick if not taken seriously

  10. Quote Originally Posted by reptone View Post

    Try poultrybol.

    Oh and that dude was right. Just cuz ur 21 doesn't mean ur done growing. Especially on the inside. I'd look into more reg supps and tweaking of diet/training.

  11. I've taken both H drol and M drol. The H drol gave me great gains and it didn't affect my health in a negative way at all.

    The M drol was a different story, made me extremely sick and I wouldn't touch the stuff again.

    Keep in mind I have weak genetics so your experience may be different.

  12. Also, like others said, I wouldn't mess with prohormones or anything too crazy until your 25. The male body continues to grow until 25 years of age.

  13. IMO I think H-drol is the best starter PH being that it has less sides then most other supplements I've tried. It was my first ph and I gained around 12lbs in 5 weeks doing a very moderate dosing schedule. PCT is crucial to keeping any gains and do not fool yourself into believing an over the counter pct is sufficient. You cannot keep pharmaceutical grade gains without pharmaceutical grade pct. As other members have suggested, diet is paramount in the success of any cycle along with proper training. Until you have those 2 things dialed in, I don't suggest taking any ph/aas. You may also want to research the affects of 17a alkylated ph's on the liver and the best way to combat that stress.

  14. Dude, you are too young for this. I am 35, and making gains naturally. You stepping on stage anytime soon. You doing a powerlifting or strongman show or do you have a modeling contract? No, then you dont need synthetic help to gain muscle. Everything you gain will go away and since no one is paying you to use them it will just get more expensive and harder to get them as time goes on. I only use anything pre contest.

  15. I am having good results with the 1AD by Bismark....I was out of the gym for a few months due to some family problems.

    I am taking 2caps per day and eating a textbook diet-I am extremely pleased with my body at this point. Don't overuse any AAS or prohormone...I use them to my advantage and gain slowly-

    That way you can benefit from the strength and appetite gains without the baldness, gyno, mood swings, depression, ED, liver failure, acne, rage, testosterone shutdown, loss of gains (post cycle), kidney problems, constipation, high blood pressure, increased estrogen, dizziness, rapid heartbeat, well--you get the picture!!

    The 1AD is the only one that I even mess with---Just be safe...Prohormones weren't taken off the market simply because they work----Kids were getting them and not realizing how potent they were-

  16. I wish I could still get my hands on some of the old transdermal 1-T. Prolly my fav PH I've ever run. Hell I'd settle for 1AD as well.

    I still have a few sealed bottles of the original anabolic xtreme superdrol left over

  17. I would love to do 1-AD plust 1-TU by Nutrex, or the 1 Test ether by Twinlab when they were endorsing Lee Priest. That would be the bomb.

  18. Don't use the AMS PH's they are rubbish. I did one cycle with minimal gains. So I bought another pack and doubled the dosage...still next to nothing.

  19. cell tech....lol......the biggest scam in body building..good advice

  20. Yeah, you might have got a bad batch too, but I will take that advice.

  21. say whaaaaaaa????

  22. SD for sure.

  23. SD, TREN, or EPI for me.

  24. why don't you post stats and a pic....thinking maybe your not ready for that yet. Best gains are through a proper diet, proper routine for your specific goals and adequate sleep.....and above all PATIENCE.......jay cutler and company didn't get where the are in just a couple years. good luck! :-)

  25. All I am saying is I am about 36 years old, and Although I dont do it much I love being on. I just do. It makes me appreciate the difference. I wish they had never taken these away from us bodybuilders, and powerlifters. I dont care about the guy who wants to look good at the beach or club (LOL @ Jersey shore dudes). I am talking about competitive bodybuilders, or lifters.

  26. If you do not know about proper PCT aka Clomid or Nolva Possibly HCG activate xtreme lean xtreme triazole i use driven sports ATD and or many more than just stop, look in the mirror, and realize you need to due proper research before putting gear in your body, especially methlyated gear.

    Best PH is Dragon from chinese anabolic labs. It is an altered SD. ANd only I have it.

  27. Ya you can say PHS are gay and ill agree injectables are way better but when you get arrested and sent to prison for controlled substance and i get no punishment i wil probably think your gay because you are in prison wink wink.

  28. Quote Originally Posted by xxjoker122 View Post
    cell tech....lol......the biggest scam in body building..good advice
    Someone finally has said the truth, i would hope all muscletech products get discontinued and MT gets sued for false advertising and products that do not do ****. Literally

  29. SD , Hdrol .. Hdrol does amazing things, esp if your just getting your toes wet in the PH game.

  30. Kockadrol, eod shot in your arsh.


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