Contest Prep begins!!!

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  1. Contest Prep begins!!!

    The Sunday after Thanksgiving, I begin my contest prepartation. I plan on competing in the NPC NY Metropolitan Bodybuilding Competition in March.

    Here are some calculations I came up with to start me off.

    I'm 5'6.5", 215 pounds and I'm going to estimate I'm 16% bodyfat. I might be much lower, but if I notice great conditioning earlier than anticipated I can always adjust my diet to accomodate.

    According to RMR calculations, I burn 2474 calories per day sans exercise (1903 RMR * 1.3 for sedentary state). Each day will be doing 30 minutes of moderate cardio on a recumbant bike first thing in the morning: 343 calories. I'll be doing About an hour and 15 minutes of virgorous weight training 6 days a week (735 calories). On the 7th day, I will do an extra hour+ cardio to fill in the missing calories.

    Total daily caloric expenditure: 3552

    Because I'm a simple guy I like to keep diet as much of a no-brainer as possible. For this reason each day will consist of 4 meals and 1 snack. Each meal will be IDENTICAL. The snack will consist of 2 scoops of AllTheWhey 20/30 with water. Here is the breakdown of each meal:

    1 grilled chicken breast
    2 cups chopped raw broccoli
    1 cup cooked wild rice
    3 caps of Fish Oil

    If I did my calculations correctly, the daily macronutrient intake is:


    Hefty amount of fiber in there too.

    Total caloric intake: 2431

    Caloric deficit: 1121

    That's about 2 pounds of fat per week.

    I'll modify the diet and cardio as time progresses to take into account the weight I've lost.

    At some point I'll probably be adding some "fat burning substances" to the mix, but probably not until at least 4 weeks.

  2. ohh hurray this will be fun .. well for me watching .. dieting sucks major ass

    i would STRONGLY suggest hiring someone for the last 4 weeks or at LEAST the last week because it can be pretty complicated ... it is expensive however

    you can always feel free to PM me .. if i can help in anyway i'd be more than happy to try to

  3. Good luck man... update as often as possible for some motivation.

    Going to do any progress pics?

  4. As far as various additional compounds in my arsenal at my disposal.

    Hypothetically, in some alternate universe, there is a guy with my name who will be doing the following in addition to this diet plan:

    For the last 11 weeks leading up to the contest -

    Week 1-10: 100mg Test Prop EOD
    Week 4-11: 75mg Tren Ace EOD

    Plus, this hypothetical guy might be alternating between clenbuterol + ketotifen and ECA for the last 12 weeks.

    Don't have a diurrhetic strategy yet.

    If I can remember to, I'll do progress pics.

  5. How many weeks do you have before the contest?

  6. Contest is mid-March. Usually around the 20th or so.

    The NPC hasn't released a contest schedule for next year yet.

  7. i would run the prop a week past the tren as opposed to vice versa as you have it set up

    well personally i would run gear starting now all the way until the show

  8. Quote Originally Posted by glenihan
    i would run the prop a week past the tren as opposed to vice versa as you have it set up

    well personally i would run gear starting now all the way until the show
    I would never want to run any aromatizing compound the week of a show.

    I've already submitted myself to the idea that I will feel like **** the week of the show. Might as well make the most of it by making sure I'm as dry as can be.

  9. Hey Null, I know nothing about contest prep, but it might be a good idea to megadose BCAAs (40g) during your prep. I've found that it is very muscle sparing.

  10. Null i cut prop out the last week of my show but there's other things that don't aromatize

    IMHO masteron is a must the last 5-6 weeks (haha i know i'm infamous for telling most people not to use it lol)

  11. No access to Masteron. Just Test Prop and Tren Ace.

  12. Ok, First day done.

    I gotta say it is TOUGH to choke down 2 cups of chopped broccoli in one sitting. I think I'm going to rework my meals to halve the broccoli content. 8 cups a day is too much. Otherwise I'm going to drop weight too quickly.

  13. Null i feel you on the choking down 2 cups of Broccoli. I am doing the Beverly show, and today was my first day !!! 2 cups of green beans, and 2 cups of salad. One thing i can say is taht i am full, and feeling energized. The guys at Beverly sent me a meal plan as well as said they would coach me so i can say i have the coach part in check. I don't think ill be using any gear, but it is not a tested nor natural show anymore, but i am thinking about the orals to harden me up, so if you have any ideas.

  14. Woke up this morning with a headache. I'm thinking it is dehydration. I'm used to eating food with high water content. So I'm going to have to be religious with drinking water.

  15. drink lots of water .. try to get at least 1.5 gals a day in

  16. Good luck bro, I havent competed but I plan to in the future. Ill keep an eye on this thread.
  17. some pics

    Here are some pics.

    Front Lat Spread, Rear Lat Spread, Front Double Bicep, and a pic of my imbalanced quads.

    I've got a long way to go.....

    P.S. Sorry about the ass sweat. I just did cardio in that pic
    Attached Images Attached Images     

  18. looking THICK!!!

    can you take some without your shirt on though? its difficult to assess this way

  19. I'm hesitant to take my shirt of for the time being because the acne on my back has always been really terrible. It's especially noticeable when I don't have a tan.

  20. Quote Originally Posted by Nullifidian
    I'm hesitant to take my shirt of for the time being because the acne on my back has always been really terrible. It's especially noticeable when I don't have a tan.
    I don't think alot of us care man.. we either have or have had so it's not like we are judging your complexion.

  21. and btw.. looking good man.

  22. Here's some new pictures.

    Please ignore the lizard-skin on my upper back.

  23. very thick man .. you're gonna do really well .. seriously

    gotta work on posing

  24. fun, i'll be watching while i munch taco-bell!

  25. Looking thick dude. You should come out very good. We have somewhat similar body types, except my legs are still learning to

    Like Glen suggested, work on posing. Your diet looks boring as hell, don't know if I'd have what it takes to do it.

    Best of luck to you. I'll be watching this progress with anticipation.


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