Methyl-Drol/4-AD: Personal Log

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  1. Methyl-Drol/4-AD: Personal Log

    Alright guys, it's 2006, which means I am finally ready to unleash this.

    Daily supplements which remain constant throughout the entire pre, on, and post cycle:
    R-ALA, Garlic, Hawthorn, MHP Activite (multi), MHP weight gainer, protein, BCAA, fish oil, in addition to:
    ****loads of clean food
    1+ gallon of water
    8-10 hrs of sleep

    Week 0: Daily heavy herbal pre-cycle, completed!! Consisted of: RYR, CoQ10, Hawthorn, Garlic, Milk Thistle, ALA

    Week 1: (Jan. 2nd: Cycle start date)
    10mg MD, 200mg 4AD

    Week 2:
    20mg MD, 300mg 4AD

    Week 3:
    20mg MD, 400mg 4AD

    Week 4: PCT begins!
    Scifit, 'ES3 stack' (similar to RXT)
    SAN, 'Attitude' (ATD product)
    SNS, 'Reduce' (cortisol control)
    AX, 'Perfect Cycle' (liver)
    3g CEE

    Week 5:
    ramped down week 4

    Week 6:
    ramped down week 5

    Week 7:
    ramped down week 6

    As you can tell the PCT is still a little goofy, only because the products I am using have more than 1 active ingredient, which I am still reading up on. I may also use DHEA and some tribulus which I have on-hand.

    I know some of your are gagging in your mouths because of the absence of any SERM product. Right now I have good intentions of obtaining some liquid Nolva...but I only want to do this if gyno flare-up is physically noticed (I feel I am not predisposed to this based on past cycles - see below).

    Some further notes:
    1) ON cycle, there will be no milk thistle, and only light herbal usage (see week 0). I am purposely allowing the liver to lose some of it's defense in order to utilize the MD/4AD better. The dosing will be spread throughout the day to keep blood levels as constant as possible, etc.

    2) PCT consists of CEE which seems common on these boards. Hopefully it will help keep gains steady or at least maintaining. Still looking for input regarding DHEA (unless Reduce will suffice) regarding cortisol in the post cycle!

    Pre cycle stats: ~190 lbs, 6'2, ecto, estimated 8% bf, bench: 275x6 bench

    Post cycle goal: 205-210 lbs., 315x6 bench

    Training schedule: 5-day split
    Sun - REST
    Mon - Chest/Tri
    Tues - Back/Bi
    Wed - Shoulders/Legs
    Thurs - REST
    Fri - Chest/Bi
    Sat - Legs/Abs

    This is an increase from my normal 4-day protocol. Training generally consists of 4 exercises @ 4 sets each consisting of 'power' reps (6-8 range) for each body part listed.

    Past experience: M1T stand-alone, M1T/4AD stack, PP stand-alone

    On a personal note, I hope for this to be the most rewarding and safest cycle due to the vast amounts of knowledge and information contained within these forums! Props to you guys!

    So with that, I am off to bed, and let the log begin!!

  2. Good looking cycle. Try posting it in the Cycle section.
    My The 1 LOG:

  3. What's the easiest way to move the entire thread rather than copy and paste? If a MOD sees this, feel free to move it as well, no offense taken....

    it's Jan. 2nd - official cycle start date! I'll be keeping logs of body weight, and some personal records when lifting rather than a detailed here is every single set I did, because that just takes up too much time and space in these threads...wish me luck

  4. Alright well anyway, back to the log...

    Day 1 is complete. Chest and tri workout was great, no complaints. I got a good pump going for most of the duration of the chest workout. Tri's were typical...

    Only thing that really matters at this point is my baseline (post new years!) bodyweight. I weighed in pre-workout at 191.5 lbs.

    Only comments from here on out is that the 200lb barrier isnt looking so far away afterall...I am shooting for 205, maybe even sniffing 210

    Three final things...
    ~275x6 on bench is the baseline weight for todays exercised group
    ~Pre workout meal consisted of 1/2 gallon of water, oatmeal, banana
    ~4AD was poorly dosed (too close together due to traveling constraints). Tomorrow will be properly spaced.

