42 and on my first ever steroid - Superdrol

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  1. 42 and on my first ever steroid - Superdrol

    Hey guys

    I know there are a ton of threads on here about Superdrol, but I thought I'd give my 2 cents for some of the older guys.

    5' 7", 176 lbs (at start), healthy (gym 4-5 times a week, mountain bike 1-2 times a week), healthy diet (no red meat, chicken, fish, pasta, veggies ,grains). Worked out since I was 20 and always been active (soccer, snowboarding, hiking, biking, etc)

    I'm on day 13 of Superdrol. First week I was at 10 mgs, second week at 20 mgs. Will consider going to 30 mgs for the final week.

    - Increased aggression, recovery and endurance whilst mtn biking and whilst in the gym. This is what I am looking for.
    - Some minor strength gains. Hopefully more of this will come.
    - Weight up to 179 lbs. I'm not looking for too much weight gain as I'm only 5' 7", but up to 185 lbs would be ok
    - Feel great! Look and smile at chicks more than I should, and receive more smiles in return that I expect
    - Libido is way up

    - First week was the worst. Got a couple of spots: one on face and one under arm. These have now gone though. Sleeping was difficult the first few days, but I seem to have fixed that by taking melatonin.
    - Minor lower back pain. Feels similar to drinking too much alcohol. This stuff is definitely toxic!

    I'm keeping my diet very clean and taking a lot of herbal supplements.

    - Clomid
    - FormaSurge
    - Toco-8
    - EndoMax
    - Tongkat Ali
    - DAA
    - Possibly Dermacrine

    I'm not going to do a complete log, but I'll report back every week.
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  2. Superdrol is a steroid?

  3. I did some research a while ago, and even though it is called a pro hormone, it is meant to be a steroid. I could be wrong.

  4. Working out is getting slightly more difficult - but in a good way! I guess you call this the "pumps"?

    Felt quite stimulated after today's workout. Heart was racing a little - a bit like how caffeine affects me.

  5. sd is a steroid.
    Log of EPIC by FRL - http://anabolicminds.com/forum/supplement-reviews-logs/202576-should-epic-frl.html

  6. Quote Originally Posted by StangBanger View Post
    sd is a steroid.
    I dont understand. If sd is a 'roid, then how/why is it sold w/o an Rx? Is it in its formula = just enough anabolic level/effect to make it not illegal to be sold that way?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by CorpKiller View Post
    I dont understand. If sd is a 'roid, then how/why is it sold w/o an Rx? Is it in its formula = just enough anabolic level/effect to make it not illegal to be sold that way?
    The steroid ban bans specific compounds. Until recently it just had not been banned but make no mistake it does not require any conversion and is a steroid, a strong one.

  8. It got banned a couple of weeks ago. I bought 10 bottles for $120 just before the ban. It wasn't the SD that was expensive - it's everything else that you need to support this toxic little beauty - such as your herbs, clean diet and PCT that make it expensive. Anyway, that's not the point of this thread

  9. Thanks for the 411.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by CorpKiller

    I dont understand. If sd is a 'roid, then how/why is it sold w/o an Rx? Is it in its formula = just enough anabolic level/effect to make it not illegal to be sold that way?
    sd is definately is a steroid dude. its active masteron with a methyl group attached to it. once it passes the liver, theres no conversion like actual prohormones

    and dam 10 sd bottles? i just got 2 and figured after that, i might as well pin lol

  11. I'm going to pin on my next cycle as well. But I'm going to kick-start the Test E with 4 weeks of SD

  12. so your pretty content with EN's sdrol clone, supertest?

  13. Quote Originally Posted by fightclub2012 View Post
    so your pretty content with EN's sdrol clone, supertest?
    I have nothing to compare this to as it is my first time, but I'm definitely feeling the effects (see my first post - things are still the same)

    My only concern right now is heart palpitations last night. But, this was after a very hard 3 hour mountain bike ride. I'll see how things go to today with just going to the gym. If heart palpitations continue then I'll go back down to 10 mg/day.

  14. And for those very reasons, I completely recommend NOT to do any form of stimulants with this stuff. That includes caffeine and PWO formulas. If you are feeling lethargic from this stuff (which I'm not - I feel great) then either stop taking it or try going to bed earlier.

  15. Just a quick update. Went to the gym at lunchtime. Shoulders were painful to workout - might have been sore from mtn biking. Arms were great though - I definitely felt "beast like" haha.

    Weighed myself. Now 182 lbs. Up 6 lbs in 17 days. Looked in the mirror and it looks like nice lean gains. I'll post a pic once I can get over my homophobia lol.

    Heart palpitations have stopped - just feel nicely energized after the workout. I'm upping my intake of Hawthorn Berry and also have some calming herbs for the evening. When I mtn bike again tomorrow I will only take 10 mg SD that day. I don't know how guys can do a cut on this stuff. My heart would explode.

    I think this stuff is great for bulking, but my body wouldn't be able to handle it on a cut.

  16. im using it for a recomp, its all about your diet, and how you train.

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  18. Started to feel the lethargic effects. Took a day off exercise yesterday and cut the dose back down to 10mg. Feel much better today. The "racing heart" has also calmed down.

    Carb intake and water intake are already high. Will start dermacrine today.

    Libido is down from the "super high" of the first couple of weeks. Balls are smaller, but dick is still ok

  19. Looking good left.

  20. Thanks man. Have to admit I felt a little odd posting a topless pic on a mainly male site!
    184 lbs and feeling much better on 10 mg/day.

  21. I was a little apprehensive myself putting my profile pic up.

  22. Quote Originally Posted by CorpKiller
    I was a little apprehensive myself putting my profile pic up.
    Lol-you look familiar.

  23. In dare

  24. Great line up for pct.
    U taking on cycle Supp right?

  25. Today was my last day on this toxic little beauty. Finished at 184 lbs. For the last few years I've struggled to get above 176 and my heaviest ever previously was 180. This is day 21. I was considering going for 28 days, but I have next week off work and start a new contract on Oct 1, so thought it might be best to start PCT this week rather than first week in a new contract. I also got lower back pains whilst mountain biking last night, and to me this is an indicator of kidney/liver stress.

    Killed it in the gym this morning. Beat PB's on db bench fly's and incline bench press. Tempted to continue with the SD, but this is a good time to stop. I'll run another cycle later in the year - possibly with Test E.

    Here is my PCT for 4 weeks:
    - Clomid: 100mg first 3 days, then 50mg up to 3 weeks. I may consider a 4th week.
    - Tongkat Ali: 1800 mg/day - 3 doses of 600 mg
    - FormaSurge: 2 pumps/day
    - DAA: 3gr/day
    - Testabolan: 4 caps/day. 2 in morning, 2 in evening
    - Nolvadren XT: 2 caps/day with first meal
    - Erase: 1 cap/day
    - Animal M-Stak: 1 pack/day (minus the stims)
    - Dermacrine: 4 pumps/day

    Here are my supporting supplements:
    - Cycle Support 1-2 scoops/day
    - Red Yeast Rice: 1200mg/day
    - Coenzyme Q10 220mg/day
    - Fish and flax oils
    - Herbal tinctures: 1 ml/day each of: Pau D'arco Bark, Hawthorn Berry, Ginger Root, Saw Palmetto, Pygeum Bark, Grape Seed, Milk Thistle Seed, Garlic, Nettle Root, Epimedium Leaf, Turmeric

    I also have arimidex on hand "just in case".

    If I could stabilize at 180-185 I'd be more than happy.


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