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    Weird Anavar Sides?

    How long did it take each of u to feel bad? I'm wondering if there's superdrol in there since it was implied that it happened quickly to both of u. The roidtest doesn't rule out other compounds.
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    Unusual Heart Palpitations

    My guess is that u had elevated RBCs and needed to donate.
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    TFCC wrist ligament tear

    Agree. If he doesn't immobilize, its only gonna get worse.
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    First cycle. 500 test. And hcg

    Start with 2 weeks left in ur cycle and use it to bridge for 2 weeks into pct (assuming u are using c or e) to let the esters clear
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    Sleep issues

    Check out The Effortless Sleep Method on Amazon. It covers sleep habits and sleep psychology very well. I went from a few months of insomnia to 5 hours by the end of the first week. It was literally life changing.
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    Partial Knee Replacement

    Get ALL of your range of motion and FULL quad and IT band flexibility in the next 2 weeks. This will increase recovery rate and reduce risk of some potential post op obstacles. Good luck and don't rush the recovery.
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    Best online Supplement stores

    Hmm, I wondered why that forum faded. That's interesting info. Speaking of all this reminiscing, I'm currently enjoying Bulk Nutrition trione (6oxo) in the Salvo carrier. I crashed it a few times after over saturating. But I think I've got it right finally.
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    Best online Supplement stores

    Was lockout offiliated with PHF? That s the one where PA tested all sorts of goodies for us, wasnt it?
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    Best online Supplement stores

    Lean Bulk was great! Were u on Discount Anabolics forum too?
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    Pre-Workout and Antibiotics (Doxycycline)

    Sounds like it started as ring worm. Left unresolved and escalated.
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    Surgery / peptides and sarms for healing?

    Infection risk is probably higher with peptides than other injectables IMO. In which case, I'd pass on the peptides. I've seen completely unrelated infections in one part of the body end up causing problems, sometimes leading to amputations, in other areas.
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    Alternatives to CEL Cycle Assist?

    Taurine powder is super cheap, odorless and tasteless. It does not jack up the cost.
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    Pre-Workout and Antibiotics (Doxycycline)

    I agree w NOS. I'd take whatever supps I wanted. Maybe add a probiotic if ur gonna be on the antibiotic that long. You probably knew that already though.
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    Ask a pharmacist. Good chance they know the drug as well as your physician and u don't have to wait 6 weeks for an appointment to ask and its F R E E!!!! Btw prescribing gabapentin with anti depressants is a relatively new trend to extend the affect of the anti depressant. I believe it is...
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    Pre-Workout and Antibiotics (Doxycycline)

    A couple months for a skin infection? Maybe I read it wrong?