Cals for Bulking/ Creatine

  1. Cals for Bulking/ Creatine

    Im starting Bulking in november and was wondering how many cals to ake in a day to get big.. Getting up to 260 and cutting dwn in the spring.. Help a brother out!! Allso whats the best creatine out there..

  2. As was said to you in your other post
    from Steveoph-
    I suggest reading John Berardi - Articles , specifically in Nutrition, the John Berardi - John Berardi -

    Read those very good info and will tell you exactly how much you should be taking in. Keep in mind this is not an exact thing and you will have to find what is best for your body as you go but this will put you in the right ballpark.

    As for creatine - Search - around the forums. Everyone has one they like more then others but your basic creatine mono gets the job doen for most people.

  3. Creatine mono dont go buying some $80 bottle and then be pissed off in the end dude, eat everything in site to bulk up everything and also eat healthy

  4. i love helping people who need help....but its like every other day the same thread gets started by someone new.

    do some searching in this sub forum : bulking
    and find a similar thread

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