Opinion on carb cycling

  1. Opinion on carb cycling

    So I'm 20 weeks out from a show, my first show actually and. I'm experimenting with jay cutler's carb cycling diet 3 days high 2 medium 1 high back to medium then back to low on Monday. Monday I do 300 carbs same on Tuesday and Wednesday then for medium I do 450-500 for Thursday and Friday and Sunday and Saturday I do high around 700-800. I know it's a lot but it actually helps with cravings on the high day and I don't have Chet meals on a prep. What do you guys think? I been doing this for a week now working on my second and I'm down 6 pounds. I'm at 269 now But I do two hours of cardio hour in the morning and hour at night after training. and my water intake is cycled as well. So I'm pretty sure it's water. So what's your guys' opinion on that? I want more opinions on it then what if been getting. Thanks everyone!

  2. First off keep your water steady throughout the day. Don't mess around with that. Your body is made up with ~70% water.

    Now it all depends on how you look in pictures? Weight is good to know but irrelevant to a point. If you're really out of shape then you will have to work harder to cut fat/weight.

    Remember Jay Cutler was on items that brought his metabolism high enough to be able to utilize those carbs.

    2 hours of cardio already? If your diet is on point then you shouldn't have to deal with that much cardio.

    I'm personally 21 weeks out of my next show and doing 15 min cardio 4x/week.
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  3. I am a pretty big guy i do not have that much I don't believe so anyway. I do the cardio to boost my metabolism and eat the carbs to boost it as well. And I keep my water around a gallon a day I drink a lil Gatorade post workout for some sugar to spike my insulin. And on the pictures I don't have a phone at the moment I only have a desk computer that's a old as time so no Camara. I don't have any resent photos. But thanks for you input man

  4. You're welcome man anytime. Water intake 1-1.5 gallons is sufficient. I would recommend to get rid of the Gatorade. You honestly don't need it. I've helped out many people and never give them Gatorade.
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  5. Ok I drink the Gatorade for the insulin spike I put my creatine and bcaa in it if you get rid of it what should I do post workout? For a insulin spike?

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    You do not need an insulin spike post workout.

    Insulin is very much blunted then, and that's not necessarily a bad thing for a guy in prep. GLUT4 and other pathways will readily shuttle nutrients without insulin.

    That being said, you could just have a shake, or protein source, and that would spike insulin just as much as many carb sources. (Science!)

    Just eat for your macros sir, don't go chugging gatorade hoping for extra anabolism
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    What is the target weight here?
    Bodyfat percent?

    At 20 weeks out you have time to perfect your carb cycling so that will fall into place I'm sure, if you like it stick with it.
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  8. Well I'm 268 now and I'm around 16% body fat for this being my first show and natural I would want to be around 210- 220 for the show
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    Opinion on carb cycling

    At current pace you are overshooting your goal, if that weight loss of 6lbs. In 1-2 weeks is reliable

    I would monitor another week and see if you may want to bump them up a higher to start, that is quite fast
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  10. God be on your side if you're 20 weeks out doing 2 hours of cardio a day..I can only imagine what your life will be like in 19 weeks from now

  11. It's been a week and a half now and it's starting to suck but not as bad as I thought actually

  12. Too much cardio too soon, you'll end up burning off a ton of muscle by contest time. I appreciate your effort and enthusiasm but the slower the better unless your on aas....


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