AgeForce is knocking me the f*** out with the Melatonin Patch

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    Nice log broham!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by kaikara View Post
    And we now return to Jerry Springer's Final Thoughts... oh wait, wrong show.

    A month ago, AgeForce selected me to do a log on the Melatonin patch. I had a fairly good experience with it, though it didn't seem to be real consistent. It got off to a slow start with no affect on my sleeping at all. In the second week, it started to shine. I was falling asleep quicker, waking up less often during the night, having more energy throughout the day, and most importantly, not falling asleep while driving anymore. There was a short relapse in the third week. It picked back up in the fourth, then ended the last few days without much affect at all.

    More often than not, I feel it did help my sleep. It wasn't as dramatic as I was hoping as evidenced by my thread title, but with what I was working with, any improvement really was a good one. I've used other sleep supplements before, and when comparing them to melatonin tablets, the various brands of ZMA, and even AI's 3z, I'd have to say this worked marginally better than all of those.

    Would I buy again? Maybe. Perhaps I'll give it another shot after I rule out the possibility of sleep apnea (since so many people seem to think that's what I have).

    Thank you, AgeForce, for giving me opportunity to log your product.
    Glad you feel it was a good product among the other sleep aids you took! Nice log and if we run any other promo's I will keep you in mind
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    Quote Originally Posted by mattrag View Post
    Glad you feel it was a good product among the other sleep aids you took! Nice log and if we run any other promo's I will keep you in mind

    And by the way, I tried for a 1 rep max on the bench. Couldn't even hit my previous. I wasn't feeling all that great on Saturday. Oh well, you win some, you lose some.



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