any credence to the "bigger you are.. more you need" philosophy?

  1. any credence to the "bigger you are.. more you need" philosophy?

    That's the question.

    Some say yes, some say no.

    When I ran m-1-t I used 20mg without problems of complications. Saw very good strength gains and leaned out a bit on it as well, at 1000 below maintenance calories.

    Doing 4-ad right now and it would appears that, if absorbation rate is only 6-8% of 4-ad to test, I am only getting between 139 and 185mg of "test" a week.

    What do people think... for something like 4-ad... the bigger you are - more you need or is it equal across all body types and sizes?


  2. Well... an "average" HRT dose of test is around 100mg/week. The dose of 4ad you're taking is probably enough to keep you at a "high normal" or maybe slightly higher than normal test level.

    Which is great with a suppressive compound like M1T, but won't do much on its own for mass.

    edit: I didn't answer your question, did I? Yeah, I think larger guys need more androgen than smaller guys. Of course, some respond differently than others.

  3. Ya larger guys need more. Chemo posted some info oin this in BOBO's M1T LOG. He discusses blood concentration levels. Check it out.

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