  5. My lab rat has been reading lately and told me that he was worried about delayed gyno.

    So I went ahead and ordered some research grade tamoxifen citrate. Is 1 bottle enough? (Assume the rat is the same size as me and is doing the same cycle...)

    On a serious note though...This is like my 5th oral cycle and I have never gotten gyno OR used Nolva for pct...does anyone think I should worry about it now that I am using the infamous methyldrol (superdrol twin)this cycle? I feel as is I am not "predisposed", if thats even a valid excuse...?

  6. Well even though no one is replying I guess I'll continue talking to myself for the sake of someone who will read this in the future...

    Anyway, weight today was down to 191 (-.5 lbs from yesterday). It may be too early to tell, but I think this is due to water shed. My abs are looking more like road blocks rather than speed bumps. It's really nice actually, so no complaints there.

    Furthermore, strength is ALREADY through the roof. Today was Back/Bi day and I can definitely say I was feeling the strength gains. My wide grip pulls up were so easy. I got 3 sets of 10 no problem. Normally I get gassed out half way through and I only get 8/6 on set 2/3 respectively.

    MD has one downside so far and only one. I got a bloody nose out of nowhere today when I woke up. This is fairly lame, considering I am all hopped up on hawthorn. Anything else I can take to control this?

    Either way, Nolva has been shipped already...I think PCT is as robust as it can possibly be. Probably going to do some sort of 40/20/10/10 in combo with my ATD.

    Feel free to comment.

  7. Celery Seed Extract has gotten some good reviews here for lowering blood pressure, which I assume is what caused your bloody nose. Might try a search, but I think the recommended dose is 150-300mg/day.

  8. thanks moyer, i'll look into the celery seed.

    todays workout was pretty typical. shoulders started out sorta boring, then picked up nicely. so far no more nosebleeds...vascularity is really starting to show. i am getting nice pumps just tying my shoes!!

    anyway...i feel like 10mg on the MD might be a little low. I think rather than waiting a calender week, I might just kick the dosage up to 20mg a couple days earlier. I think Jan 6th I might do this - unless I should ride out the gains on 10mg?

    Something I have also been pleased with is the lack of acne flare up. Sometimes on M1T, etc i would look very red, and flare-ups were problematic to treat. So far a couple localized zits have been dealt with easily. The Proactiv I have on-hand does wonders. Nolva should be here in a couple days as well...

    Tomorrow is OFF day, so I will continue stuffing my face. OHH best of all - up to 192.0 lb today. I think my upper body is really starting to "spread" out. I noticed it most when doing shoulder raises today. One thing that I think is helping me is the gallon of water I've been getting everyday.

    alright, thats all for now....

  9. Nolva always good to have around. My friend had issue with bloody nose during SD but was not BP related. BP was wnl during cycle but he experienced occasional nosebleeds, most likely from dryness in his opinion.
    Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for life. Lao Tse 6th century BC

  10. jonny, that very well could be it. i am actually very prone to nosebleeds (i used to get them ALLLL the time growing up) but i hadn't gotten one in a long time so i attributed this to the MD when i woke up with one the very next day after starting the was either real ironic timing for a random one, possibly the winter dryness, or that MD dries noses out instantly.

    so far it was an isolated case, so i guess it really doesnt matter too much. other than that, no sides to speak of at back pumps at all (i've been eating 2 bananas a day) its only 10mg MD/200mg 4AD right now, which is real conservative for almost anyone. hopefully i can say the same in 10 days from now...

  11. First of all I would add Taurine.

    And you drink 1/2 gallon pre workout? Seems like that would fill you up too much. It would for me.

  12. What's the easiest way to move the entire thread rather than copy and paste? If a MOD sees this, feel free to move it as well, no offense taken....
    Check the thread tools tab, should be able to move it from there.

