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  1. Curious about everyone’s TRT Protocol ?

    I find I only get lumps when I push the oil to quickly.. it's only .4ml at a time so even pushing super slow it doesn't take that long. I have yet to do an IM injection
  2. Curious about everyone’s TRT Protocol ?

    I do 160mg a week, 2 80mg injections in my lower belly with a 5/8" 25g. Been steady for almost a year on this, no AI needed, no hcg as my wife and I are done having kids. Recently added dermacrine at 3 pumps a day and it was the missing link in my trt!
  3. Feel good cycle for cutting?

    I haven't actually ran Ultra Hard, I used alpha-7 which was the androsterone/7 dhea. Not knocking Iconic at all, but i didn't love alpha 7. I'm currently using r-andro shred and stanoplex for for androsterone/epiandro and seeing much better results. However, I added dermacrine in 2.5 weeks ago...
  4. Feel good cycle for cutting?

    I'm on trt at 160mg/week for a year now, going to do my first cut "blast" this fall also.. going to just bump test to 300mg/week and use epiandro + androsterone.. nice and mild but they both increase hardness, vascularity and androsterone has been shown to be thermogenic as well.. I always lean...
  5. Xyosted

    I used xyosted when I started TRT at 100mg a week. It didn't improve much for me, and my TT only went from ~210 to ~350. Doc switched me to Test cyp at 160mg/week split in 2 shots and that made a huge difference. I don't think it was the Ester, just the dose and injection frequency but it's much...
  6. Who here is on TRT?

    No Ai, no HCG (already have kids.) Once in a while I may get a little lump for a day or 2 but nothing that lasts beyond that. Keep in mind my shots are only .4ml per dose so pretty small.
  7. Who here is on TRT?

    Started back in October, 34 years old. I had 3 sets of bloodwork over 6 weeks all come back lower than the previous.. all were less than 220 total T out of a reference range of like 320-960 or something like that. Took a couple months to get it right but now I feel great and could never go back...
  8. Post Cycle Cutting

    Well you're lucky then man,I never even looked like I worked out with fairly consistent training since I was 25. I'm 34 now, went on in September and feel great and finally look like I lift now. Good luck with the cut.
  9. Post Cycle Cutting

    On a side note I'm looking forward to my first cut later this spring since starting TRT.. I've had super low test for years and just been spinning my wheels between bulk (get a little stronger and a bunch fatter) and then cut (lose strength and muscle and look skinny fat) so let me know how it goes
  10. Post Cycle Cutting

    I would go another 4 weeks at maintenance based on your new weight to let all the gains solidify and then go with a good 8 week cut until the beach. If you're strict with diet and lift heavy with HIIT sessions you should be able to make great progress in 8 weeks. I know you just finished a blast...
  11. TRT 100mg of testosterone weekly results?

    I'm actually about to do my weekly shot and gonna go back to 160/week so 80mg today.. I think my E2 may be getting a little high since I don't use an AI.. no nipple sensitivity but I think I've been more sensitive and erections not as solid so gonna drop it back down to where I was.
  12. TRT 100mg of testosterone weekly results?

    I had TT levels <220 before TRT. Started at 100mg 1x a week and after 10 weeks my TT levels were only ~375, maybe felt a slight libido increase but that was about it. Doc bumped me to 160mg split 2x a week and that got TT levels to ~750 at the trough, and I notice everything you should from TRT...
  13. Halodrol by Fusion Supplements

    I ran Fusion Halodrol up to 100mg a few years ago and got nothing.. I definitely felt mine was bunk
  14. Cycle Advice

    Thanks again for the help dude!
  15. Cycle Advice

    Awesome man thanks so much.. looking forward to it! Most of whats available to me is 10mg capsules.. is that standard or do they come in 20 or 40mg caps also?