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  1. HYPERTROP-X - Apply Here!!

    I was given the task of increasing visibility for our company. I have decided to run multiple products in log formats. HyperTrop-X is the second in this series. I have literally over a ton of this product and would like to see a LOT of testers. All I ask is for a log of the product. You will recieve one to two bottles (I will let you know before annoucing any winners). I'm pushing for two bottles each, just to give you guys more product to run .

    The top 5 logs...meaning best increases shown in preformance (BE HONEST PLEASE...this is not a pro-hormone so I will know if your cheating) will win a gift set with a lot of goodies (again I'll annouce before I annouce any winners....I m thinking right now a free gym bag, t-shirt, towel and product right now). Please be honest I m not trying to get "Over the top" logs...I want honest feedback. If I feel your honest this will play into winning one of the top five seats.


    Give me some background on yourself (kind of like a BB'ing resume if you will) and be CHOOSEN.

    Here's the product info....


    Pre-workout, Anabolic Trip Hammer.

    Hypertrop-X is powerful in its simplicity. Three (3) scientifically proven performance-enhancing products, in mammoth doses that will help drive your body to that ever-sought-after “next level” of training intensity, allowing you to take your muscle fibers to places they’ve never been before. The result – an anabolic environment where lean muscle growth and strength come at mammoth proportions.

    Hypertrop-X, the anabolic trip hammer, fuels maximum muscular endurance, for fiber-pounding, rep-after-rep, after muscle-building rep.

    Hypertrop-X will stave off fatigue while flooding the muscle cells with nutrient-laden, fuel-rich blood for almost non-stop fiber splitting workouts.

    What’s in it?

    Hypertrop-X was specifically engineered for maximum measurable impact on physical performance by fueling ongoing muscular contractions, greater pumps and faster recovery between workouts.

    It contains three (3) ingredients proven by research to up-regulate the body’s anabolic, circulatory and energy systems during training.

    Beta Alanine has been touted as the new “Holy Grail” of performance supplementation. Not since creatine or or ephedra has there been a sports nutrition product that has made as much noise in the scientific community as beta alanine. Beta alanine, a direct precursor to carnosine, works as an anti-fatigue compound, feeding maximum muscular endurance. By scavenging and neutralizing muscle waste products, and recycling ATP substrates, repeated research has demonstrated how beta alanine directly fuels ongoing muscular contractions to measurably improve performance and fuel harder, more intense training sessions.

    Leucine is the “first-born” of the essential, branched-chain amino acid family. It is the most important of the BCAAs. Leucine is a powerful anti-catabolic. Leucine helps keep muscle nitrogen levels high, feeds the energy pathways during intense training and protects against muscle breakdown, especially during periods of intense physical stress.

    Yohimbine HCL – a potent dose of this powerful neurostimulant, vaso-regulator and lipolytic agent, yohimbine HCl drops the hammer on your training intensity.

    Have something left for the ride home.

    Hypertrop-X will keep you on your game your entire workout, and will feed your growth ongoing after you leave the gym. Use Hypertrop-X by itself and watch your training intensity shoot the moon. Or, stack Advanced Muscle Science’s other cutting edge products for the most powerful anabolic response possible from non-pharmaceutical performance enhancement

    Apply in AMS sub-forum....link momentarily!!

    Good luck to all!!

    ***********APPLY IN THIS THREAD*********

  2. FIRST!!! WOOT! haha

    Seems like a good simple product.
    I will be bulking though after my AN log for a show down the road...
    Best of luck to all the testers though.

  3. you know i'm already down!! i'll hit it up with no qualms/other supps involved!

  4. Hey Lazedragon,you know i want in on that Hypertrop-x. Your last product HYPER PUMP was awesome,can't imagine what this one will do.I will be honest with you too, you allready know that. I hope to be chose. THANKS

  5. When would testers start logging, approximately?
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative


  6. Im 33 years young. Been working out since I was about 16. took a major layoff the last year because of shoulder surgery and just recently started working out a few months ago. I would luv to log this and my cut for the summer. I know, I know, your suppose to cut before summer so you look good during the summer, but hey thats how it goes.

  7. Lazedragon, how does this product compare to HYPER PUMP?

  8. pity since this is more of a daily than a preworkout, it would conflict some with other things I am doing.

    I've considered switching to just supplementing leucine instead of BCAAs for the price, and since it is the true rate limiter.

  9. Looks like an interesting combo. I already take Leucine and BA daily, however no Yohimbine because it's not allowed up here in Canada. Good luck to the loggers!

