hey guys,im new here so heres a breif.im 50 and been lifting for 4 yrs now and made some decent gains.im 186 at 5 foot 10inches.i have done a lot of t-boosters and different supps you know,anything you read and think will help,but this time im gonna take a new aproach. im looking to put on some mass so heres my stack that was recomended to me by a person on another site. ive been reading his stuff for a while now and i believe he knows what hes talking about heres what he recomends,mass tabs,aromastinRx,milk thistle,anabolic window post workout.my post cycle therapy will be isa-test and continue milk thistle.as far as other supps go,im going to use horsepower pre workout,and i'll keep my whey intake up as usual .my diet is pretty good the only problem i see is drinking so much water,im a coffee hound i drink it all day,but i will try to get the water in me.well that sums it up ,any body got any suggesestions let em rip.i figure on ordering on monday evening so i'll check back. by the way i have my gym at home,i have everything i need and my mrs say more than i need(you cant have to much)and i work out 4 days a week.im not a heavy lifter but i give it all i got ,thanks maynard