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    Our dear thebigt passed away :(

    Wow. Been like 4 or 5 yrs since I’ve logged on here… was looking to see if some of the old guys were still around and came across this!!! So sad! Terry was the man! RIP
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    Clen’s Ongoing Log of Insanity

    Oh yeah bro you still eating all that rice?
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    Clen’s Ongoing Log of Insanity

    It’s been a while... wtf is with all the trophy sh1t on AM? How do you rep people. Sh1ts like Greek to me lmao
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    33% Off Flash Sale Biggest sale of the year!

    @macedog24 got any log opportunities? I’m up to 15gs of Kratom a day lmao
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    Clen’s Ongoing Log of Insanity

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    Lifting after triple bypass heart surgery, gonna show you how its done!

    Damn! Glad you’re still around
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    Unusual training approach: "EOD feeder exercises for ALL muscles"

    Will that entail the predictable hairygrandpa debauchery?
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    What brought you here

    Lmao I’m no saint... I lose my sh1t and cuss the boys out on the daily. Honestly though, I’ve always had this idea of using bodybuilding/fitness as a form of drug rehab... when I was lifting/counting macros/supplementing/etc, I was (as all you guys are) aware of every single thing I put in my...
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    What brought you here

    Subbed... I’ll get back to this
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    Company/Sponsored Samples?

    Yeah the hood got Clen... btw am I the only one that thought he was a shredded African American fellow?
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    Company/Sponsored Samples?

    Yes we did!!! It’s actually pretty f@cking sweet y’all are still around.
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    Company/Sponsored Samples?

    How are you doing TheSolution ? Been a long @ss time as well brother
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    Company/Sponsored Samples?

    rtmilburn how ya doing bro?
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    Giving People Advice.

    Some times I tell SFreed to post some fat chick pics for nostalgic purposes..