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    Using SARMS to get on TRT (log of events)

    TRT is cool, but have you tried Creatine and a strong pre-workout ?
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    Anabolics that improve sleep quality?

    Yeah I didn’t think you did but wasn’t fully sure....(I’ve heard that some people are unaware of the possible positive test) *Elaine Benes tested positive for a poppy seed bagel 🤣 (Seinfeld)
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    Olympus Labs Arimacare Pro

    Don’t go with one the one on eBay, the dumbasss wants $200 🤣
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    Anabolics that improve sleep quality?

    It’s good stuff,...There’s no “high” but it’s possible to test positive from the flower, so I’ve been told, from the shop I was just at. (These guys are connoisseurs and know their sh1t)
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    Consider adding Dermacrine to this stack. Daily pumps based on body weight.
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    On-Cycle Gyno Flareup protocol

    Why is something as simple as B6 so effective for prolactin ?
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    Generation Iron 3 on Netflix

    Scrolling thru Netflix and I find this bodybuilding documentary...So I said fuk it, and put it on. At 9 and and a half min in, the doc. goes into the competition divisions. Men’s physique is first and the dudes are jacked, any normal person would say these guys are huge and put real work in...
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    In the Mail ....

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    Dorian Yates tribute thread (post pics, gifs, discussion)

    Do you even lift, all you ever do is post 🤨
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    On-Cycle Gyno Flareup protocol

    Interesting, Msten is another I think is “not supposed to cause gyno” What’s your protocol when you run too much Msten, and what dose causes that side effect? Thanks
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    Alternatives to CEL Cycle Assist?

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    Alternatives to CEL Cycle Assist?

    I’m looking for 5 grams a day for 30days, appreciate any good ones, thanks!
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    I know about Nizoral, but Nioxin ?

    Thanks bros! I had a feeling Nioxin seemed bogus lol...and it ain’t even cheap 🤨
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    MSTEN (skinny to bulk) major bulk ALL in 5 weeks. Watch this

    I dunno....I think shredded as fuuukkkkk is single digit body fat 🤷‍♂️
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    Alternatives to CEL Cycle Assist?

    [emoji115] thanks guys...I spent equal time considering the on cycle stuff as the cycle it self 🤣 Of course adding Tudca and Taurine etc really jacks the overall cost up :/