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    Prescription only in Mississippi and Oregon. Not sure about Hawaii and Vermont, they were considering making it prescription only for a while looks like.
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    VL Closeout Sale - 50% Off Everything until sold out

    Wow zombie and ghoul already gone?
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    This is great news! Now if they would change it from prescribed only so I could buy it like the rest of you guys I would be set. In the state I moved to it’s prescription only which sucks.
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    ZOO's Journal

    Sad to see that forum go but thanks for putting members first and all you do for the community!
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    Good question! Epistane murdered my joints and arimistane at normal doses had me nervous. 6oxo was no prob so I hope it’s the same here! Formestane was fine on my joints too RIP for that one though...
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    Ok noob question: will it make the skin yellow? Turmeric seems to stain the crap out of everything!
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    *NEW* MA Labs Pre-Workout Coming Soon...

    Awesome! I was worried corona might have stopped production or something
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    Dienogen - DIENOLONE TD (50mg per ml) by Apex-Alchemy

    Awesome! How are people dosing/running this?
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    Flmodafanil Source?

    Good question! Adrafinil always gave me too many side effects to be worth it. At minimal dosage I got headaches and my traps would start to cramp at times. Made my urine skunky too but that was not a big deal lol. No issues for me with actual Moda.
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    Gentlemen, It has arrived!!! AET-50 By Apex-Alchemy

    I am also interested to hear about how folks are running this. B-AET is kind of a unique compound.
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    Interested to hear how it treats you.
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    Kronos 11-KT TD BACK IN STOCK!!!

    Oooh brb robbing a bank so I can stock up!
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    Cool, an instant stack!
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    Awesome I really liked the original 6oxo and Formestane. This sounds like the best of both!
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    Unanswered SNS VasoForce XT - Intense, Long-Lasting Pumps

    Looking forward to trying this! Solid stim free pumps can be hard to find. I have felt like a glycerol non responder was n the past, but that was generic bulk GMS.