2019....Time to conquer my demons

  1. 2019....Time to conquer my demons

    So it's been over decade since I've been on this website consistently as my life and choices have pulled me away from this great forum. I used to be on this website as Punthra back in the day. Stats have changed as I'm 38 years old now and while I have been training I've been my own problem in the gym due to my love of partying...this year that changes as I've had to watch some very sad things happen with old friends. Anyways enough of that crap for now. Stats as follows...

    Age: 38
    Weight: 222 as of today
    Years training: 15+
    The following is a few pics of the weights I use and pics of my training plan, plus the supplements that will be arriving soon.Name:  20190103_171612.jpeg
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  3. The plan is a bulk but not dirt like in years past as my metabolism is nowhere near what it was

  4. Scratch the gym return for today...will start tomorrow as I still don't feel I've completely beat this bug I've had.

  5. And I'm back at home early from work due to still running a fever...smh. First gym time of the new year appears to be sunday

  6. Well first workout of 2019 done.....supps are still not here yet so I used my labrada supercharged and pharmafreak pump freak.

    Upper body A

    Pendlay Rows 135x5 / 185x5 / 235x5
    High Stack HS Rows 60x10 / 80x8 / 100x6
    Prone Wide Grip PD 170x10 / 200x8
    Flat Dumbbell Presses 60x5 / 80x5 / 100x5
    Incline HS Presses 180x10 / 270x8
    DB Military Presses 50x10 / 60x8 / 70x6
    HS Tricep Dips 90x10 / 140x10 / 190x10
    DB Preacher 25x10 / 30x8 / 35x6
    - Didn't really push it on anything as most of December was a wash
    - can go up on most exercises but will take my time
    - pump was great with that combo I used

  7. Supps should be here around friday. Just used Supercharged alone as I'm not huge fan of savage pumps for legs when going heavier, volume days yes please.

    Legs A

    Front Squats 185x5 / 215x5 / 245x5
    Hack Squats 180x10 / 270x10
    Good Mornings 95x8 / 135x8 / 175x8
    Isolated One Leg Ham Curls
    35x10 / 45x8
    Standing Calf Raises 190x10 / 230x8 / 270x6
    Seated Calf 90x10 / 135x10

    - no problem going up but core strength sucks (will be back to normal soon)
    - will do 30 minutes on the treadmill tomorrow unless it works up and I can walk

  8. 30 minutes cardio completed on the treadmill, too bloody cold to walk outside🤨

  9. So this was a great workout! Used my Labrada Supercharged and 200mg of caffeine.

    Upper Body B

    Pendlay Rows (65% of A max) 155x3 / 155x3 / 155x3 / 155x3 / 155x3 / 155x3
    Flat Dumbbell Presses (65% of A max) 65x3 / 65x3 / 65x3 / 65x3 /65x3 / 65x3
    Dumbbell Rows 70x12 / 90x10 / 110x8
    Flat HS Presses 90x12 / 180x10 / 270x8
    Dumbbell Pullovers 50x20 / 60x18 / 70x15 (Freakin tough)
    Cable Laterals 10x20 / 20x18 / 30x15
    Ball Pressdowns 20x20 / 30x15 / 40x12
    Hammer Curls 25x20 / 25x15 / 25x12 (went light, just coming back for a tennis elbow injury)

    Bonus cardio....shovelling snow

  10. The shovelling is a great workout but I don't ski anymore so it's just a pain the ass now.

  11. Legs went great today! Finally was able to do deadlifts as the elbow injury is doing great. Still took it easy as it's just finally on the mend.

    Legs B

    Front Squats 165x3 / 165x3 / 165x3 / 165x3 / 165x3 / 165x3

    Deadlifts 135x8 / 225x8 / 315x8 (easy peasy but backed off)

    One Leg HS Presses 90x15 / 135x15 / 180x15

    HS Adductor Machine 45x10 / 90x10 / 138x8

    HS Abductor Machine 45x10 / 90x10 135x8

    Seated Hamstring Curls 105x20 / 120x20 / 135x15

    One Leg Seated Calfs 45x15 / 55x15

    Standing Calf Raises 110x20 / 110x20 / 90x20

    - First time in a long time that I did adductor / abductor work. Neglected it for a long time so it's time to correct that
    - no lifting tomorrow but will likely try to get at least a 30 minute walk in
    - really excited to see the results from this program

  12. Supps didn't show up....hopefully next week. The canadian postal service is a bit of a joke these days. Doing upper body A again today. Probably around 12 so I can watch the Colts game

  13. Great workout again!

    Upper Body A

    Pendlay Rows 145x5 / 195x5 / 245x5

    Flat Dumbbell Presses 70x5 / 90x5 / 110x5 (strength was awesome!)

