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    Do you supplement with vitamin K2?

    Yeah probably wouldn’t go silly on dosages of k2 but supplementing with reasonable amounts has been show to not effect your normal coagulation homeostatic function. Its benefits of reducing arterial calcification risk far outweigh concerns...
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    Low test high tren

    Since when are there universal rules for abusing androgens lol? Everyone is different, its a trial and error thing how cycles should be structured. Hence why its generally recommended to do test only for first rodeos.
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    Apex-Alchemy is first class!

    Any deals of codes on products atm? Have yet to try any apex stuff and what better time when im being a natty bitch.
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    Allergic reaction to tren e have to stop taking it

    Come on guys, think about this poor fellas BP spiking higher before hurting his feels with accurate advice that he doesn’t want to hear. Geezuss Btw OP, the redness and swelling sounds an awful lot like you are reacting to the carriers of your gear…maybe drop the tren and get a different...
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    Old PES Alphamine clones?

    Some supp company should release a combo of 11-hydroxy-yohimbine and corynanthine. May bring back some unique feels we all enjoyed ;)
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    19-NOR Andro

    Well no, AR’s are found in many different areas of your body. Like a serm, a Sarm is supposed to be selective in the tissue/organ which they express activity. No that any really do a great job of being selective towards skeletal muscle yet.
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    Whats the difference in terms if a chart? The LME is all standardized contracts for specific metal, so trades in the same fashion as any other securitised exchange.
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    Covid Vaccine + SPERM

    You know what can also substantially impact spermatogenesis and steroidogenesis? Catching Covid. Anecdotally my total t levels were 40% lower then my baseline 2.5 months post recovery…as well as significantly lower sperm count.
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    Help 2 cycle

    OP, whats your plan for the next 6 months after week 10 when you have disruptive levels of hormones clearing your system?
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    Been a minute since I visited this thread, hows all the AMC and GME short squeeze enthusiasts doing?
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    Nicotine as a Test boost/AI/Weight loss Sup/Anti-inflammatory and sucralose saftey

    Oral or patch compared with smoking or vaping is apples and oranges for addictiveness. Do not propose the latter.
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    Best way to improve cholesterol?..Kidney function...Etc

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    Mitigating PCT sides

    No hcg is not suppressing your testosterone, it is significantly more potent and longer acting than Lh and substantially increases ITT even at low doses. An optimal pct method should be using hcg until testicular function returns to a point where serum testosterone is in normal range. Serms...
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    Im 45, first time bloodwork confused about free test

    It can be many different things ranging from transitory impact from intense training, an infection through to more serious autoimmune or other types of diseases. I have recently seen a few friends bloods shortly after covid showing similar skewing between wbc and tsh levels. It is definitely...
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    Im 45, first time bloodwork confused about free test

    You need to follow up on that TSH, its extremely high, potentially Hasimoto’s thyroiditis. Even with normal t3 levels it can be having a profound impact on well being. WBC being low as well should be looked into.