Old lifter maybe SARMS

  1. Old lifter maybe SARMS

    Hey guys, been trying to educate myself but times have changed and the gym lingo is different these days. Looking for some help.

    I'm 6'2 age 53, prior Marine. Best body weight is generally 200 lbs with arms 16-1/2". Lifted for decades, staying generally muscular, with a big push every so often. Peak lifting in college was 213lbs benching 405 for a single. Played with Deca one month. A few years back tried a bottle of PH with pretty good results... but always like an idiot without real PCT. Old school lunk head style.

    Going to be doing a beach reunion with old college buddies this May and need the best rapid recomp gimmick. Trying to be smarter this time... but not a genius. Ya know?

    I have all the symptoms of low-T from those radio adds (terrible sleep, easy to gain belly fat, low libido) so got BW. Always low 380-500 range but not low enough that doc would recommend TRT. Maybe just getting old, or damage from the couple cycles done wrong. I dunno.

    Have tried pretty much every OTC product over the many years. Not impressed. Expensive natty test boosters never worked in my opinion.

    Not thinking old school stuff is for me, no injectables, nothing that is going to hurt liver or prostate. Or make test numbers any worse than now.

    Been reading about SARMS and it sounds great. Thinking LGD-4033 at 10mg for 10-12 weeks, then PCT with nolva for 4 weeks. Some guys say add cardarine in PCT weeks? Along with some otc test building formula you might recommend.

    The sarms will suppress, but will nolva or clomid bring me back to better than now? Would adding an AI in PCT make sense? Or at this age is it just a slow downhill to nowhere?

    Weight had crept up to 215 over the years (creatine bloat look) and for the last two months got serious with diet and now 195. Would love to drop another 5 lbs and add 8-10 muscle. I've got about 4 months.


  2. Sarms will trash your lipids and you run the gauntlet of managing your recovery and hoping it goes well.

    Why not try Dermacrine or Iron Legions Invictus??

  3. Jim - Those seem to be cortisol products. While cortisol sounds fine for belly fat and stress/sleep... I was thinking something stronger that would hae an emphasis on adding lean muscle. But not too strong.

    Roids>PH>Serm>otc test boost>otc cortisol

    I was thinking aim for the middle. Maybe MK2866 would be right. Add some real lean muscle and cut. The most gentle almost anobolic.

    Forums are loaded with good reports of safety and performance, but each group swears by one source declaring all others fake poison. Pointing fingers in a complete circle until I don't know what to believe/trust as legit!?!

  4. If youre certain about a SARM, Id go LGD over ostarine. Much better chance of actually adding muscle.

    SARMs will still suppress your hPTA just like most PEDs, so theyre no less risky in that respect, especially when youre older. Its the nature of the beast, unfortunately.

  5. Personally, at over 50 and of wanting trt already, Id run a cycle of whatever I felt like, then just let myself go hypogonadal after and go to the doc seeking trt.
    Do as I say, not as I do.

  6. As much as you don't want to, I would jump on test. I started trt a few years back and could not be happier. Us old guys need the boost, I'm 48. If you're looking to do oral drugs, please take all of the support supps needed for good cardiovascular and liver health. I'll do an oral blast once a year and will closely monitor my bloodwork including a coronary calcium score.

  7. If you start doc prescribed TRT are you then on it for the rest of your life? How often do you have to visit doc, blood work ,etc?

    As test goes down, does E also go up? Is there anything to this AI erase pro stuff improving the test to E ratio?

    Getting old is a new experience for any of us, and I don't know what kind of low T comes with the territory, or if some part of that is a short PH cycle years ago without grown up pct plan.

    Was thinking
    1. boost test with LGD and lift hard for the college reunion
    2. Proper pct with nolva afterwatds to see it that possibly leaves me better than where I started
    3. At some point after pct (how long?) Try a combo of erase pro+ with OL massacr3.
    4. If none of that gets me anywhere goid, then try doc again for new levels and see if I am TRT candidate.

    Your feedback is appreciated! I am kinda lost between 1980s bro-science and the internet where there are so many convoluted lies and scams....


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