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  1. Supplement to increase performance workload?

    Ok so heard back quickly from the owner which was nice. They do use arysyn as others do but can’t be listed on the bottle. When asked if the 1500mg is 40% standardization therefore yielding about 600mg of active ingredient, his response was: “As far as I’ve seen that is accurate” A bit of a...
  2. Supplement to increase performance workload?

    I understand the concerns. I'll reach out to the company and see if I can get any more info. This statement is on their site: MORPHOBOLIC contains a research supported 1,500mg Arachidonic Acid per serving So I guess it seems as though its a full dose of 1500mg per serving but I will inquire
  3. Supplement to increase performance workload?

    Just picked up morphobolic to give a short run of one bottle.
  4. Limited ARA / X-GELS $27.29
  5. Limited ARA / X-GELS $27.29
  6. Limited ARA / X-GELS $27.29

    I can get it for far less even with the code at the steak sauce joint. $10 to ship vs $50
  7. Limited ARA / X-GELS $27.29

    $50 to ship two bottles to Canada, that's ridiculous. Too bad, good deal otherwise
  8. UPDATE 2-14

    Myosynergy? Please
  9. The New Product Release Thread

    I'm guessing it will be natural. There has been way too many emails from them lately
  10. Unanswered What is everyone's Thoughts On Turmeric ?

    Fantastic post dude
  11. Evomuse BMP reviews

    Big BMP fan here
  12. Giving Viron Another Shot...

    I would also look at getting your gut health back in order after a round of antibiotics. That stuff decimates the gut biome
  13. Best test booster currently

    Go on.....?
  14. Glaxon flight

    Anyone have any experience with this new product or experience with any of the ingredients that it contains? I'm unfamiliar with many of of the ingredients.
  15. DCP Update

    How many things are you taking? This is the third or fourth post about the same topic in regards to different supps and water retention.