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    Why is 20mg Dbol oral only cycle that bad?

    Echo some of the comments above re why oral only cycles aren’t ideal long term. You will lose virtually everything you gain running what you plan. If one is to run an oral only, singular compound cycle, then at least dbol provides the estrogen and is probably the best shout (it’s been used as a...
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    Cialis dosing

    Yeah another 5 will be fine bro. Kick her fucking back doors in 💪
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    1st mini tren cycle progress log

    Yeah I think I’m comfortable with my low dose caber use. I just respond better to 19nors than anything else and the sides don’t tend to be an issue. 12.5 asin a week plus .5 caber a week on 600 test and 600 deca had me sitting nice for e and p on my blood work over winter (unfortunately I also...
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    yeah I mean look, for the sake of anyone else reading this it has to be said this isn’t the right move, get to a fucking hospital and get infections treated properly. Can loose a fucking leg so it’s not worth taking a risk. but this dude has some big ole cajones on him for sure. interesting...
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    First Cycle PCT question

    unfortunately bro your going to need to wait much longer after your last pin, the longer esters in sust have a half life of like 15 days give or take. You need to wait at least 45 days if not more to clear it down enough to the point your own production can restart. this is why sust is a...
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    1st mini tren cycle progress log

    i use caber (0.5 a week) even on 19nors so did google it as would switch to b6 for sure…. But struggled to find much to be honest Did find a study where they used over 8mg a day for over 2 years straight though so I’m think the risk might be overstated...
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    Side affects & only 2 weeks into cycle

    Yep as @Renew1 said bro this was always going to happen (dose is irrelevant, if you replace natural with exogenous testosterone then your balls stop doing anything and atrophy. Very standard). hcg at 2x 250iu a week is standard to maintain testicular activity (and therefore the aesthetic plump...
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    quit cycle midway because of panic attack, what to do

    I accepted this time around that was it for me, the first time i don’t think I ever truly thought I wouldn’t drink again, but I was in a police cell and needed to take action to keep people on side in my life. 7 years later (in another police cell) I realised that actually I could never drink...
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    quit cycle midway because of panic attack, what to do

    I’m an alcoholic so I’ll assume this is legit (as tbh the randomness of dropping lsd as the day was nice doesn’t sound that crazy to me, I was sober 4 years my first time round and relapsed in a crazy way so it can happen). nolva pct 20/20/20/10 would be fine and get back to therapy or meetings...
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    1st mini tren cycle progress log

    with respect bro we established in one of your other threads you hadn’t taken much time off from your last blast and you should have done bloods before starting this one……as above those issues won’t be from this cycle but more likely they never recovered from last time it’s your body bro but...
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    Is Single Leg Romanian Deadlift the Best Thing for People Who Sit Too Much?

    Not sitting as much will be the best thing to resolve issues with sitting too much imo (walking treadmill desk, standing desk etc)
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    are you natty if you are on mk-677

    The Amazon river runs for thousands of miles. At some points, it runs through areas of the rain forest that are almost untouched and have been barely explored. Because of the porous limestone in these areas, the river water leaks through the stone and travels deep into the earth, and forms...
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    are you natty if you are on mk-677

    im not even buying nandrolone anymore, just blending a pork burrito and using a Turkey Bastet to inject into the rectum…..gainz bro
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    are you natty if you are on mk-677

    it increases growth hormone to a level you can’t achieve naturally, by your logic growth hormone and insulin would be natty but I think most would agree it makes a significant difference to ones ability to build muscle/lose fat ?
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    1st mini tren cycle progress log

    Echo all the above tbh. low dose caber would have been my first action (simply as your test is low, your lean and on trt so should know if you need an ai for the test dose) if you do end up using asin then as smont said 6.25 twice a week should be plenty in this scenario (there is massive...