since my classes are just about over, have two more finals left, i figured i would start posting a little feed back about my cut so far. basically i started on my cut towards the end of march with a bottle of omega burn3d and ap. about the beginning of april i ordered a bottle of bulk sesamin from 1fast(i swear to god if i knew nutra was getting the real deal in i would have held out but i didn't really get a chance to check the boards). well i finished the bottle of burn3d and ap, and started up a new bottle of dcp and ap a few weeks ago.

as far as the burn3d goes i was really impressed with it, and had been interested in the formula for quite a while... as usually i really dig ap, however i still prefer the original yg, however.

all the supps im currently using:

clear edge - for studying/exams/essays
calcium carbonate

to stroke the krebs cycle per trouble:
mag citrate
balsamic vinegar

umm i think thats pretty much all i've been taking, if anyone wants to how much or what times i can add that in later. been logging my cals on fitday and coming in at around 2011 cals a day... i started this at 190lb, and im currently at 188 but i look a ton better in the mirror(trust me, since i moved to go back to school i've run into a bunch of my exes and they are really impressed with the way i look). can tell that im holding on some water weight, but really happy with my progress so far. also my strength has also been up even though im cutting.

well im a little over half way through my bottles of ap and dcp, and kinda wondering if i can do another bottle of dcp or if that would be too long on it. either way im going to get in on some of the bulk yg. my plan if i shouldn't get another bottle of dcp is to get some 20% turk, yg, and maybe some heat. so yeah. trying to get all nice and cut up for summer.