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    ATD Recall – Advanced Muscle Science Clarification

    You can use them they are fine.
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    LTT for natty stack products

    Yeah your probably right. But I just wanted to throw it out incase there was a chance ;)
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    WTS some of my stash

    Mod Edit: this is not Craig's list. Post a couple items if you like. Reference rules stickie.
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    LTT for natty stack products

    If your looking for epi as in epistane. Then I would be willing to trade.
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    Clearing out the natural anabolics. (MyoSynergy, Ep1c)

    If you decide to trade I would love to trade for the myosynergy.
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    Forskolin article

    Forskolin | What are the benefits?
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    Is AMS getting back into the preworkout game??!

    Yeah pump fixx was legit. Hope the new one lives up to the original. But AMS always produces quality so I'm not worried. Just please don't put yohimbe in it lol.
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    Glycobol feedback/questions.

    Glycobol is a great product. One of my favorite gda's.
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    EvoMuse Virile Mane Enhanced

    Sounds good D. I was a fan of the original so I've been highly anticipating your new formula. Maybe the actives in viral mane will potentially help prevent graying to some extent as well. I've always had very dark hair so seeing these grays creep up on me is a bummer lol.
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    Best pre workout nowadays?

    lost of options. Heavy stim---- *stimul8 *mr hyde *Stimulant X All around------ *Super Size *LitUp *SuperPump *Anadrualic State *RPM *origin Stim Free----- *Ultra Reps *White Pump *Ultima
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    -Non-Stimmed Pre Workout [I'm Looking For One]-

    White pump pineapple is pretty tasty
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    Top 5 or 10 supplements while on test boosters..

    -creatine mono -Bcaa (Stacked Bcaa Blue Razz is a good value -fishoil -vitC -ALA I also like using a pre workout of some kind. (My preference is Super size or Ultra Reps.. added protein in the form of whey can also be useful when at work or away.
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    EvoMuse Virile Mane Enhanced

    Thanks Dsade I will look into that. Ive been noticing a little gray in the ole beard lately lol. heard anything good about Fo-ti for grays?
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    EvoMuse Virile Mane Enhanced

    Bump. Looking forward to the new stuff. And Any ideas to help prevent graying hairs?
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    -Non-Stimmed Pre Workout [I'm Looking For One]-

    Ultra Reps is an awesome stim free pre workout.