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  1. Oneiromancer: Enhance Your Sleep, Enhance Your Life

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    We believe that Oneiromancer offers the most potent dream-inducing supplement on the market.

    • Silene Capensis and Synaptolepis Kirkii are herbs used by shamen the Xhosa of South Africa to help induce divinatory or “vision-quest” type dreams.
    • Hemidesmus Indicus is used in Ayurvedic medicine to assist in entering meditation trance-states, and is also said to prolong REM sleep and improve dream recall.
    • Hesperidin is included not only for the hypnotic (sleep-inducing) effects (believed to be via interaction with adenosine and opioid receptors), but also for potential ergogenic effects from upregulation of the myogenic differentiation factor MyoD.
    • Triacetyluridine and our phospholipid complex (80%+ phosphatidylcholine) were included for their ability to increase levels of acetylcholine in the brain. Activation of cholinergic neurons plays a vital role in the induction and duration of REM sleep. Triacetyluridine also has a reputation as a nootropic.
    • Melatonin can increase REM sleep duration and normalize sleeping patterns. Vitamin B6, at high doses, can increase dream recall.

    “That’s all very well,” you may think, “but I sleep fine. How can enhanced sleep, vivid dreams, or lucid dreams help me?”

    Anabolism and Recovery
    This product has been formulated not only to promote healthy, restorative sleep, but also to improve recovery from exercise. Hesperidin, a key ingredient of Oneiromancer, upregulates MyoD, a myogenic differentiation factor that stimulates the formation of new muscle and regulates muscle repair. [1] See this ergo-log article for more information.

    Personal Insight
    The purpose or function of dreams and dreaming has long been debated, and over history different cultures have attached different meanings to dreams.
    Some Native American and Mexican cultures saw dreams as an opportunity to contact their ancestors, and believed that dreams could serve as a guide for events in waking life (in fact, Oneiromancer users have reported dreaming they were Native Americans, and dreaming they communed with authors of the Bible).
    This view of dreams as learning experiences or ‘lessons’ for the dreamer was expanded upon by psychiatrist and psychotherapist Carl Jung, who felt that by analyzing and understanding their dreams the dreamer could resolve emotional conflict and fears.
    Sigmund Freud believed that dreams also contained “day residue”, elements of the waking day repeated during sleep. These residual elements may be better understood when dreaming, when they can be viewed without the distorting lens of the ego.
    Oneiromancer users have been experiencing some of these “day residue” dreams too – and in some cases, they seem to have proven a useful tool in more fully understanding the days events.

    Problem Solving
    A common idiom used when presented with an important decision is the suggestion to “sleep on it”. In the morning, the decision is often easier to make (and there is some evidence that the brain makes better decisions unconsciously than consciously). [2]
    In Guatemala, problems are told to small “worry dolls” which are placed beneath the pillow at night. These worry dolls are supposed to take on the sleeper’s concerns, and the sleeper awakes untroubled. A western variation has the sleeper write down their problems or wishes, and place the piece of paper under the pillow at night. Psychologically, these may both be effective tools, as during sleep the brain has the uninterrupted time to mull over problems and explore them creatively, finding solutions unavailable to the conscious mind.
    This problem-solving effect of sleep has been demonstrated in a recent study, where participants who revisited previously unsolved remote associates tests after sleep solved more difficult problems than those who revisited them after a waking break. [3]

    “Sleep appears to help us solve problems by accessing information that is remote to the initial problem, that may not be initially brought to mind.” [3]

    That dreams themselves, rather than just sleep, can aid problem solving has been examined and to some extent validated by researchers such as Dement and Barrett. [4,5]
    The reduced REM latency, increased time spent in REM, and greater dream recall associated with the ingredients in the Oneiromancer formula raise the possibility of Oneiromancer users benefiting from an increase in their problem-solving abilities, or perhaps an increase in their ability to recognize solutions presented to them in their sleep.

    Anecdotal evidence of the creative power of dreams is everywhere. Google, the Terminator, and the sewing machine needle are all the result of dream inspiration. Numerous scientists – including Nobel prize winners – have gained additional insight into their endeavours in their dreams, leading to (among other things) the elucidation of the chemical structure of benzene (Frederich August Kekulé) [video], the periodic table (Dimitri Mendeleyev), and the discovery of neurotransmitters (Otto Loewi).
    The plots of many novels, including The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson, Misery by Stephen King, Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, and Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach, were inspired by dreams.

