AN stack with 3-ad

  1. AN stack with 3-ad

    I currently am 3 weeks into igf-2, neovar,drive, and rpm stack. I planned on running this stack for 2 months. I may decide to try 3-ad. If i were to try 3-ad can i still stick with igf-2, neovar and rpm, and while on a pct after 3-ad can i continue the entire AN stack untill i finish all the supps.

  2. Yes and yes. really nothing that interacts between the two you may be able to lower your dosing of RPM by a cap and still get similar effectiveness

  3. Thanks for the quick response, i left out drive thinking it would be too much. As for drive, and the rest can i just remain on all 4 A N products while using 3-ad?

  4. you can, there really isn't too much overlap, but you won't get cumulative effects either really. What I mean is that although 3ad, drive, igf-2, neovar + rpm don't seem to have anything that would cause issues, the gains wont be as large as if you ran them separately. if anything i'd probably go with 3ad/neovar/rpm with igf-2 just used prebedtime, then once the 3ad is done go back to drive/igf-2 full time.

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