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  1. trans resveratrol/7,8 Benzoflavone

    I still say you guys should rename it “Boner,” or “Hard.”
  2. SERM during LGD cycle?

    Is that IML 4 andro new? I’ve been looking for a TD 4 andro...

    Vitamin D!
  4. Xtreme Performance Gels EpiAndro Gel

    It works just have to tilt bottle over to get gel out... also be careful that pump head will fall right out... product works though it seems so that’s thumbs up there.
  5. Xtreme Performance Gels EpiAndro Gel

    I am liking supress c... but the pump mechanism is awful... I actually ordered two bottles one has a clearish pump the other white. It fell out and the gel got all over the counter... luckily I was able to scoop a lot of it back in lol.
  6. Question With Stacking Certain PH's

    Not sure what bmp is... and I don’t get an n95 sadly but thanks lol. M test is great... especially stacked with sustain alpha or virtus... I am liking my m test virtus suppress c stack I’ve been on for a week now. I don’t know what bmp is?
  7. Is there anything that’s like a better epi-andro?

    I too felt better pct with sustain alpha and m test than tamoxifen in my case...
  8. Question With Stacking Certain PH's

    When I was doing the androsterone 2 ml it was alpha gainz TD and the epi andro was CEL... that’s the cycle where I felt like crap... I’m guessing it was the combo of the two or too high a combined dose or something. Hence the idea for epi and 4-andro. I’d be down to try the alpha gainz epi as...
  9. Question With Stacking Certain PH's

    I’d even take a non transdermal one... lol. I always get mixed reviews on hi tech. I also need to be careful on how much transdermal I use... I’m only 5 4 and I’ve found at one time (assuming two application sites ie chest and thighs) I can do about 2 ml at once. I was going to go with either...
  10. Question With Stacking Certain PH's

    Yeah that’s what I have heard before... that’s not a bad dose of epi probably equivalent to 400-600 mg oral... was looking into iconone (I love sustain alpha I’d bathe in it if possible.). However I don’t like taking regular DHEA it usually makes me retain water. That’s why I figured I would...
  11. Question With Stacking Certain PH's

    That’s a legal thing so if you sell it to someone else illegally lol... @thebigt you seem to be really knowledgeable what do you think of the stack I mentioned in the last reply I made to this thread? Thanks!
  12. Question With Stacking Certain PH's

    It is possible. Honestly I stopped that stack months ago. Also being a hospital worker with this whole covid thing I am ONLY taking support supplements now (multi, joint support, extra vitamin c, zinc, elderberry, creatine, echinacea). Although I am enjoying a 8-12 week run of virtus, m test...
  13. Question With Stacking Certain PH's

    That is spot on... and non responders is pretty easy to explain in theory... lack of absorption from GI tract (if oral), lack of enzyme to convert hormones, body simply saying get this sh*t the f**k out of me... theres a lot... this goes for caffeine, creatine, vitamins, minerals, etc etc...
  14. Question With Stacking Certain PH's

    Haha that appears to be the current issue with the Andros... you’ll run out of money before... usually you get a dose that works...
  15. Question With Stacking Certain PH's

    Wow this blew up haha... I read that when stacking the andros it is more effective to take lesser dosages of each due to the enzymatic conversion limitations. I.E. instead of 600 mg 1-andro, one would do 300 mg 1-andro and 300 mg 4-andro (arbitrary numbers).