    High Stack HS Rows 75x10 / 95x8 / 115x6

    Prone Grip WG Pulldowns 175x10 / 205x8

    Incline HS Presses 200x10 / 290x8

    Dumbbell Military Presses 55x10 / 65x8 / 75x6

    HS Tricep Dips 140x10 / 190x10 / 240x8

    Dumbbell Preacher Curls 25x10 / 30x8 / 35x6

  14. Sorry, but the first thing that caught my eye was home nice your had writing is. Looks like you are a pretty strong dude!

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  15. Lol, thanks. Strength is not bad right now but a far cry from what it used to be. Welcome!

  16. Hitting an all you can eat brunch and then legs.....calorie surplus I think so!

  17. I gain ten pounds typing All You Can Eat !

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  18. Didn't check the scale but felt good. Core strength is screwing me at moment on front squats but will come up quick I'm sure.

    LEGS A

    Front Squats 155x5 / 205x5 / 255x5

    Hack Squats 230x10 / 320x10

    Good Mornings 115x8 / 155x8 / 195x8

    One Leg Ham HS Curls 40x8 / 50x8

    Standing Calf Raises 200x8 / 240x8 / 280x8

    Seated Calf Raises 100x10 / 145x10

    -added weighted rope crunches as core is the weak point of my front squat. Will try to keep up maintenance on my core.
    -getting anxious for my supps to show up
    - will likely add lgd4033 and mk677 in the next month for a 3 month run. Will have me ready and rolling for summer

  19. Whoop whoop may have my supps tomorrow

  20. Quote Originally Posted by Punny View Post
    Whoop whoop may have my supps tomorrow
    It's like Christmas !!

    Use Code 'Rocket5' for 5% off at FeFiFo.com

  21. Yup....training has been going well but this will definitely kick it up a notch. Day off today

  22. Supps are picked up tomorrow.
    Will take a pic of everything and then give a quick rundown on how I will be using it.


    Pendlay Rows 160x3 / 160x3 / 160x3 / 160x3 / 160x3 / 160x3

    Flat Dumbbell Presses 70x3 / 70x3/ 70x3 / 70x3 / 70x3 / 70x3

    Dumbbell Rows 70x12 / 90x12 / 110x10 (will redo this, struggled a bit on the last set)

    Flat HS Presses 110x12 / 200x10 / 290x5 (Fail...oh well)

    Dumbbell Pullovers 65x15 / 70x15 / 75x15

    Cable Laterals 15x20 / 25x15 / 35x12

    Ball Pressdowns 25x20 / 35x15 / 45x12

    Dumbbell Hammer Curls 25x20 / 30x15 / 35x12

    - a few stumbles with the workout but just getting back in rhythm so it is to be expected

  23. Whoop whoop! Wife's surprise supps showed up for me! Not a a huge fan of natural testboosters as I find they don't really work that well! But I'm pumped about everything else, some of it was dirt cheap otherwise she wouldn't have bought it..

    Used the last of my Labrada Supercharged with 250mg of caffeine. Then used some of the Carbion mixed with the Eliteamine BCAA's. Will be using this for all my B workouts as they're alot longer with more volume.

    LEGS B

    Front Squats 170x3 / 170x3 / 170x3 / 170x3 / 170x3 / 170x3

    Deadlifts 155x8 / 245x8 / 335x8

    One Leg HS Presses 115x15 / 160x15 / 205x15

    Adductor HS Machine 55x10 / 100x10 / 145x10

    Abductor HS Machine 55x10 / 100x10/ 145x1

    Seated Hamstring Curls 110x20 / 135x20 / 150x15

    Seated One Leg Calf Raises 55x15 / 65x15

    Standing Calf Raises 135x20 / 120x20 / 105x15

    - will start using Lights Out tonight as sleep is usually **** for me
    - everything else will begin tomorrow, will probably swap between the preworkouts as I like the change as most formulas are different
    - we'll call this the prequel to my Sarm stack
    - day off tomorrow with a long walk being done for cardioName:  20190116_182219.jpeg
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  24. Sorry here's the picName:  20190116_182219.jpeg
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  25. Sorry about the double pic post...it looked like it wasn't going to load


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