    Lucid Dreaming
    Most of us have, at one time or another, during a dream realised that we are dreaming. This experience is called a “lucid dream”.
    With Oneiromancer, combined with discipline and practice, these lucid dreams can become a regular occurrence, and the dreamer can learn to influence and control the dream; to dream for themselves situations and experiences of their own choosing. This can be helpful in dealing with recurrent nightmares, or used to experience events that are unlikely or impossible in waking life.
    The Tibetan Buddhist practice of dream yoga includes lucid dreaming as a fundamental element. Dream yoga practice, for the Buddhist, serves to underline the illusory and dream-like nature of both the waking and dreaming states.

    Performance Enhancement
    The practice of mental rehearsal and visualisation of goal-achievement is now well established in sport, with sports psychologists routinely advocating it for better performance and motivation. The lucid dream environment allows the dreamer to go beyond a simple visualization, into what has been termed a full “virtual reality” environment in which to practice and rehearse.

    “One advantage that lucid dreaming has over both mental practice and modern virtual reality simulators is that lucid dreaming offers the potential for practice with a body (complete with kinaesthetic sensations) in an environment that is experienced with as much vividness and realism as would be encountered in waking experience. In addition, the lucid dreamer, being limited only by his or her imagination and attentional stability, has far greater potential for control over his or her own body, actions, and environment than in mental rehearsal, virtual reality environments, or waking life.” [6]
    Can practicing in a lucid dream really enhance performance?

    “Erlacher reported of several amateur athletes who improved their skills during lucid dreams, for example, a spring board diver who practiced complex twists and somersaults in her lucid dreams by slowing down the whole sequence to focus on important details of the dive, or a snowboarder who lucidly practiced several tricks on his board that he could not do in waking life, and the practice in his dreams helped him to get better.” [7]
    “LaBerge and Rheingold reported several amateur athletes were able to improve their skills during lucid dreams (e.g., a long distance runner practiced his running technique, a tennis novice learned his tennis serve, and a woman enhanced her skating skills). Tholey, a German sports psychologist and a pioneer in lucid dream research, provided further examples of professional athletes (Alpine skiers, equestrians, and martial artists) who used lucid dream practice on a frequent basis.” [6]
    While most evidence is anecdotal, some pilot studies have been performed. Researchers found that lucid dreamers who practiced tossing coins into a coffee cup in their dreams performed better at the task than those who did not practice. [8]
    Though hard scientific evidence of performance enhancement is a little thin on the ground, lucid dreaming may be an avenue to explore for the athlete looking for a legal edge on the competition.

    Oneiromancer is available to buy now.
    For best results combine with some relaxation, meditation, yoga, a dream journal, or other sleep/dream-inducing practices.
    If, as a result of using Oneiromancer, you have a dream that inspires you creatively, whether to write a novel, paint a picture, compose music, or invent something, or if you have profound insights or beneficial lucid dream experiences, please let us know! We’d love to hear about it.

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  2. i have read reviews on this already. i am sure they are still out there, but people like it. the dreams they describe are incredibly vivid with control. havent read a neg comment about this.

  3. I've been really interested in this. Might have to try it out soon.
    Training & everything else log:

  4. Bam,

    first off AL is legit, think we all know this. the reviews that i read were in such detail and people didnt wake up to write them. dreams were remembered after they woke up. i never tried it because i could never devote a full nights sleep. 2 girls- older now- so waking up in the night etc gets hard. however, i think i am going to try this

  5. Quote Originally Posted by smith_69 View Post

    first off AL is legit, think we all know this. the reviews that i read were in such detail and people didnt wake up to write them. dreams were remembered after they woke up. i never tried it because i could never devote a full nights sleep. 2 girls- older now- so waking up in the night etc gets hard. however, i think i am going to try this
    Yeah definitely something to consider. I have never used an AL product, but it's looking like I should.
    Training & everything else log:

  6. you know how people say, oh you didnt miss much. sorry but you did - lol- ultradrol was one of the best. tell you what if and when you decide to give this a go, let me know. would like to run this with others

  7. Quote Originally Posted by smith_69 View Post
    you know how people say, oh you didnt miss much. sorry but you did - lol- ultradrol was one of the best. tell you what if and when you decide to give this a go, let me know. would like to run this with others
    I will let you know!
    Might wait on it a little, I'm running way too much stuff right now and I want to be able to accurately try the product without skewing my observations.
    Training & everything else log:

  8. LOL i hear yea-

  9. My fav sleep formula atm! Always wake up feeling great

  10. Best sleep aid i've ever used.. Kicks excedrin pm's ass.


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