3-Day Split P/RR/S or other good 3-day split program

  1. 3-Day Split P/RR/S or other good 3-day split program

    Does anyone have a **** template for a 3-day split P/RR/S workout? I used to have one but that computer died a long time ago.

    Open to other workouts that work well on a 3-day split.


  2. 5/3/1

  3. I have checked out the 5/3/1. While a great program we are trying to stay away from lower rep high weight as I'm 40 and my lifting partner is 50. To much wear and tear at this point for us. Thanks for throwing it out there

  4. I used to do 3x per week routines. Not saying this is the best but it worked for me for that time. Keep in mind I stay away from shoulder workouts for health reasons.

    During this time I would do A/B/A2/B2. This would be chest/back, legs with mild arm work, chest/back, legs. This gives you a good frequency of working opposing muscles together (back with chest and quads with hamstrings...etc). You could also do a push/pull. This would also give you a different routine each week since itís rotating 4 workout days but you only do them 3x a week.

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