  10. Ohhh I def would enjoy logging this one!

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Manimalia View Post
    you know i'm already down!! i'll hit it up with no qualms/other supps involved!

    DONE!! Got your info!

  12. Quote Originally Posted by Distilled Water View Post
    When would testers start logging, approximately?
    ASAP. I want to get a good 10 names before I send off to the warehouse...then first shipment will run....I would like to do two phases (or two ship of dates) from the warehouse.

    Within two weeks for sure.

    Do you have a timeframe to work around?

  13. Sounds like something I would be interested in. As I'm a rep you can make a call on that one.

    I train 5 days a week with a professional competition level trainer. She picks my workouts and I'm not technically allowed to post them. My split looks like this
    W-Chest/leg shaping
    We do abs at any given times on any of the days she chooses. Most of my workouts are done in super sets with a fast pace and she uses plyometrics as well.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by JOHNJESSICA20 View Post
    Lazedragon, how does this product compare to HYPER PUMP?

    How about I send you some and you tell me .

    It's daily but also a pre-workout....I m trying to get every tester two bottles because BA reaches it's true potiential in about 2 weeks depending on the individual.

  15. I guess im not a good name since my post was ignored, hehe

  16. this looks interesting indeed. i would love to try it, but i just applied for a millennium sports log that will last 6-12 days. if the timings will work to where i can use both without conflicting i would love to try it.

  17. Quote Originally Posted by LazeDragon View Post
    ASAP. I want to get a good 10 names before I send off to the warehouse...then first shipment will run....I would like to do two phases (or two ship of dates) from the warehouse.

    Within two weeks for sure.

    Do you have a timeframe to work around?
    Well training is somewhat hit and miss right now because of baseball season. Baseball for school will be over May 5th or 8th, and then I can give it 110%.
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative


  18. I filled this out on the other thread but let me just express my interest here. Thanks
    Mr. Supps Board Rep
  19. My Application *warning, very long*

    Ok, so this application of mine is going to be very long, hopefully you don't mind. Each of my workouts are very, VERY specific, so in order to show you the full intensity of it, I have to "dish it out", so to speak.
    Note: I am currently running a Purple WrAAth log that will be over in ~10 days, FYI. MY logs/reviews include video; if you would like a link please let me know.

    Down to the business:
    My Stats:
    Age: 18
    Weight: 169
    Height: 6' 1.5"
    Years Lifting: ~ 2 years
    BF: ~13.5-14%
    Arms: 14.5"
    Chest: 46"
    Quads: 21"
    Calves: 14"
    Shoulders: 29"
    Neck: 14"

    Current Training Schedule:
    Warm Up:
    5 minutes of Treadmill on 3.5 speed at inline 15 or Body-movement drills


    - upper back stretch/twists
    - lower back stretch/touch toes
    - side stretch/v stretch both sides
    - calf stretch isolated
    - front lunge
    - Shoulder stretch and tricep stretch
    - hamstring stretch
    - Quad stretch

    Cool Down with ballistic and isometric stretches - 5 minutes

    Weigh Training Protocol
    Chest, Shoulders, Triceps, and Abs
    -Slow motion 3 in 1 Push Up
    -In & Out Shoulder Fly
    -Chair Dips
    -Plange Push-Up
    -Pike Press
    -Side Tri Rise
    -Floor Flys
    -Overhead tricep extension
    -Two twitch speed push up
    -Y Press
    -Lying Tricep Extension
    --50 second waterbreak--
    -Side to side push up
    -Pour fly
    -side leaning tricep extension
    -weighted circle
    -throw the bomb
    -front to back triceps extension
    -one arm balance push up
    -Fly-row-press combo
    -dumbbell cross body blows
    -Ab Routine ~12 minutes

    Back and Biceps, and Abs
    - wide grip pull ups
    - lawnmowers
    -one arm cross body curls
    -switch grip pull ups
    -standing bicep curls
    -one arm concentration curls
    -corn cob pull ups
    -reverse grip bent over barbell rows
    -open arm curls
    -static arm curls
    ---50 seconds waterbreak---
    -congdon locomotive
    -crouching cohen curls
    -corkscrew curls
    -chin ups
    -seated bent over back flys
    -curl up/hammer down
    -hammer curls
    -max rep chin ups
    -in/out hammer curls
    -strip set curls
    -Ab Routine ~12 minutes

