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This is getting off topic but the this thread has very informed posters. I've used lots of nootropics but I'm also looking at anti-aging sups like Centrophenoxine but I'm having difficulty finding many people who have even used it. The claim ( according to many web sites ) is that it works a lot better than DMAE in garbage collecting in the body and the brain. It is supposed to remove something called "lipofuscin" which accumulates over the decades in the cells and is the reason older people get liver spots. DMAE has more research supporting the claim that lipofuscin is removed.

The idea that removing lipofuscin from brain cells, heart, kidney and other cells and improving cellular metabolism, especially when used over time is intriguing but may or may not be too good to be true.

Check out on Longecity for info on Centrophenoxine, as there will be people there with knowledge and experience. I've not had any looking into this stuff or experience and I have not heard of anyone here talking about it, but I believe I've seen a thread or two on Longecity about it, but I haven't read them yet.