    ~Pre workout meal consisted of 1/2 gallon of water, oatmeal, banana
    Hopefully your pre-workout weights come before you drink 4lbs of water. If not try to be consistent so we get a good idea.

    First of all I would add Taurine
    I guess I am a Taurine non-responder because I get pumps regardless of taurine or potassium supplementation. I think it is blood flow thing but that's just my opinion.
    Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for life. Lao Tse 6th century BC

  13. ahhh damn it, i meant to say 1/2 liter!! (~16 oz) sorry dudes....

    the gallon of water is over the course of 24 hrs. again, sorry for the confusion, my bad

    as far as the potassium supplementation, its still up in the air. i bet if i stopped, maybe i'd notice more of a pump/pain, who knows...?

    on a side note, i feel as if i am a particularly interesting responder to a lot of these designer orals. i never really pack on a ton of weight, but my strength skyrockets, and i get veins everywhere (even those pyscho ones across the lower abs and shoulders). Furthermore, i have never had gyno or lethargy problems either. as of right now, there is no joint pain to report, but this very well could change as the dosing changes.

    for now, i will strongly look into the taurine situation. thanks for everyones input so far!

    alright guys, tomorrow is rest, although i look at it as growing day. if anyone has any specific rest-day routines or habits they would like to share, i am all ears.

    i forgot to mention, todays workout included legs, but i left out hams. i am going to save them for saturday's leg routine, where i will be doing deadlifts.

  14. SIDE EFFECT: Well everyone, today i unfortunately had to deal with probably the harshest side so buddy who hasnt seen me in a couple weeks said "wow, your arms look huge!" haha

    now thats what i like to hear. this was a totally unprovoked comment. aka i wasnt fishing this compliment whatsoever. it was a really rewarding feeling knowing that the diet and training (and lack of social life) are paying off!

  15. BHERTZ,

    How long have you been doing that split? I know if that were me I would definitely be overtraining. If you have been doing it for a while consider going to one body part a day Mon-Fri. As your strength/weights increase your body will need the rest and hitting them twice a week IMO would be too much. Joint pain would definitely kick in on that split.

    I have run three SD cycles. Two with 4DERM and the last one without. For whatever reason the last one was the best as far as putting weight on and having a better PCT.

    The first two were straight 4wk at 20mg/ed followed by Nolva for 4wks. The last cycle I did 20/30/30/20/10 for the SD and did Nolva at 60/60/40/40/20 along with 300mg of DHEA split up 3x's throughout the day.

    It was the best cycle so far although I didn't really enjoy the weeks on 30mg of SD. I may only do the 3rd week at 30 this time but I am definitely going with the 5th week again.

    I held onto way more of my strength gains and ended up leaning out a bit despite having the stomach flu for 5 days during PCT. I am 34, 5-10, 215lbs with 33" waist.

  16. Roadside, thanks for the input...well as of now I am just about to start my second chest workout today so I'll find out how I feel after the weekend. I can tell I am already recovered. Nothing is sore, in fact my chest almost wants another workout. I am only 21 so perhaps it's not as taxing on me (in the short term). Also right now I am doing something which is every lifters dream...I am doing NOTHING but lifting and eating throughout the day.

    I am only able to do this because I am on winter break from school. I have 1 more semester left before graduation, so I figured I'd come back to school for the winter break and dedicate it to my cycle. So I don't have work or anything to deal with, which is why my recovery time might be so high. I have 0 stress in my life right now. (Perhaps because my girlfriend is in Europe right now haha) It worked out perfectly that my cycle ends when the semester starts.

    If I begin to notice overtraining I definitely will back off. I used to lift naturally 6x a week, and only experienced overtraining in the long run. I switched to 3x a week last year and got big gains, but then I started to slow down considerably, so I think it might be ok if I kick in high gear for just the next 3 weeks.

    I am interested to weigh in today. 200 here I come!

  17. sooo....yeah, its about that time, personal record! 193.5 lbs weigh-in!! this is uncharted territory...

    so yeah chest routine was not really up all that much, except on incline.

