Am Cyber Contest????!!

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  1. well lets get about 4 guys to be the heads

    we need 2 more!

    we will probably not be the judges, this is just to help set it up and get things running

  2. Is this a cyber sex contest?????

  3. Cyber contest, no freakin' way... that'll never work.

    J/K, I did the one over at IM and it was fun... I'll probably do it again next year. I'd be willing to help out with one here if there's any need. Monthly progress pics were required for the contest, but the bodybuilding contestants were only judged by their final submission. It doesn't take a lot of money to take good pics, I spent exactly $20 in the end... I bought one halogen work lamp at Lowe's and a black bed sheet at Walmart for use as a background... voila.

  4. yeah madman if you want to help i will put you on the list let me know!!!

  5. Sure bro, count me in.

  6. I was a judge in the one over on IM.

    The way it works is this: you get entries and the actual "show" is like 10 months later.

    You have: most improved physique, bodybuilding, and novice bodybuilding.

    Contestants are required to have actual posing trunks and judging also scores lighting, skin color, etc., not only the athlete.

    It was a good experience.

  7. awesome madman you are in!

    Grunt would you be willing to judge over here and help out?

  8. Thanks Madman and grunt. Since this is BH's deal it is all his call but i'm sure he'd appreciate any help.

  9. alright guys
    grunt if you want to be in
    and myself

    jahawkk is there a way we could have a little conference on AM to discuss all this?

  10. ohh wow..I'm in Ubi is my trainer slash photographer..:bb:
    Applied Nutriceuticals Representative


  11. awesome! keep them coming guys i hope to have this all worked out and set up a date sometime around the first of the year, i have to talk to the other guys first.

    but start throwing your names in the mix lets get some competition going on in here!!

  12. Quote Originally Posted by WhatsaRoid?
    ohh wow..I'm in Ubi is my trainer slash photographer..:bb:

    If you pay your own airfare and buy the stock.. I only deal with celluloid.

    I live in Koh Lanta Yai, on the Andaman Sea side of Thailand. South of Krabi.

    Buff, if the date is in the fall, you can count me in, and I'm going to nominate Beelzebub and Glenihan as well...

  13. awesome ubi

    haha dont tell the you nominated them until a month before

  14. count me in to help out if you want, I know I am not a Mod but I am pretty sure my contest experiance will help. Other than that this is a great idea and heck who knows may get me the credibilty to become a Mod. If anyone needs a referance you all can ask Npursuit about my training knowledge and contest prep. He was with me for the whole time for the New Englands.

    However the idea of diff. categories could make it interesting. Keep me up to date

  15. This sounds like a great idea. Start it for the new year and contest would be sometime late 2007 or maybe summer. Im gonna take most sexy with my leapord thong baby, yeah!!!!:bb2: :bb: :bb3:

  16. I think it makes sense if both the contest over at IM and the proposed contest here at AM coincide so people could compete in both if they so choose. I see that as a benefit to both contests and both boards as you will see competitors swinging over from both sides. I don't know how board politics might play into such an arrangement, but it can always be an 'unofficial' collaboration. I really don't see a downside to either board in having the shows coincide, but there are upsides of more traffic, new members, and greater involvement of members. I think these cyber contests are a great way to give people who wouldnt' choose to do a live show an opportunity to engage in competition in a comfortable setting, their own home, and also offer a unique experience in that you actually get to see your competition progressing alongside you, which provides great motivation to push harder toward your own goals. Personally, I know I will do the IM contest over this one if I have to choose between them because I have a history with it, but I will also do the contest here if the timeline works out. I know others dedicated to the IM contest who would probably do the same.

  17. Ok Ripped your in! Completes the core group to help this thing get going!!

    I agree Madman! i think both of these should Be around the same time maybe a week a part or two but thats it no longer, that way if you miss your peak for one you can try and nail it for the second one. also if its you first time competing then you have a chance to play with carb loading and water to see what works for you. i also agree that its a good way to see how you would do if you didnt want to step on stage right away.

    So lets go ahead and say this show will be sometime around the time IM does theirs i think its in november, correct me if i am wrong madman.

    we can also help contestants with lighting ideas to try and make it more of and equal playing field if needed.

  18. good thought about new competitors figuring out their sodium and water. This will give everyone that want's to compete the second chance. I have a feeling people are going to really enjoy this. And as well could possible get allot of new members to AM. Look forward to this and I will take the time to research what IM is doing in the meantime,

  19. Great ideas bros! Count me in!

  20. November, I'm I'm sitting here eating a brownie from the office holiday party.

  21. haha pumping! enjoy that for those of us that cannt this holiday season


    got my guys this will be the core group that will be heading this up. like i said that doesnt mean we cannot compete because we will not be judging this contest unless grunt want to

    so lets get this thing going

  22. jahawkk is there a way you can put Jahawkk,madman,grunt, ripped, myself in a room or a special forum where we can disscuss ideas and kinda lay down the ground work

  23. maybe we can set up teamspeak and do that, buffhunk?

    I mean, that is often the best way to chat together... Using our VOICES for once instead of the keyboard.

  24. you could go in the chatroom and creat your own room and put a password to it.
    Applied Nutriceuticals Representative


  25. i like that idea grunt i like talking better than typing because i think you get more done over the phone then over typing.


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