    Legs and Back
    -balance lunge (with chair)
    -calf raise/squat
    -reverse grip chin up
    -super skater
    -wall squat [60 seconds]
    -wide front pull ups
    -step back lunge
    -alternating side lunge
    -close grip overhead pull up
    -single leg wall squat [60 seconds]
    -deadlift squat
    -switch grip pull up
    --ballistic stretch with water [60 seconds]--
    -sneaky lunges
    -reverse grip chin up
    -toe roll isometric lunge
    -wide front pull up
    -3 way calf raises
    -close grip overhand pull up
    -switch grip pull ups

    Overall Strength Training
    Every other week
    Flat Bench Press [4 sets, 8-10 reps]
    DB Shrugs [4 sets, 8-10 reps]
    Deadlifts [4 sets, 8-10 reps]
    Clean and Jerks [4 sets, 8-10 reps]

    Cardio Schedule/Protocol
    --WarmUp and Stretch--

    -[60 seconds] March in Place (rotate legs out for final 30 seconds)
    -[60 seconds] Run in Place (Heels to butt for for final 30 seconds)
    -[60 seconds] Tires and Run Lunges (alternate every 15 seconds)
    -[90 seconds] Lunging Drills (2 forward, turn, 2 back)
    -[30 reps] Deep Prayer Squats
    -Quad Stretch
    -Hamstring Stretch

    --The Workout--

    -Jump Squats [30 seconds] (Parallel feet shoulder distance apart, slowly in a 4 count ease into bottom of squat, at lowest point explode up and leap off of ground, land gently and repeat.)

    -Run Stance Squats [30 seconds] (In a stance similar to preparing to run, perform 4 squats and on the 4th, leap up and twist and land facing in opposite direction, repeat.)

    -Airborne Heisman [30 seconds] (lateral leaping exercise, jump sideways and bring opposite knee to chest as soon as you land, repeat back and forth.)

    -Swing Kick [60 seconds] (standing directly behind chair or stool, lift one leg after another back and forth over the highest point.)

    -Repeat Previous Sequence

    -Squat Reach Jump [30 seconds] (Performed by jumping straight up after a controlled squat)

    -Run Stance Squat Switch Pick Up [30 seconds] (like a run stance squat, but change direction after every squat, attempt to touch floor with every rep.)

    -Double Airborne Heisman [30 seconds]

    -Circle Run [90 seconds] (30 seconds clockwise, 30 seconds counter)

    -Repeat Previous Sequence

    -Jump Knee Tuck [30 seconds]

    -Mary Katherine Lunges [30 seconds]

    -Leapfrog Squat [30 seconds]

    -Twist Combo [60 seconds] (first 30 seconds; jump up slightly off ground while keeping head and shoulders facing front while feet and knees twist right, center, left; second 30 seconds spin body back and forth 180 degrees, changing direction after every rep (exercise is about speed NOT height)).

    -Repeat Previous Sequence

    -Rock Star Hop [30 seconds: 15 facing left, 15 facing right]

    -Gap Jump [30 seconds]

    -Squat Jack [30 seconds]

    -Military March [60 seconds]

    -Repeat Previous Sequence

    -Run Squat 180 Jump Switch [30 seconds]

    -Lateral Leapfrog Squat [30 seconds]

    -Monster Truck Tire [30 seconds]

    -Hot Foot [60 seconds: alternate feet at 30 seconds] (alternate hopping front to back and side to side one foot at a time.)

    -Repeat Previous Sequence

    --Bonus Round--

    -Pitch and Catch [60 seconds: 30 seconds right handed, 30 seconds left handed]

    -Jump Shot [60 seconds: 30 seconds catch left and shoot right handed, vice versa for other 30 seconds]

    -Football Hero [60 seconds] (4 jukes forward - short and quick - and 6 high steps backward.)

    --Cool Down & Stretch--

    Kenpo, Ab Routine (~12 minutes)

    Rest and Stretch

    Note: My routine changes every 4 weeks for Monday and Wednesday, here are the changes;
    Chest and Back, Abs
    -standard push ups
    -wide pull ups
    -military push ups
    -reverse grip chin ups
    -wide fly push ups
    -close grip overhand pull ups
    -decline push ups
    -heavy pants
    -diamond push ups
    -dive bomber push ups
    -back flyes
    ---60 second water break, cycle is completed in reverse order (1 is 2, 2 is 1, etc)---
    -wide pull ups
    -standard push ups
    -reverse grip chin ups
    -military push ups
    -close grip overhand pull ups
    -wide fly push ups
    -heavy Pants
    -decline push ups
    -diamond push ups
    -back flyes
    -dive bomber push ups
    -standing db shrugs
    ~12 minute Ab Routine

