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    Anyone Running Primo Right Now? Results?

    Primo anavar and test, hands down my favorite cycle. Minimal sides, all clean gains. The thing with primo is it gets better every week you run it. Week 6-8 is when it really starts to gain steam. From there it's a steady increase each week . You can run at 12 to 16 weeks and it's just lean clean...
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    Super Stimulant Now Available

    I used to rep for Mike way back when, to be honest its a little slower but youll get your products and they will be legit. Never heard of one person saying pack didnt show up and if something wasn't right for some reason Mike ALWAYS takes care of it on the customer service end.
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    Super Stimulant Now Available

    Ok so took a day off, then popped 5 caps early this am. I think 5 caps is plenty, this stuff hits really nice. At 5 caps Id say that puts me right on the edge of what Im comfortable with. I get great euphoria with this product. Ive been using (prescription) 20mg xr aderall for the past 6 months...
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    Super Stimulant Now Available

    Ill have to check that out... On another note, one day was just looking for a slight pick me up. I took 2 MB with a cup of coffee and I was actually pleasantly surprised. I didnt really expect much but it was a nice light euphoric pick me up. I feel like the older I get the more sensitive I...
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    Super Stimulant Now Available

    Oh Ive heard it, I prefer wish you were here album to that one just because I liked the older stuff. I think it kind of went downhill from the Wall creatively. But no doubt Pink Floyd one of the greatest.
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    Super Stimulant Now Available

    Maybe that post was a little confusing, adderal the prescription I take regularly, Aterall the focus supplement from MA Labs is what I was referring to as a focus aid primarily. I get some good euphoria with adderal, aterall not so much. I saw someone else say vicaine they loved, and aterall...
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    Super Stimulant Now Available

    Ok so I waited a while now to try this product (Id say 7-10 days). First I just want to say thank you Mike for hooking me up with a sample bottle. I know you come up with some ingenious ****. You're true underground in your blood. I appreciate you man and knowing I can always get good quality...
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    Unanswered Matthersby log: Old man on a mission

    Daayyyyyyuuuummmmm homie [emoji87] Looking viscous, like bane in batman or some ****
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    Is Mind and Muscle offline?

    No **** 🤯
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    TRT and alcohol

    You're totally fine man think of it as if you have your hormones in a good place, have a good doctor and you're having your bloods checked regularly and in good shape. You're drinking here and there. You carry the same risk as anybody else not on trt in my opinion you may even better process the...
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    Switching pinning from 2x to once a week?

    If you're on 140 a week you could switch to 100mg every 5 days. This is still 20 mg a day and your doing every 5 days instead of 3 and a half. In my experience with test e or c 5 days is the sweet spot and window for least injections while also feeling consistent. You can do the whole 140 once...
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    USA MK677 FS

    Legit seller right here... And if you want it he prob has it. I'm sure stuff is flying better check it
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    RUIN a band name by changing one letter.

    Hahaha bc some people just like to throw fuel on an already burning fire [emoji91] pun intended
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    You have to? Uhhhh no lol
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    RickyBlobby's New Log New Life

    Cmon Ricky Bobby