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    This. Fern Soy lecithin granules are cheap at Sprouts grocery store here in california, and it acts as a fat emulsifier. I took it with my xgels preworkout and enjoyed it a lot
  2. Cordyceps > Peak02 for endurance

    Sounds like a killer stack to me.
  3. Unanswered Oral Clen

    Dosing protocol I’ve seen: Start off on 40mcg run it once a day preworkout more than 6 hours before bed time Increase the dose in a few days once the body acclimates Repeat this process until it reaches 240mcg then stop increasing Run for no more than 4 weeks Then come off for 2 months minimum...
  4. Cordyceps > Peak02 for endurance

    I haven’t used peakO2 on its own, but I love quake 10.0. I did this semi “CrossFit” conditioning course (made by a power/oly trainer to address conditioning usually not present in powerlifting programs) and I switched between OL reign and quake 10.0, and noticed I had better conditioning...
  5. Unanswered CEL Anabolic Effect - Natural Anabolic

    I want to stack this with mtest 👌💪🏼
  6. HGH solely for skin?

    Board sponsor: Sarmlabz was having a 50% off sale for New Years. Drops a 30mg/day supply to 40. If you can’t get that, I saw a 35% off which was the price I was quoting
  7. HGH solely for skin?

    Real hgh seems pretty expensive to be taking purely for skin. Unless you have a source, you’d probably be spending over 200/month. IMO, it is more cost effective to buy some mk-677 and run that instead. Some of our board sponsors were having deals where you could spend less than $30/month...
  8. Who’s got the best legit stack out right now

    I wouldn’t do anything hormonal without a serm. OP, what about sarms? The board sponsor Sarmlabz has a 50% off sale right now. They have individual sarms for 40 on sale and they have premade mass, power, or shred stacks for $75.
  9. AMN - Actual Intelligence (for focus)

    I’d stay away, all doses seem pretty low besides noopept.
  10. Q&A for ELIM1NATE (NEW)

    Will this be okay for females too?
  11. Tren questions

    A natural anabolic that helped me was Phosphatidic Acid. Cheapest way to get it is through fern soy lecithin. It also has choline in it to help with focus so I dose 2 tbsp am with coffee then 2 tbsp preworkout. Non hormonal and will help alongside creatine. And they have natural bulkers that...
  12. Good Seller/ Bad Seller Feedback

    Kaiyas_daddy great seller, shipped right away and sent tracking.
  13. Any interest in a GW/Clen log from Woman?

    If IBS gets in your way, I’ve heard many people getting relief through Evomuse Güt Health. Idk if I can post a link, but check out the write up on AM and you’ll see post #9 someone mentioned it helping by Day 10 (and a couple more examples). Hope you can find some relief...
  14. Any interest in a GW/Clen log from Woman?

    In for this
  15. USA FOr sale: bmp powder

    20 plus shipping for 2?