    Shoulders and Arms, Abs
    -Alternating Shoulder Press
    -In/Out Bicep Curls
    -Two Arm Tricep Kick Back
    -Alternating Shoulder Press
    -In/Out Bicep Curls
    -Two Arm Tricep Kick Back
    -Deep Swimmers Press
    -1 arm Full Supination Concentration Curls
    -Chair Dips
    -Deep Swimmers Press
    -1 arm Full Supination Concentration Curls
    -Chair Dips
    -Upright Rows
    -Static Arm Curls
    -Flip Grip Twist Kickback
    -Upright Rows
    -Static Arm Curls
    -Flip Grip Twist Kickback
    -Seated 2 angle Shoulder flyes
    -Crouching Cohen Curls
    -Lying Tricep Extensions
    -Seated 2 angle Shoulder flyes
    -Crouching Cohen Curls
    -Lying Tricep Extensions
    ~12 minute Ab exercise

    Current Diet and macros: 3000kcals, 9 proteins, 2 dairies, 2 fruits, 3 vegetables, 1 fats, 3 carbs, two 46g protein shakes

    Sample Diet plan for 1 week (haven't perfected it yet, so there will be mistakes, school keeps me busy, lol)

    Day 1:
    Breakfast: 1 cup Oatmeal, 8oz Fat Free Milk, 1/2oz Raisins
    Snack: 1 oz low fat cheese with 6 whole wheat crackers
    Lunch: Turkey Breast Sandwich ( 12 oz fat free turkey breast, 2 slices whole wheat bread, 1 leaf lettuce, 2 slices tomato)
    Dinner: 12oz beef burger patty, 3 oz low fat melted cheese, 1 medium baked potato, 4 cups spinach leaves with cucumber and tomatoes, ? cup fresh berries

    Day 2:
    Breakfast: 1 whole wheat bagel, 4 eggs, 8 oz cottage cheese (1%), 1 medium sized orange
    Snack: 4 tablespoons hummus with carrot sticks, 1 oz turkey jerky
    Lunch: 1 grilled chicken burrito, 2 cups gazpacho
    Dinner: 12oz halibut, 1 medium artichoke, 1 cup berries, 1 medium nectarine

    Day 3:
    Breakfast: Pear and Granola muffin, 8 oz nonfat yogurt, 1 cup sliced strawberries
    Snack: 1 oz almonds, 1 oz dry roasted sodium free peanuts
    Lunch: 12oz tuna salad on whole wheat tortilla, ? cup sprouts and diced tomatoes, 1 medium peach
    Dinner: 12oz chicken breast, 2 cups mushrooms, zucchini, and onion saute, 9 oz grated parmesan cheese, 1 cup brown rice

    Day 4:
    Breakfast: mushroom omelet, 1 cup sliced strawberries, 12oz cottage cheese (1%)
    Snack: 8oz nonfat fruit flavored yogurt
    Lunch: Turkey Breast Sandwich ( 12 oz fat free turkey breast, 2 slices whole wheat bread, 1 leaf lettuce, 2 slices tomato)
    Dinner: 12oz salmon, 1 cup asparagus, 1 medium baked potato, 4 cups salad greens

    Day 5:
    Breakfast: 2 whole wheat waffles, ? medium banana, 4tbsp low sugar maple syrup, 8 oz skim milk
    Snack: 2 oz soy nuts, 2 oz turkey jerky
    Lunch: 1 chicken pita, 1 cup grapes
    Dinner: 12oz grilled ahi tuna salad, 4tbsp lime-soy vinaigrette, 1 whole grain roll

    Day 6:
    Breakfast: 6 eggs, 8 oz cottage cheese, 6 oz fresh squeezed orange juice, 1 whole wheat bagel
    Snack: 8oz nonfat fruit flavored yogurt, 1tbsp peanut butter with celery sticks
    Lunch: white bean and tuna salad
    Dinner: 12oz Italian meatloaf, 1 medium baked potato, 4 cups spinach and romaine sauce, 3 oz cubed mozzarella cheese

