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  1. USA Old Pre's/Vicaine/Pros

    What's the expiration on the bloodshot? If there is one haha
  2. Sweet, Strongly Flavored Supps

    Innovapharms aminos are sweet and enjoyable.
  3. 4-dhea transdermal as a test base?

    I'm sorry, I should have mentioned that. I'm going to be running RAD140.
  4. 4-dhea transdermal as a test base?

    If one were to use 4-dhea as a test base, what sort of dosage would be solid to run to combat lethargy? I know that typically 330mg+ for the oral. Thanks all!
  5. Favorite intraworkout supplement with

    Peak Performance makes Nuclear Intra. I believe it should have all that you mentioned OP
  6. Acid reflux cure

    I've had really bad acid reflux flare ups. Ive found using DGL licorice tabs before meals and bed helped significantly. But I also swear by Terra Origins Healthy Gut. It's cheap and on Amazon I believe. I ran through 2 tubs and didn't have to touch Omeprazole. A couple.of weeks through the first...
  7. Anyone ever order from pivht supplements?

    Thanks my man. I couldn't find much in my searches for reviews about them. But the site seemed like a **** show. Appreciate it
  8. Ignore

    Ignore sorry
  9. USA Looking to buy PHs

    Ugh corny but I laughed lol
  10. USA Looking to buy PHs

    Hi all. I'm looking to buy prohormones. I'm open to whatever you have. Feel free to send me a message or post on here
  11. Like a Pro Supplements?

    The formulas are very well dosed. Tried and true ingredients. If his prices weren't outrageous, you wouldn't even question his products. I by no means am supporting Jeff Long. He's dumb as all hell but the products are very good.
  12. Like a Pro Supplements?

    I personally think that the products are all top tier BUT I will agree that his prices are out of control. But people pay them unfortunately. I'd rather buy a similar product from Morphogen for half the price.
  13. Man I miss the old price plow

    Yeah I meant Mike. Sorry haha
  14. Black Lion Research working from home?

    Maybe strong supplement shop? There's really no excuse taking more than a day or two to ship something out if it's in stock in this day and age.
  15. USA Looking for DMAA, DMHA, and Amp Citrate Pres

    Yup I have a few samples of it. Also a bottle of the dmaa