Am Cyber Contest????!!

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  1. Am Cyber Contest????!!

    Hey guys i dont know how you all feel about an anabolic minds cyber show! i have been wanting AM to do this so i thought i would go ahead and bring it to the table, how would you guys feel about this?
    they did one over at IM and it went really well for it being a first time thing.
    i figure with all the members here it would be a pretty huge deal. and with our great sponsors i am sure we can get some great prizes.
    i want to see if there is an anyone who is interested please let me know.:bb2:

    this would be a lot of fun

  2. Sounds pretty cool, but how all would this work?

  3. i am going to try and work it the specifics. i hope FnF and viper stop by because they were involved in the one over at IM. i have to run out early and grab a few Christmas things but i will be back to try and explain more of what this will be.

    and if any of you have any ideas please throw them up.

    this would be a cyber bodybuilding contest

  4. Let me know if you need judges

  5. Yeah, it's a great idea but also requires a lot of maintenance to keep going.

  6. tattoopierced1
    tattoopierced1's Avatar

    also, it could be unfair due to lighting and type of camera....

  7. jayhawkk i think if we get a couple of good guys behind it i think it will be awesome, i know there are some members that would be willing to help out.

    lets just start throwing ideas around and we can then start to formulate the contest and its chair persons

  8. had a pretty fair and thorough process for this contest. Tattoo, it can be very unfair but it's the same in the real world. Some people will be able to afford all their supplements and do nothing but eat train and sleep with zero distractions. Where others will have to overcome a lot more to just keep on a proper diet.

    I think in the end it comes down to personal achievments and knowing for yourself what you overcame to make even the slightest improvement in your life. Plus a little honest competition never hurts

  9. aren't you in contest prep? sounds like an unfair advantage to all of us in winter mode...

  10. I'm in winter mode 12 months out of the year. It's all unfair to me

  11. it should not matter what shape you are in when the contest would start, I imagine it would have a time table to allow people to get in shape. So if you are out of shape you need to get in shape, simpe as that.

  12. yes very true i am 11 weeks out but i am not doing this for me. plus i think we should do it sometime in the fall it would give everyone time to get read and actually have a chance to get ready. its a good way for those who have never competed or just want something to do while in between shows or to see how you match up to other AM members that you may never be able to compete against. this is just for example lets say i would like to compete against Ripped but i maybe wouldnít have that chance in person so i can do it online. so i think be a good way to build the AM community even more!

  13. Quote Originally Posted by Ripped1
    it should not matter what shape you are in when the contest would start, I imagine it would have a time table to allow people to get in shape. So if you are out of shape you need to get in shape, simpe as that.
    that sounds more like a "greatest improvement" contest opposed to a cyber-BB show.

  14. we can have different categories a bb contest and overall transformation contest
    maybe i am just throwing out ideas

  15. Best improvement
    Bodybuilding with sub categories
    Most sexy

  16. yes Hawkk!! i Agree!

  17. Quote Originally Posted by Jayhawkk
    Best improvement
    Bodybuilding with sub categories
    Most sexy


    I have "most sexy" locked down.

  18. this is true ubi lets get you that prize, how about a manicure along with a bikini wax? haha

  19. as long as it's a hot thai woman doing it.

  20. My wife talked me into waxing my chest once...once.

  21. Quote Originally Posted by Jayhawkk
    My wife talked me into waxing my chest once...once.
    Dude, my wife hates me shaving my chest. Women are finicky creatures.

  22. haha very true ubi. i had this chick wax my legs once never again, i will stick to shaving. had a girl do that for me too

  23. Anyways, Buff, I think this is a good idea.. fall is a good time to set a deadline.. 2007 is a year for some big goals for many people around here.

  24. well let get a few guys who want to head this up, who can still compete as well if they want to and start looking into getting this going. you can pm me if you need to that goes for anything.

  25. I don't mind lending a hand .

  26. well lets get about 4 guys to be the heads

    we need 2 more!

    we will probably not be the judges, this is just to help set it up and get things running

  27. Is this a cyber sex contest?????

  28. Cyber contest, no freakin' way... that'll never work.

    J/K, I did the one over at IM and it was fun... I'll probably do it again next year. I'd be willing to help out with one here if there's any need. Monthly progress pics were required for the contest, but the bodybuilding contestants were only judged by their final submission. It doesn't take a lot of money to take good pics, I spent exactly $20 in the end... I bought one halogen work lamp at Lowe's and a black bed sheet at Walmart for use as a background... voila.

  29. yeah madman if you want to help i will put you on the list let me know!!!

  30. Sure bro, count me in.


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