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  1. Head count

    Definitely more Ursa to add to the stock pile lol. Have been tempted to try Hyperion and Arimahex later in the summer. Could these be used as an OTC PCT for 11 keto/epiandro? I have other products on hand but I had seen that recommended in another thread. Only concern was if the DHEA may...
  2. My first ever log, getting Ultra Hard with the help of Iconic Formulations

    Not speaking for smont, but in my experience: The least amount of capsules/reasonable price/trusted brand I have found is NOW Ultra Omega 3 (only the “ultra”, not their regular omega 3 fish oil). It is 500 epa and 250 dha per capsule so you could get that 2-3g in 3-4 capsules. And the price is...
  3. In the Mail ....

    American Dream is the best taste and macros to me by far. One of my favorites that is more macro friendly is the Breanne’s Blend.
  4. Iron Legion XI-KT

    I started Ultra 11 last week which is basically the same as XI-KT and have been finishing a bottle of Ursa Major. I put both on in the morning (after shower) and just put the Ultra eleven on upper body and the Ursa on inner thighs/tops of feet.
  5. Apex Alchemy transdermal products question

    I have used Ursa, Helios, and Stanogen and I notice the minty type smell as applying but it dissipated very quickly. I have never asked my fiancé if she notices it but she has never mentioned smelling it once dry. The apex products I have used all dry fairly quickly too.
  6. purblack shilajit and primavie

    I have not used a Shilajit other than Primavie but haven’t experienced the above issues using it (granted we are al different) Perhaps grab some solo primavie (it’s pretty inexpensive and a handful of brands carry it) so you can tell if it’s for sure that ingredient that is causing the issues.
  7. Spring Stock Up BOGO!

    That is true, nice perspective I hadn’t thought about.
  8. Spring Stock Up BOGO!

    Only issue I just realized is you wouldn’t be able to order anything else since you would get the small bottles free or you would have to pay shipping unless you went with 6 bottles and then made a second order for other stuff. So overall it would be about $15 more. I’ll have to think about it...
  9. Spring Stock Up BOGO!

    I’m glad I checked this thread out, I had a cart together yesterday but just went to checkout and was super bummed when it said out of stock. I may give that a go. Ursa has definitely become one of my favorite products I have ever used. Recomp has been incredible!
  10. In the Mail ....

    Agreed, great company. A lot of times I buy their products through Swanson or vitacost when I have a coupon. But, their direct website actually has some pretty good quantity discounts if stocking up.
  11. MitoBurn XT - Now Available

    Talk about a come back! Great to see you back Steve, your presence has been missed. Hope you are recovering ok. I’ll be picking up a few bottles and some other stuff from you guys this weekend.
  12. Iconic Formulations Memorial Day Sale

    Ordered some 11-kept last night! May consider some other stuff over the weekend. Thanks!
  13. Low dose 11 keto....

    Personally, I would do upper chest/shoulders or somewhere else with thinner skin and less hair (backs of knees, thighs, feet).
  14. Paradoxine® - Grains of Paradise - Your Thoughts?

    Yes, but the dosage preferred may be higher than what you see in a lot of products. If you look at the SNS products like lean edge (150mg) and the solo paradoxine caps (100mg/cap) I think that’s where you will see better results from it. Morphoburn has it dosed even higher at 450mg. All of these...
  15. Epi Plex and M-test or Epi Plex and Anabolic effect?

    If my goal for this specific run was building lean mass I would do Epiplex and AE. If my goal was more well being I would do M-Test and Epiplex.