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    DCP Update

    In for 6 bottles. The previous version was great, but the capsaicin was rough on my stomach. Looking forward to giving the new version a whirl this spring
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    Unanswered Focus XT Alien Series Flavors

    Grape limeade flavor is excellent. Now I just have to keep myself from opening the apple and mango right away [emoji23]
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    Olympus Labs - Insider OverLoad Thread

    You're probably right, but xtyler and noadded had mentioned they were working on something a few months ago...still holding out a little hope that it may eventually hit the market Edit: Yeah. I missed that about the partnership with a board sponsor and selling direct. Thanks for the...
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    Olympus Labs - Insider OverLoad Thread

    Sooo....enough about labels. When do the new Natty anabolics get released???
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    Unanswered Hydra Head X

    What are you noticing from the Hydra head x?
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    Unanswered SNS VasoForce XT - Intense, Long-Lasting Pumps

    My vasoforce should be arriving today. Hopefully before I head to the gym for push day...... looking forward to it
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    Announcing the NEW Focus XT - Energy & Focus for a Hectic Life

    Any ETA on the new flavors?
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    Unanswered SNS VasoForce XT - Intense, Long-Lasting Pumps

    Gotta love a long lasting pump product. Have really enjoyed the all day fullness from anabolic effect. Will likely be trying this
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    BMP™ Improved Formula Presale

    Any idea on a timeline for the new myosynergy?
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    EvoMuse Presents: TopMuscle™ (writeup)

    First application of the new and improved version today. Absorption is nearly instant. Very impressive. Odor is a distinct improvement. Still there, but milder and more pleasant than previous versions.
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    BMP™ Improved Formula Presale

    Really looking forward to trying the new myosynergy. Missed out on the original. Can't wait
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    EvoMuse BMP - Body Modify:Phenotype Writeup

    Will you be listing this for sale on the Shopify site soon?
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    BMP™ Improved Formula Presale

    According to Facebook, new myosynergy elite testing starts soon. I never had the opportunity to try the original. Looking forward to giving it a shot in combination with BMP
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    Unanswered CEL Anabolic Effect - Natural Anabolic

    5 weeks into a 12 week run at the moment. Noticeable muscle fullness and vascuarity. The fullness while in a caloric deficit is certainly appreciated. Have noticed an increase in appetite. Plan to add BMP in shortly and transition to maintenance and then lean bulk caloric intake
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    Can't wait to hear more details on this one