    Day 7:
    Breakfast: 3 pancakes (3.6 oz), 4 tbsp low sugar maple syrup, 1 cup blueberries, 8 oz fat free milk
    Snack: 1 oz low fat cheese, 6 whole wheat crackers, 1 sourdough pretzel
    Lunch: chicken Caesar salad, 1 cup sliced strawberries
    Dinner: 12 oz filet mignon, 4tbsp pear and peppercorn sauce, 1 cup baby Portobello mushrooms, 1 cup brown rice
    --doesn't include shakes and bars, etc

    Current Daily water intake: 145 ounces[/QUOTE]

    **I have a ton of before and after pictures that I can post; can also log here, bb.com, discussbodybuilding.com, bodybuildingdungeon, discountanabolics, etc**

    I was going to run an unsponsored LeviathanRL/Incarnate/GreenMag/Blue-up log in about 3 weeks, but will gladly postpone if chosen (will still use the Green Mag as a creatine).

    Supplements I am currently taking:
    ON Nitro Core 24
    CL Purple WrAAth
    Primaforce CEE

    Supplements taken if chosen:
    ON Nitro Core 24
    CL Green Magnitude
    Universal Animal Pak
    (Incarnate, LeviathanRL, Blue Up if allowed, but I doubt it)

    Hope it was detailed enough for you, here is my currently log of PW Lemonade if you care to look, and my video review of ON Vassove-CE (all for reference)
    Log: Aaron-Tech's Journey to a Better Body (AKA Purple WrAAth Purple Lemonade Log) - Bodybuilding.com Forums
    Review: Vassive-CE by ON Review - Bodybuilding.com Forums

  20. Hey Laze,

    I am available to help you with this product. I want to log it for you. I am very interested in comparing it to the hyperpump product. So far, hyperpump has been solid.

  21. yea i myself have enjoyed the hyperpump!

  22. Quote Originally Posted by freezito View Post
    I guess im not a good name since my post was ignored, hehe

    Not ignored at all....your good to go. I just want to get about 10-15 people before I sent it to the warehouse for shipping. Hit me with you info....name, address, shirt size!!

    I was in a rush earlier....I looked at your avi for a while...lol...I like it.

  23. Quote Originally Posted by Distilled Water View Post
    Well training is somewhat hit and miss right now because of baseball season. Baseball for school will be over May 5th or 8th, and then I can give it 110%.

    Sounds good send me your info bro. Shoot I can pick you up on the first or second shipment...no worries. It should definitely be there before May 5th or 8.

  24. My Application (which is long)

    This is my first post but Ive been lurking around....

    Training Protocol
    My training differs with low/high reps, but always has a very high intensity. I am focusing on gaining size and strength.

    Schedule: 5:30 wake up/eat
    7:00 eat/go to work
    10:00 eat
    1:00 eat
    3:00 eat/get off work
    5:30 eat/workout
    8:00 eat
    9:30 eat/bedtime

    Training Schedule: Monday-Chest/Shoulders

    Diet-3900 to 4100 cals

    Id definately promise to write up a log...It sounds like a very good product...

  25. im going to send the application, if i win the millenium log and the timings dont workout together, ill revoke my own application if you want, otherwise here it is:

    • Age 25
    • Sex - M
    • Height 5'9
    • Weight 188
    • Body type meso
    • Training Experience (please be detailed) wrestling since high school, started training then. have gone through a plethora of different kinds of training regimens, currently more towards compound movements with heavy weight.
    • Current Training Schedule / Protocol (please be detailed)
    4 days on, with 1 day of rest, starting with chest and tris. that workout is usually dumbell press, incline db/bb depending on my mood, decline close grip bench, weighted dips, overhead tricep extensions. the next day is legs, which consists of squats, either front squats or hack squats, lying leg curls, stiff leg dead lifts, and various calves excersizes. after that is shoulders, which consists of behind the neck shoulder press, dumbell shoulder press, side and rear raises, and shrugs. after that is back and bis, which is deadlifts, pullups, barbell rows, dumbell rows, occasionly pull downs, and then the bicep excersizes vary.
    • Cardio Schedule/Protocol (please be detailed)n/a
    • Current Sport Played n/a
    • Current Supplements (please list all product names)anabolic pump(have just a few days left) bulk 1 carboxy
    • Prescription / Non-Prescription / Recreational drugs n/a
    • Are you currently being treated for any known medical conditions? (please be detailed)no
    • Current Diet & Macros (please be detailed) about 300g protein, 200-250g carbs and 50-100g fat
    • Current Daily Water Intake 1-2 gallons
    • Links to Past Logs & Reviews Necroticism is ready 4 war


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