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    Does this need to be taken with food ? I normally go to the gym early am and just drink extend during the workout no food
  2. The New Product Release Thread

    @The Solution in for some cinna-a-doodle. Thanks didn’t see these come out
  3. In the Mail ....

    And the packages keep coming. One order left should be here tomorrow
  4. In the Mail ....

    Almost forgot another from @The Solution I dont use stims much this was for a friend and feedback was its clean energy with no crash. He was impressed and defenitly will be getting more
  5. In the Mail ....

    @The Solution for another great deal
  6. In the Mail ....

    Thanks to @DieselNY
  7. TRT Guardian lowers hemarocrit ?

    Thanks for taking the time to explain. I’ll check out the video and see about testing.
  8. TRT Guardian lowers hemarocrit ?

    Could you explain this more ? I read the article but dont see anywhere it says high hemacrit is ok ? I have always read that hematocrit around 58 your approaching a stroke My hemoglobin is fine at 16.6 Hematocrit is high at 52.1 Platelet is fine at 218 Also my BP is normal Not sure what that...
  9. TRT Guardian lowers hemarocrit ?

    Thanks I just had some delivered today how long to see results? Want to retest at some point and just make sure its headed the right way Thanks
  10. In the Mail ....

    @dsade looking forward to giving the new formula a try
  11. In the Mail ....

    They had a 20.00 off code so figure id give their new protein a try
  12. TRT Guardian lowers hemarocrit ?

    Ok thanks so this and add in Nattokinase? At how many mg do you recommend ? Thanks
  13. TRT Guardian lowers hemarocrit ?

    Has alone heard of this company ? If so do you think it works and will lower hematocrit ? Ive been on trt longer then i can remember probably 6-8yrs and This is the first time my level were at 52.1 and i have 30 days before i can donate again I normally just do double red donations yr round...
  14. Epitome: Next Big Leap

    Latest update from today on FB is he is waiting for UPS to deliver. That as 45 min ago
  15. SR9009 @ MA LABS

    Is this still available anywhere ? Muscle gels gear product was awesome. I saw a huge difference while training mma with this it. Wish i had bought more before it got discontinued