What Are the Best Ways to Warm-Up?

  1. What Are the Best Ways to Warm-Up?

    I used to be so naive to think that warm-ups were a waste of time. Indeed, if I jogged around, etc. then I saw that my strength would go down slightly.

    Now, I realize that warm-ups should be a part. Yet, I do not want to spend more than 10 or 15 minutes, as a 30+ minute warm-up would be useless.

    1. Any specific routines?

    2. How long will this take?

  2. I'm 47. I need to warm up or I'll tear something.

    Stretching well does it for me.

  3. I do 8-10 minutes on the elliptical and stretch for 3-5 minutes. Gets some blood moving and mostly gets me mentally prepared.
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  4. I usually warm up with benching 315x10
    2 sets of those then I’m ready to start lifting
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  6. This is a pretty open question. It can be a lot different depending on what you train, how you train, etc.

    At the very least get moving to get some blood flow and do some specific warm ups of the exercise you plan to do (slowly building weight on the actual first movement of the day).

    Outside of that depends on your training.

    What do you usually do for workouts?

  7. Any routine on here will warm you up

  8. Quote Originally Posted by flandersguy View Post
    I'm 47. I need to warm up or I'll tear something.

    Stretching well does it for me.
    I've always stretched until a few wears ago. Maybe now just a quick stretch for a few secconds on a rare occasion. I feel like stretching increases my risk of injury because sense I stopped I no longer get hurt. I imagine taking something and stretching it out, the longer you stretch the thinner and weaker whatever being stretched gets. Just my theory tho. Now I just do 10min on the stairs or elliptical or rotator cuff stuff before pressing

  9. I was actually taught that you shouldnít stretch before lifting, only after. Too loose and you could tear something.
    Do as I say, not as I do.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Old Witch View Post
    I was actually taught that you shouldn’t stretch before lifting, only after. Too loose and you could tear something.
    I believe the latest is that static stretching can make you weaker and increase risk of injury but dynamic stretching can prevent injury......

  11. I prefer just starting with light weights/empty bar and getting some reps in, adding weight until I'm at my first working set. I focus on getting blood flowing into the muscles and using a full range of motion to get the muscles stretched and ready. Squat day example from yesterday:

    Bar x 10
    135 x 5
    175 x 5
    205 x 3
    235 x 3
    255 first working set

  12. Whatever activates the muscle(s) youíre training that day.

    Personally, doesnít matter what I train, my PC from glutes to rhomboids get warmed up and my core (stability purposes). However, i NEVER stretch.

    Cat/camel donít extend end ROM
    Side planks 3x 20-30s holds
    Hip abductor 2x15
    Back ext 2x 15 donít extend end rom
    Band pull through
    Posterior Oblique sling warm up
    Resisted dead bugs
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  13. I just work up my main lift(s) in 20 or 10kg (45 and 25lbs equivalent) increments until my working weight, staying well away from a taxing number of reps. Maybe 60kg x 10 for the first set, then a few sets of 5's, then triples, doubles, singles, finally one single at my work weight then a five to ten minute rest before my first real set.
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