    1 more good before the bad....

    i got another comment today, "damn dude you are really throwing around some weight!" this was after a heavy set of preacher curls...115x6 as last set.

    now for the bad...
    i went bowling last night with a couple friends, just for something to do...well turns out one of them just got over some sort of flu...ANDDD as luck would have it, i think i may have picked it up. i feel pretty strongly that had i not gone on MD, i may have avoided this. well, so is life...murphys law, whatever you want to call it.

    so i am gonna get to be bed real early (its 830pm here) and hopefully wake up feeling a lot better. the chick said it was just a 24 hr thing for her, but who knows what it spawned into... hopefully no appreciable mass is lost from the lack of eating tonight, blahhh

  18. Quote Originally Posted by BHERTZ
    MD has one downside so far and only one. I got a bloody nose out of nowhere today when I woke up. This is fairly lame, considering I am all hopped up on hawthorn. Anything else I can take to control this?
    a humidifier?

    I get bloody snot every winter, due to the sinus membranes drying out & cracking. Other than humidifying your environment (only works if you never go outside), my best recommendation would be to carry a spray bottle of saline solution with you & give each nostril a squirt periodically.

    Don't assume it's BP unless you're getting other signs of BP elevation.

  19. BodyWiz, you are totally right. Its soo cold here in PA right now, and I know the low humidity levels are drying me out. My lips are getting overly chapped as well. What I do for the nose is take a Q-tip and dab some vaseline on it and coat my nostril. My doctor told me to do that many many years ago, and it seems to work.

    Furthermore, I just woke up...I feel achy and sorta gross, however I think the flu is gone, because my head doesnt really hurt, etc....13 hrs of sleep must have done something for me then haha

  20. 6'2 190 and youre benching 335? Whats your bf%?
    Don't assume it's BP unless you're getting other signs of BP elevation.
    Dont ASSUME it, but keep one hell of an eye out for it, dont take stupid risks.

  21. I love that question. Well I honestly can't answer you. Several years ago I was 6%. If I had to guess, I'd say ~8% right now.

    I think my metabolism is so incredibly robust that I can maintain such a lean build without even trying. Trust me, its not as glamarous as it sounds. Sure it's nice to look cut up all the time, but honestly, I'd rather be 6'2 and 240 at the expense of bf increase.

    HOWEVER - I can't complain I put on several lbs so far with MD and I have been running it at only 10mg so far. I think my flu bug is gone now (its 11pm on sat)...
    I might just take off tomorrow, fully recoop, and hit the gym HARD on monday as usual. 20mg/300mg will begin then as well, so these gains should keep coming!

    As far as the bench, yeah those #'s are true, no BS. I get some funny looks sometimes when I am sitting on a bench that's triple-plated.

  22. So it's sunday, normally an off day, but I figured since I missed saturday, I will try and make up for it today, but keep the workout real basic. It sucks when you are sick, the bed and a tv look more enticing than chalk and plates.

    as expected, i lost a couple lbs being that my diet was severely undermined. i tried to make up for it and went out for steak and eggs this morning.

    exercises today included deadlifts, walking lunges, back extensions and lots of abs. nothing impressive. tomorrow is a new day.

  23. Alright everyone its been a little while, so I better post now before I forget. So far so good. It's starting to feel "natural" to be ON. The sides are really non existent and I am consistent at 20mg now. It almost makes me want to try 30mg since I am not getting the all-out burst of mass and strength I want. I will ride out 20mg for probably another few days or a week.

    Some things I have noticed....

