Bloodwork results pre-cycle

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  1. Damn that sux. I got my Nolva from RUI products.

  2. I have aromasin and clomid from Ag-guys. How much is a good protocol and how often?

  3. Im assuming the best here, ie that your HPTA will still be responsive to treatment, and it was just unfortunate the nolva didnt work.

    So, again assuming your clomid is all good, Id do the standard 50-50-25-25 with an additional 10mg (or whatever is a close convenient dose) of exem eod. Then do another hormonal to see how youve responded (lh, fsh, e2, tt, free t/shbg). Then, depending on how that panel looks, stay natty and retest hormones another 6-8 weeks after that.

    You could always do additional bloods a week into clomid treatment, it will obviously depend on how much $$ youre prepared to spend.

  4. Ok, thank you so much!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by AMS View Post
    Ok, thank you so much!
    Im obviously not a professional physician, but if this were me and I was self-medicating, its how Id do it. What Ive outlined^ is a pretty standard restart. Wish you luck.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by AMS View Post
    I have finished a test 600mg/wk sustanon cycle in March and finished pct in April.
    I was gonna start a Test E 300/wk with 40 mg anavar for first 10 weeks. This cycle was gonna be a long cycle of maybe 4 months. Based on the results that I have posted is it okay for me to start a new cycle. I didn't do any cardio on previous cycle and I was told to do at least three or four times a week to bring LDL and triglycerides back to normal.
    okay, here are the issues I see with this:

    sustanon has one long ester in it, that sticks around for about 2 weeks (ish). so you can't effectively start PCT until about 3 weeks post cycle.... so if you did a 4 week PCT, you really only did 1 week.

    and 4 week PCTs are stupid. unless you did a 4-6 week cycle, there's simply no reason to do a short PCT.... longer is better, as is moderate dosing.

    for that cycle, I would have suggested running clomid at 25 mg/day for at least 8 weeks (depending on the total length of the cycle).

    there's simply no reason to short change PCT.... you MIGHT get your HPTA caught up in time, but you might not, either. and that's where we're at now...

    like Nac pointed out, you need a SERM and AI, as it looks like your E2 is high, and your LH/FSH levels are super low.

    personally, I'd plan on 8 weeks of clomid (25 mg/day) and aromasin (12.5 mg EOD, or adjust as needed), and then follow up with bloodwork...


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