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    There are two things Iíve been considering, one is Halodrol from what Iíve read the sides are not too bad and there arenít too many people complaining about a harsh shutdown.

    The other option is a Test base/1 Test transdermal .

    My goals are extreme leaning out with an emphasis on strength. I am 47 and an endomorph, gaining has never been much of a problem but it always comes with a lot of bad weight. I am really adept with my diet and have been able to get lean when I want to but at the cost of a lot of strength and muscle.

    PCT wise I was looking at NHA and maybe a good TRIB product. Milk Thistle I assume still the way to go for liver protection. Just wanted to get some input see if Iím on the right track. It get frustrating at the gym as I donít really be making progress strength wise.

  2. I have ran a I-Test trans. cycle and got a good bit of bloat from it, may not be a good idea for a cut cycle, I have never tried Haladrol, but from what I.v read that would be better suited for what u r looking for, JMO

  3. That's the way I'm leaning too. I thought with a significant enough amount of 1 test I could get dryer gains. I was thinking 2 to 1. Halodrol seems to be giving people really lean gains.

  4. I would say that 1-test dermal is a good recomp agent, but not, by my definition, a good cutting agent. It's a good recomp agent because it promotes high quality gains of lean strong mass and it's a good anticatabolic (spares the loss of muscle) on a restricted diet.

    It's not a good cutting agent to me because it tends to promote lethargy, which can be offset by using 4ad or another test product or stims but even with these it substantially diminishes my ability to do variable high and low intensity cardio for 30 - 60 minutes at a time.

    This is where M4OHN, Anavar and The DHT Precursors are so good, Cardio Amplifiers, non estrogenic and minimally suppressive when used properly.

    IMO, wether you're doing Tren or Clen,any other anabolic agent or stimulant on a cutting cycle, there's no chemical substitute for lots of properly done cardio.

    If you really want to recomp/cut yourself with fat loss and muscle gain, set up a sprinting routine. I would recommend the two part article on sprinting that Avant's Loki wrote on sprinting at Mindandmuscle.net in the back issues.

    If you're on any substance, like 1-test, that will diminish one's natural testosterone production on cycle, you must, have to, use products like Nolvadex/Tamioxfen Citrate and/or Clomid, these are SERMS and/or a steroidial aromatase inhibitor like ATD. USing HCG oncycle is the foundation of recovery for me, but many people hate needles or can't get it.

    Some people add DHEA, Trib, Fenugreek and god only knows what, but these are additions to the vitally necessary products above, they are absolutley not sufficent substitutes.

    There's a wealth of knowledge on all this here, search the archives when 1-test cycles were more frequent before the PH ban.

  5. I am curious to what Haladrol does to a 40 year old liver. I haven't seen any blood tests yet.

  6. More to think about... yes I'd like to see some tests I've never done a strong oral b4.

    I was planning to do some shorter high intesity cardio but for now I'm doing lower intensity about 3 to 4 hours a week. It's taken me to contest b4. I do want to try the more intense style though.

    As far as lethargy is concerned 4ad worked really well for me in the past and I thought the test base would do the same.

  7. Wow I admit I'm not very knowledgable about drugs but somone crushed all my rep power and points because of this post. A lack of knowledge doesn't make me a bad person.

    With the exception of some transdermals (1 Test 4ad) I was a lifetime natural hence my lack of knowledge concerning various anabolic agents. I have however attained a good knowledge on training and cutting/dieting over the years. I was a Natural competitor as well. I don't think I deserve that low a rep. I admit I am ignorant about drugs but thats why I research and ask questions.


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