    -Bloody noses are a serious problem during winter. MD possibly made it worse. This is the only fair thing to conclude.
    -Acne actually cleared up. I have nothing on my back (which is rare!) and nothing serious on my face.
    -Joint problems seem to be going away without any special supplementation.
    -Strength is DEFINITELY up. 115x6 for sets today as standing curls. Seated curls with 50s and T-bar row with 4.5 plates as a final set. Wide grip pull ups are a breeze.
    -Feeling very vascular and starting to fill out my shirts better.
    -No longer shredded abs, starting to retain some mass even in the midsection which is nice.
    -Sex drive is fairly pathetic, however when it does act up, it's pretty intense. This is not really attributed to anything and could be the fact that I havent had any sex for a couple weeks now until my g/f gets back home.
    -Stacking with 4AD seems to be great idea. No MD-solo comparison can be made, but for the sake of the 4AD addition I think it was a great choice.
    -Absolutely no gyno flare up or hair loss at all.
    -My urine smells like awful. If I am not chugging water consistently my piss let's me know it. It gets dark yellow occasionally in the morning. This was closer to when I was sick however. Lately it's been light-yellow/clear.
    -Slight insomnia which I was experiencing has pretty much dissapeared. My remedy was to use an extra pillow under my head. For some odd reason I can fall asleep quicker and stay asleep if I was raised even higher. It sounds weird but it works. The insomnia might just be because I am so care free right now. My training is exhausting, but I have nothing to do otherwise so collectively by body never is really run down. This might account for the sides being so minimal. Even back pumps are hard to detect. After a heavy set of rows sometimes I will feel it even more than normal, but nothing unbearable.

    So as far as PCT goes - I am having serious thoughts about saving the ATD for much later on, and use only Nolva and some sort of strong tribulus product and some cortisol control. I will strongly avoid DHEA as well from what I have been reading.

    Now...for todays weight. With boots on I was 196.3 lbs. I am growing!!!

    The posts that I have been reading about the slow and steady gains that "stick" are really true. These gains are ever so slow, but at a lb every couple days, there are no complaints (not to mention this isnt all that slow haha). Let's just hope because they came on slow, they will be here to stay as well!!

    Little more to comment about sexually related things.
    1) My balls showed their first signs of noticeable shrinkage about a day or so ago.
    2) My balls are hugging me even tighter now, which is sorta weird. Since I don't plan on having a kid anytime soon, I am not concerned in the least.
    3) Ejaculate volume is way down. Not blanks, just noticeably less. A lot less. This again is nothing that really worries me though.

    Honestly, there is not much else to say, other than this is the real deal. It would be nice if the gains were a little more explosive, but I really can't complain. I am heavily considering 30mg for the last week as sides are minimal. However if the gains keep going smoothly at 20mg, there might not be a need to change anything.

    That's it, bedtime meal, and then, well, off to bed!!

  24. Today is off day. Yesterday weighed in around 196 again. Like I said the ultimate goal is 205 or so.

    As of right now some serious changes in my body are taking place. My lats are finally getting that winged look as opposed to just a V look. This is awesome. Arms are feeling noticably stronger. Super vascular all the time. However these other posts about "pumps just from tying shoes" are bogus. I just got done washing and high-speed buffing my car and didn't get pumped to the point where I had to stop what I was doing.

    My neck seems to be cramped a bit more than normal, however this could just be from sleep.

    Back pumps are starting to be a little more prolonged than usual. However they arent super severe.

    I am in the process of redoing the whole PCT scheme and will post it when done. It's going to exclude ATD altogether.

    Yesterday's PR: 80x7 for military dumbbell press as my 4th set in the pyramid. My legs are really starting to feel the effects as well. Was doing seriously deep leg presses with 525 yesterday and felt great. So far so good.

  25. Back pumps are starting to linger longer each day, but don't really occur while lifting.
    This week I will up the dosage to 400mg 4AD but stay at 20mg MD. I toyed with the idea of 30mg, but just not worth it.

    Today's weigh in: 196.5 lbs!! PR
    Bench press: 275x8!! PR

    So far everything is smooth sailing.
    New PCT:
    -Nolva: 40/20/20/10
    -Tribulus: 1500/750/750
    -Reduce: ?? follow servings on bottle..

    I am going to save the ATD for a later date. I might finish my ES3 from Sci-Fit for the first week or so. Not really sure if I should abandon the ATD altogether or not...?? Any ideas?


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